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  1. The old adage that people with nothing to say don't value free speech would appear to apply to Millenials more than any other generation I interact with. All their ideas appear to be other peoples . Generation Z's that I know, seem much more laid back.
  2. "... That's what I find interesting about echo-chamber Millenials, they appear to have no understanding of the way that their cheerleading of 'no platforming" action's against Free-Speech could rebound on them. They seem very naiive in their trust of the State.
  3. That only applies to countries that we have a WTO only trade arrangement with, a specific bilateral trade deal with an individual exporting country would by-pass the universal tariff problem
  4. Ha! You're such a stereotype.Not only are you SJW's notorious for having no sense of irony, but to go to the route one cliche of implying anyone who disagree's with your point of view is a racist or mentally disturbed in one post, is really wonderful text-book stuff. Bravo! You really are as thick as mince - Sir, I salute you- please keep posting!
  5. You've picked absolutely the wrong person to attempt a social justice warrior smear campaign on. The reason? - I. Don't. Care. What. You .Think. I don' t want you to like me and I don't want you to be my friend. Ever. I am however, thinking of making you and your posts a project of mine. I think you could be fun. Please stick around.
  6. Very true, being born an Englishman is like winning the lottery every single day! Just imagine the soul crushing, self-hating shame that the French have to carry round with them every minute of their existence. Knowing, that no matter what say and do, they can never truly remove the stain of Vichy collaboration. No matter how hard they scrub. Or the guilt riddled pathological altruism the Bosch have to virtue signal to everyone to convince them that they aren't going to start gassing their neighbours like badgers again. Imagine having to carry that monkey on your back?
  7. Well, you've convinced me! It's worse than Kristallnacht! Re-run the referendum!
  8. Bitch please ....You need to try another angle, you're way too thick to be this patronising. We used to get a far better class of troll on here...
  9. Even the BBC aren't buying his Bullsh¡t :- "......The poster at George Osborne's event this morning was very clear - that there would be a £4,300-a-year cost to families by 2030 if Britain leaves the EU. It's not true. The government is confusing GDP per household with household income......" More at the link:- http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-eu-referendum-36073201
  10. Yeah, I think he's gone early with this. Good- the Quislings that want to remain ( eg. Vested interest Ex-pat Slumlord thread spamming Boomers), will have most likely forgotten this aspect by the time the vote comes round. They'll probably be more worried about the bins not having being emptied, or too busy waiting for a letter that hasn't arrived yet. Unreliable, I know, but anecdotally, the only acquaintances publicly expressing their opinion vociferously seem to be in the brexit camp. All the previous 'not sures' have turned brexit recently. The remain seem very quite- silent even, anybody else experiencing this?. I think the recent Cameron Panama revelations have possibly conflated the issues into a negative for the remain group.
  11. True- there is however, the small matter of food security to consider. Especially with J.I.T logistics being in place in every supermarket in the UK.
  12. No you didn't -you quoted Paul Krugman, not the same thing at all. The blog article you linked to is about as far from serious economic analysis as you can get- it's Krugman Voodoo economics at its finest, full of guesses, false assumptions and statistical evidence that in Krugmans own words; "sort of works". Did you notice he left out the falling cost of of Greek exports from his sums? No? Obviously the figures didn't fit. Though he does hint at the end of the article that if he factored this increase in, austerity would probably work over a longer time frame. He's an intellectually dishonest Liberal Hack and, in my opinion- a charlatan. I simplified my original argument because, well, to be honest I thought you and other people reading it may understand it better. I understand the gravity of the current situation clearly But you need to see some numbers. Ok here's some maths;- Total Uk Govt managed expenditure 2014-2015 = £732 Billion Public Sector current receipts 2014-2015 = £648 Billion Deficit = £84 Billion £732 Billion - £84 Billion = £648 Billion It really is that simple. This would take Government spending back to 2009 levels, hardly the apocalypse. I really don't want to get into a debate about the new deal and FDR, I just don't physically have the time to spoon feed you the various references. In short, look up the York Plan and why FDR had to ditch the new deal in 1938. The 20% unemployment and 35% decline in family incomes between '31 and '38 were only part of his problem. I also believe The War played a massive part in the the American recovery for the following reasons:- 1) Arms sales to British and lend/lease to Russians. 2) Dramatic increase in deficit spending through War Bonds. 3) Surplus labor drafted into the military. 4) Surplus goods send to war creating shortages and rationing. 5) Employment boom for defence contractors. 6) Slowed population growth through death and delayed marriage. 7) Destruction of surplus durable goods, consumables, and obsolete inventory. 8) Urgent Implementation of efficient manufacturing and advanced management. 9) Change in the focus of the national mood from "depression" to "patriotic enthusiasm". You may arrive at a different conclusion. We do however agree absolutely on one thing, the problem is too much debt. Unfortunately, with any debt based money system, the eventual collapse and reduction of the value of the units of exchange to zero is aways baked in. Compounding interest guarantee's it. This is the Maths. Write-offs and bail-ins won't work -one persons cancelled debt is another persons cancelled pension plan and fractional reserve ratios will always mean there aren't enough deposits to cover the external liabilities. Then throw the Trillions of leveraged derivatives into the mix for good measure. Boooom.
  13. No longer the case since QE. Sadly, that same Government spending is always unproductive, there is never a net gain- the permanent Government debt and structural deficit are testament to this fact. This is not a benign situation- that government borrowing still has to be paid back- both the principle and the compounded interest it has accrued. About £450,000,000,000 in gilts are currently held off shore (c 28- 30% of the total). This is separate to the total UK external debt which currently estimated at c £6.5 trillion (mostly 'borrowed out of thin air' and lent abroad by UK banks) Given the size of our balance of payment deficit, I would suggest that most of the extra domestic government spending that resulted from Gilt sales is leaking abroad ( due to our off-shored manufacturing base and the willingness of people to buy chinese made tat ) and has ended up either as sydney harbour dockside property or has been laundered back into London property via tax free offshore vehicles. This has had a profoundly negative effect on the domestic housing market and seen a massive increase in the overall private debt load. With the government seeing very little of the money (via the offshore transfer of ownership dodge). Also, a lot of those off-shored pounds are parked in sterling bank accounts or held as reserves. They can then be rehypothecated as leverage into other currencies or trades and are prone to margin calls. This leaves sterling extremely vulnerable to external market shocks and a panic sell -off. Currency rate swaps will only cover a small percentage of the potential losses. The higher our levels of external debt or externally held pounds, the greater the risk.
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