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  1. I've always suspected Buffett is a front man for a wealthy elite that prefers to stay hidden.
  2. These things start from the premise that massive wealth equals massive success and is the be all and end all. Which is the smarter person, though, the one that obsessively builds an enormous global fast food franchise or the one that just has a couple, that enables them to live comfortably, and spend more time with their family?
  3. It's generally ignored but suppliers don't want really retailers to pay up front. Can't be arsed with a massive exposition on the ins and outs but, there certainly is a cost to both parties processing more invoices and deliveries. It makes sense to have the same terms across as much of the supply base as possible. The main distortion, of which the public have no understanding when bill payment is discussed in the media, is invoice discounting/factoring. Where a supplier has such an agreement in place it is likely they can get immediate funds as soon as they generate the invoice. This means that if they urgently need money to pay wages they have just got to get an agreed order and they can get funds for a large percentage of the order value. Even if a customer is paying pro-forma (up-front) prior to delivery of goods it might take them a couple of days to process the payment, or they will delay until their warehouse is in a position to accept the delivery, but the supplier needs the money immediately. In an e-commerce world though the case for supplier credit is a lot more thin.
  4. I suspect a lot of the fuss comes from there being little opportunity to dodge this with some clever whizz tax scheme. If you're going to have a country with rampant nimbyism, tight planning regulations and a housing shortage if people want to live in a property that could easily house a dozen others, besides them, they will have to pay a much more significant premium than current council tax bands, and live with it, or live without it in a more modest property. The proles will never turn on the footballing millionaires though. They imagine themselves, or their kids, could have been one so in their heads it's a plausible ladder out.
  5. It will have to though, to stay in business. Yes posting a letter will be more expensive but, who cares? The alternative is to prop it up with public money. Then you can use the wood from the state-owned forests, that simply must be saved, to print books, that can be delivered by post to public libraries while everyone sits at home, paying 20% vat on e-books to pay for nostalgic option to use those things, whilst never actually ever using them.
  6. Every courier will deliver next day to anywhere in the country, for the same tariff, apart from the absolute extremities of Scotland and NI. It's just another case, in a long line of many, of highly unionised workforce, that blocks modernisation, ends up destroying the company.
  7. Either someone has rear-ended it at great speed and wrecked your entire car or it could be an earth strap.
  8. In my view things like drugs money and cash in hand, off the grid money, push prices high on there. Add on top the risk that a lot of cars will be being sold, by private sellers, because there is something wrong with them. If you look at what some auctions go for it matches and exceeds what dealers are asking quite often. There's another anomaly area, if you're a vat registered business, and you're buying something you could run through the books ebay won't make sense either.
  9. All very well not giving to these charities but the reality is the government will just forcibly take the money off you and give it to them plenty would already be filed under 'too big to fail' probably. Big finance/corporations, big government and big charity is the unholy trinity destroying, at the very least, english speaking western countries.
  10. Probably best if they don't buy him a drink, though.
  11. The PM can't visit every constituency five times, dragging an approving national media circus with him, at the GE.
  12. TBH this is just the same sort of outdated political analysis that's behind the three main parties' problems. Each day the people whose views are no longer shaped by the broadcast and print media grows exponentially. The irony, lost on you, is what the media is actually trying to do at the moment is destroy Ed Miliband to prop up Cameron and the coalition. In the same way they turned Gordon Brown into a clown and daily filled his trousers with custard pies at the last GE. In truth, I would rather live on white van man's street than in Islington, myself.
  13. He was my MP once upon a time. He is a, certainly well above average, intelligent guy but he's full on Thatcher looney where home ownership is concerned and it doesn't seem like a couple of decades have changed his view. He does differ from a lot of politicians in actually believing what he says. He is also hopelessly naive and pretty unworldly, I'd say.
  14. If you did live in such a nation then probably best to get in on the ground floor with buy-to-let and give the staff aggro a miss.
  15. Hermes are taking a lot and when I say a lot really I mean absolutely loads. Usually at this time of year there's a shortage of post sacks and york roll cage things but at the moment they keep bringing them and seemingly using my premises as some kind of free storage option for their surplus.
  16. This just seems to be a recipe for pubs to stand derelict. I have a feeling that outside of cities pubs are finished as a viable business whatever tinkering around the edges. I could imagine similar jubilation would result from car parking charges being removed from high street car parks the shops still wouldn't be viable.
  17. I suspect the enormous fence to sit on, in summary, has already been constructed.
  18. The universal service argument is total drivel the numbers of the population adversely affected by its removal is vanishingly small but it's been a convenient excuse for Royal Mails poor service an pricing for too long. They could have occupied an unassailable position in the online small parcels market and their union is responsible for pissing that opportunity away. I anticipate it being broken up in the not too distant future.
  19. Don't seem to learn much if they're filling the space with more non-food items, there's only demand for when the credit taps are turned on full blast.
  20. I have a suspicion that, from the recent population growth, more money went home via Western Union than into supermarket tills than was anticipated.
  21. If you're going to buy a Maserati absolutely no money-saving behaviour would make sense besides getting rid of the Maserati. The official dealer advice is try to avoid reversing uphill as it can terminally wreck the gearbox. Needless to say that advice is only forthcoming when the gearbox has failed. Also closed the door on a GT in a crowded pub car park and the frameless door glass shattered. I still like them though.
  22. They were the landlord of a couple of my stores, once upon a time, they sold the investments a long while back and I imagine they had a general policy of selling up that type of investment - probably about ten years ago now.
  23. Yes, like its independent coverage of the recent anonymous protests.
  24. The flip side to this coin is the other, often propounded inflation school of thought, that strong consumer demand pushes prices up. There's scant evidence for this either. Certainly, retail prices aren't particularly a function of how well things are selling.
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