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  1. I'm 30 and have been waiting for a property slump for 5 years so i can afford to buy. In that time i've been putting my 3k cash isa's away as my company that i work for is small and so doesn't offer a pension. Do you think i'd be better putting any extra cash into a pension or in a best UK interest account where i know what i'll get and can buy a place when they are affordable again? I'm in no hurry to buy a place but it would be nice when they seem a sound investment. So where's the best place to stash my spare pounds?
  2. I've been looking at houses and this site for a few years now but this is a first for me. The estate agent is selling his own premises! Things must be slowing... Has anyone heard of this before? Parks Estate Agents - 2nd on list
  3. New Delevopments are a bad buys but the trouble is that the established houses and flats aren't reducing in price. Houses are being turned into flats and the flats are way overpriced. I've not seen any reduction to make a home worth the asking price. I'm a FTBer but won't get drawn into being excited that the bank will loan me enough to pay for an expensive shoebox.
  4. you can download the podcast of it and convert from that easily
  5. IF there isn't a crash in the housing market what will you guys do with the money you are saving? try not to just argue that there will be a crash, if i want to read that again i'll look at any other post.
  6. it does take guts, but i think so does any gamble that the outcome of can change your future dramatically.
  7. it's only sophisticated if you get the timing right and most str's were probably too early to sell. even when prices get back to 'normal' wouldnt you have had to buy in the last couple of years to be burnt. a 20 or 30% reduction will simply wipe out a few years growth but more importantly make people more cautious again. and i doubt anyone here has bought in the last 18 months?
  8. http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/mortgages/art...99&in_page_id=8
  9. I dont think this is the site for complaining about vested interests or denial spoon. i'm sure i'll get slammed for this reply even though i think a correction is on the way, but it's not uncommon to read threads claiming that all positive hp news is lies and then discussions on which year will be the best time to buy.
  10. not sure your calculator is working eek? how'dya come up with whose?
  11. i agree TW11, it's just a strange time. Dont feel hard done by or shaat on by BTL's just get on and deal with it, sooner or later (by no part of this forum) the market will adjust and if you wanna jump on do it, but just know that it will all happen again soon.
  12. flick, i think if you keystroked for the rest of your life i dont think anyone would care that you wasted your time.
  13. what the big deal about cars holidays and mortgages? just unneccesary.'treats' we have been taught to make our working lives more acceptable.
  14. dont presume to know me flick, i might have a 100K deposit but i still wouldn't want to buy into a greedy system. i just despair that you would want the tooth fairy to gift you with a crash at others expence.
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