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  1. Land reg for last quarter (July-Sep 2007) shows your county town (Warwick) up 7.5%
  2. You need to work it out as a ratio of the total number of properties for it to mean anything. So far its not done much over the last two months it has only increased 0.5%, that was until the last two days when it has spiked up a nearly 1%. That said its still only running at 8% reduced and historically that means prices are still rising. I have attached a graph.
  3. Nationwide predicted a 3% rise in 2006 and it ended up around 10%. So if they are 200% out again for this year then we will see hpi of 15-24%. It's just a guessing game really.
  4. I live in herts and monitor the market very closely and have not seen any evidence of a slowdown yet.
  5. Have you considered buying abroad? You could probably afford a nice detached house overlooking this "estate" and feel good about your lot everytime you look out the window.
  6. Not sure how +0.8% MOM and 6.7% YOY is a crash. Q1 crash has not happened, only an idiot could suggest otherwise.
  7. I believe a more reliable measure than findaproperty is the Haart website which has been tracked on HPC for over 2 years. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...st&p=550521 So far this year there hasn't been a dramatic increase in supply and currently they have 6.5% reduced compared to 8.5% at the same time in Feb 06. When we were in a stagnent/falling market in Feb 2005 the reductions were running at 12-14%. Historically Haart has been an accurate leading indicator so I would say there is no evidence of a slide in the south east and all signs point to HPI for the time being. Unti
  8. Japan is probably a safer bet than the UK but it seems your investments largest exposure to Japan is as sensitive to events in China as the UK. Japanese stocks continued falling on Wednesday, still reeling from the impact of a sharp drop in Chinese shares a day earlier. The benchmark Nikkei 225 ended 515.80 points or 2.85% lower at 17,604.12. The benchmark TOPIX fell or 58.59 points, or 3.2% to 1,752.74.
  9. http://www.inman.com/inmannews.aspx?ID=62197 Meet the Bubble Bloggers: Patrick Killelea of Patrick.net Part 2: Patrick.net is among bubble blog leaders Wednesday, February 14, 2007 Inman News Editor's note: Talk of a real estate bubble, brewing for many years, has spawned an assortment of real estate blogs devoted to bubble talk and statistical analyses. These bubble sites offer a counterpoint to industry data and mainstream media coverage, and have gained a following among consumers and industry analysts alike. Several "bubble bloggers" -- some named and some choosing to remain anonymous
  10. The most viewed thread on HPC is the Haart price reductions so there most be some value in it. Compare Jan 2007 reductions and growth in listing with Janauary 2006 and it dosn't shout HPC yet with 2% less reductions than last year when we had 10% HPI. Graph for 2007 Graph for 2006
  11. Actually the UK share of this fund has increased recently As of April 30 2006 Japan 18.2 United Kingdom 11.2 So investment Japan is down 17% and up 18% in the UK in 6 months RB Keep up
  12. I tipped them here in September 2004 when they were less than a £1 (closed today at £2.43), some think it unethical though. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...p?showtopic=989
  13. Graph of Haart reductions this year since rate rise Graph for 2006 So 2007 not looking as good as 2006 so far..
  14. Yes schoolboy error, but been here so long can't be bothered to change it.
  15. Who do you believe? House price confidence hits a high Homebuyer confidence in rising house prices hit a 20-month high as the year ended, figures show. Yorkshire Bank says that in December, 71% of consumers believed property prices would continue to rise during 2007 - the highest level of confidence since April 2004. It compares with just 55% who believed hikes would continue when asked during the same period last year. http://www.guardian.co.uk/uklatest/story/0,,-6406682,00.html
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