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  1. I would have thought Simon Cowell or whatever his name is from MSE would have cancelled Christmas – the ultimate MSE tip. I don’t visit MSE very often as all the MSE tips seem to involve spending money. Plus I don’t want vouchers for half price gourmet beef burgers or 2 for one Pizza offers. I only go the for the bear food. Usually the Bankruptcy forum. Happy Christmas…… P.S. All I want for Christmas is an ASBO... They are cheap, you get letters after your name and you get to do community service. Surely the perfect Christmas gift..!! I'll let you know if I get one......
  2. Opening Christmas Cards from happy clients....exhausting work... “Thank you for my new mortgage I have a friend for life – well I will be paying it for the rest of my Life” “Thank you for my new mortgage….I never dreamt we could buy a house like this” “Thanks for arranging my new mortgage; I hope the commission paid a few months’ loan charges on your Audi TT” “Thanks the mortgage, by the way I thought only cows Mewed” I could go on….. ...
  3. Thanks for the advise. Duly Noted....Will proceed with caution. Thanks again
  4. Glad to hear you got another job IP. From the other side of the fence (as an employer) I have seen the changes as well. I recently lost some members of staff to a competitor. They had all been with me for a number of years but they ganged up and called a meeting. The deal on the table was this…we know there is an economic slowdown and last year 20% of our take home pay was made up from performance bonuses. We don’t feel the company will make the same profits in the next few years (I agreed) so up our base salary by 20% - effectively guaranteeing their performance bonuses. Naturally I said no. They were on good basic salaries to start with ranging from £60 - £80k each. So they left and went to join a new start-up …which I hear on the grapevine is about to go bust…..the capital for the business was being provided by a Property Developer that has now fallen on hard times… Anyway, back to point I was going to make. The last time we advertised for new staff (early 2007) we tried the job centre and got no where. So we advertised with monster.com which costs about £500 per ad. Again without much luck and resorted to the industry grapevine which worked a treat. This time we put the vacancies online with the job centre and we were inundated with CV’s. All highly qualified and I was amazed they were applying for the job. We posted a starting salary of under 30K and I am now being offered people more qualified than the staff I was paying up to £100k a year for. Don’t get me wrong I’m not rejoicing that I can get cheaper labour. I’m just shocked at the number of highly qualified applicants there are out there desperate for a job. BTW, the jobs vacancies were IT related.
  5. I know. Millions if not billions of Plankton are eaten every hour at sea. And it rarely makes the news.....
  6. So do I. Never voted for that crowd before but they could change there party slogan to "Burnt Out, Therefore we are Out" It would help the party funds not standing for the next election.
  7. Flood the world with debt....... Oops, they have done that already......
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