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  1. Found the Times article: https://archive.is/20200418182037/https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/coronavirus-38-days-when-britain-sleepwalked-into-disaster-hq3b9tlgh
  2. Is anyone able to copy and paste the times article or is that not allowed?
  3. Once the suicides, child abuse, substance abuse, food supply issues, empty shelves, homelessness, lack of other medical care etc hits then it will certainly make people think about the effects of the lockdown. I saw today claims that 80% of those with cv are asymptomatic. I'm not saying anyway is correct, just making sense of stuff myself, and sharing what I've read.
  4. Michael J Burry who made millions by predicting the 2007 mortgage crisis and who had film The Big Short made about him, has recently created a twitter account to argue to end the lockdown. He says the consequences of the lockdown will be worse for disease that kills 0.2%, taking into account the many who are asymptomatic. His twitter account for anyone who fancies a read: https://mobile.twitter.com/michaeljburry
  5. https://www.mirror.co.uk/money/brighthouse-debt-written-collapses-mis-21623121.amp?utm_source=twitter.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebar&__twitter_impression=true Brighthouse on the brink
  6. Article in The Daily Telegraph today: Coronavirus is the Black Swan that might finally sink the markets https://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2020/02/05/chinas-coronavirus-not-remotely-control-world-economy-mounting2/
  7. For what my opinion is worth, I've checked out mentally from this, I will not work for the Tory mentality, and will actively avoid funding it in future by purchasing (how I can). If they want us all to be on board with Boris it's a fat no from me, this has all been too much for me and I am still bubbling away with it all, I didn't mind the Brexit vote, but voting Tory en masse has been a bit too much for me to take in
  8. If you don't earn enough you don't pay NI, I was quite surprised about this when I checked as I'm a low earner.
  9. I have never seen as bored staff as the ones at Jack Wills in Abersoch, North Wales earlier in the year. I exited the shop knowing they were going under..
  10. Internet was poor a few years ago, tho v good here for us now. Cheap rent, multiple income streams, cash work and a very well-used excel spreadsheet has kept head above water personally. I love living where I live here in Pembs so that is everything, I have no desire to move unless maybe further up the track into Ceredigion possibly Gwynedd (i ymarfer yr iaith) for a change, altho I know this patch well and it's home
  11. Select is probably under the radar in areas like London I imagine, with so many other retailers around. However, in lots of small towns there is always a Select on the high street, from my experience. Cheap fashion, jam-packed with stock. A bit like Bon Marche for younger people.
  12. Why stop traffic in London..isn't that causing more pollution from stagnant engines? Why are protestors flocking to London, such a polluted place, surely better to stay away and ease the congestion? These tactics don't seem eco-friendly to me..
  13. Construction firm Dawnus in administration https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-47567023
  14. can I just point out the practical implications of vasectomies on the birth rate? Especially non-reversible and for men who definitely don't want any more...I'm of the mind that I've dodged it as years ago I'm sure we'd have had half a dozen going by birthrates of previous generations, as it is I've had many yrs of accepting it, and I think the world has enough babies. I'm not sure why there's a shock at lower birth rates when the medical profession have been happily snipping away for yrs!?
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