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  1. I'm (not literally) sat on more than 30,000 top quality Bemis toilet seats, than I'd like to be, so that one low cost toilet seat requirement could be fulfilled and also leveraged to launch an exciting business specialising in the sale of lavatory seats in unpopular styles and colours.
  2. A hell of a lot of ebay businesses are in reality underpaid outworkers for Toolstream.It is a good point and they have sold out Toolstation to Travis Perkins who saw what B&Q were doing kicking the ar5e out of their own high cost retail warehouse based sales with low cost trade counters and didn't want to miss an opportunity to further increase stocks of tumbleweeds at their Wickes stores.
  3. The changes to tax on saving's interest, in the budget, does have me wondering about that now.
  4. What young people haven't clocked yet is, if you're self-employed and in rented, tax like the electric and phone is something you can take a relaxed view about bothering to pay when you move on to the next rented property. Once you get past all the flowery nonsense of 'I like to contribute my bit to society' and actually get down to it, fear of being bankrupted and losing their house is what keeps most people in the system.
  5. Most shops actually on or near the locus of the High St of any 20k+ pop town will in the main will be some sort of property investment co of varying sizes as the landlord. There are other alternatives to granting a new lease if you have voids. If there's bank financing involved a new long-term lease, certainly if inside the act, on a lower rent than previously achieved will be a rare event. Most small-time operations fail to get a decent deal on, certainly retail, commercial property by making the mistake of trying to do the negotiating themselves.
  6. I occasionally nab one or two. Despite what conventional wisdom may predict they aren't nearly as prevalent these days. Your own employees are the much bigger threat. I can try and conduct a Q&A session with the next one, if you want, but I can't promise meaningful responses.
  7. I wouldn't and they very much were interested unless for average high st shop you're talking very secondary and tertiary locations. Even then what they have leased the premises for still very much matters as that defines its value as an 'investment' to sell on. You might get the odd small-time private individual that's inherited something and always dealt with it themselves and never got decent professional advice but very few and far between.
  8. It's a franchise so, most likely, your redundancy money assessment will be correct. Shopfitter I spoke to, not long ago, had done out a clothes boutique for a woman who'd been made redundant from the DVLA and she'd had £70k. A good percentage of any redundancy, that doesn't get ploughed into a, doomed to failure, business dream probably goes into BTL otherwise - which might, in fact, be the same thing, thinking about it.
  9. Taking a leaf out of the building firm's book would be the best course of action.
  10. Once upon a time, before property was considered such a one way bet, it was for this sort of reason flats were unmortgagable.
  11. The business rates argument frequently emerges but, it's specious. Things like online banking and road tax have had a much greater impact on town centre visitor numbers than many of the commonly cited reasons. Even parking charges weren't an issue before there were the free supermarket alternatives or the online option. Although, for personal financial reasons, it ought not to, the subject bores me these days really.
  12. What to you is a well equipped shed might be to her a cruise holiday, after she's sold its contents on Gumtree for a fraction of its true value, when she's a widow.
  13. Insanely hot French newsreader Melissa Thiereau has a short husband with a deformed arm who is a comedian. Although having just google image searched them it seems a bit creepy and a lot of the pictures have a sort of deranged nurse in mental institution molesting a patient vibe. Edit to add: Disclaimer he may have been a homeowner, I don't know.
  14. Rent a new build then move on once you've knackered everything.
  15. Maybe with careful use of a funnel they can pour the champagne back in the bottle.
  16. Surprising lack of concern amongst the coterie of brazenly aspirational mares that reside there about what the schools are like near this garage.
  17. You misunderstand it is to allow the taxpayer to stay in business in lean times ergo keeping the employees of the business in their jobs. They were being serious.
  18. I did actually ask someone from the Revenue once why, given so many transactions are electronic, why there is not some sort of automated accounting for vat that doesn't rely on declaring it. They basically admitted it's designed to be elastic and blurred at the edges. Presumably it's preferable a blind eye is turned, to some sort of fiddle, in lean times if it keeps a dozen, of the firm's employees, in jobs and off welfare.
  19. They're as equally insufferable pricks as the ones at the other extreme who move to Monaco.
  20. I would say there has always been noticeably less casual racism when comparing north to south. It's difficult to reliably conclude anything as really, outside London - and you don't really have to go very far outside London, thy just have not had large immigrant communities imposed on them.
  21. The more I think about this the more it is an obvious outrage. I think what actually went on is the EU, on behalf of its members including our government, is that in order to get a chunk of their revenues for downloads or electronic services they have had to effectively grovel and bribe them by using small busninesses as a bargaining chip and delivering/forcing them into ebay or Amazon so they would accept the changes.
  22. Thanks, that's reminded me I need to a new wheelbarrow.
  23. Did they seem to have a lot of Amway products?
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