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  1. Well, thanks for ruining off-topic Frank.........
  2. I imagine a scenario similar to when Forrest Gump packs in running.
  3. The internet all but destroyed the profitability of my high st retail business but it has also brought the ability for me to order a hard to find part for a 1970s Land Rover, at the click of a mouse, and watch a cat riding a vacuum cleaner. So swings and roundabouts really.
  4. I thought DHL had made an exit from quite a few sectors over the years. Pretty sure some parcel divisions and container road logistics plus some others.
  5. The problem with a lot of these large corporate logistics operations, and the entities that own and run them, is they what they leverage is not slick, lean, efficient and well marketed business operations. Instead their, pretty much only, strength is their ability to access large amounts of cheap finance and funding. Similarly, if you built a really slick robot automated e-commerce operation. It sounds like a great idea but it's probably not nearly as advantageous as making your base of operations, for tax purposes, Luxembourg. And even with your vastly superior automated warehouse in an internecine price war with Amazon you'd probably still run out of money before they'd run out of access to finance and funding.
  6. Yes, by the media promoting him. It's always important you know who the characters are before their day of being popular hero or hate figure arrives. Like David Cameron or Fred the Shred - remember the names you'll need them later.
  7. If he thought he'd win he would have had one when promised and not had to tolerate a coalition. Also, you can't trust a dyed in the wool Labour voter to be pro-EU these days.
  8. In summary, the populace will be distracted squabbling over who gets to put park benches where, in England and Scotland, whilst in the meantime the EU superstate, globalisation and the dominance of multi-national banks and corporations will continue unabated. That, and throw in a couple of foreign wars anywhere that refuses to throw their doors open to aforementioned multi-national banks and corporations or gets in the way of the expansion of the EU superstate and globalisation.
  9. Wonder how many of those votes the Conservatives will hang on to when it becomes apparent a fair referendum and departure from Europe isn't really on the cards. What is clear is that whatever the Liberals and Labour are selling the public aren't buying any more. This doesn't reflect reality though when, in fact, we have most of the top of the Conservative and Labour party behaving like closet Liberal Democrats.
  10. I believe it irks the greedy London borough mine's in. The thing is, compared to a house you can always potter off out of the area for weeks at a time, unlike a house. Not that I have done a lot.
  11. Grey area. Councils don't like people living there and not paying but if they do charge then they've got to provide services like bin collections so as a general rule only proper residential moorings with a postal address (this is probably far from the majority of moorings people are living on my mooring is not residential and I spend quite a few nights there but obviously not my main address)
  12. No, here's a link - (I'm pretty sure I sell the tape - not Kingspan think it's made by Bostik for me) You fill any gaps with expanding foam and tape over everything or you get condensation behind. http://www.diynot.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=188062
  13. I'm building a brand spanking new one, so I can kit it to exactly my own spec, as it seemed like a fun project - might have bitten off substantially more than I can chew unless boatbuilding it going to be my new full time job. Vastly underestimated how long things would take and it's by no means the only hobby project on the go.
  14. Is sealing this stuff so condensation can't get in not what the self-adhesive foil tape is for?
  15. I am suspicious if manufacturers are under instructions to keep outright sale prices high to encourage lease and finance deals to get fresh newly minted bank credit sloshing about in the real economy. On something bling like Range Rover Sports I could certainly buy an argument there is strong used demand - probably from black/drugs economy money where they want the bling and pay cash. Everything else seems totally out of whack. Car supermarket model used to be flogging Vauxhall and Ford Mondeo type repmobiles, off lease, and Astras and Golfs from the hire sector at a big discount from new. Obviously demand is now for tiny cars that are fuel and tax economical. Even though the number of sales reps must have plummeted I still can't see where the hell they're disposing of all those company cars and who the hell wants them. Then you've got the new shiny, shiny on some lease finance/balloon payment/getting worker bees into much smarter cars than you'd think they could afford schemes. The problem with them seems to be where the hell are they getting rid of all of those when they're handed back at a price that, with the low monthly payments, that makes any kind of serious profit on the whole deal. I think there's definitely some funny money element and like with a lot of other zombie, unrestructured, businesses, whose heyday was in the 20th century, it's the only way their existence makes sense. An example of where I believe funny money is at play is via private equity. In 2004-ish I was asked if I was interested in buying a company for £600k from its parent company. Not long ago the same company was sold for £22m, and if anything its brand and fortunes had declined further since I was asked. Of course the buyers were private equity. So it seems like a massive missed opportunity but I suspect it wasn't and that what may have actually occurred is a £22m bailout of the parent company in a way that ensures staff involved in the financial side of the company then don't ask questions about where the money's come from.
  16. I wish someone from the future would a send a robot back to smash up Wonderpup's Terminator DVDs.
  17. Heavy truck market makes an interesting juxtaposition http://www.commercialmotor.com/latest-news/uk-heavy-truck-sales-collapsed-in-2014-but-smmt-predicts-positive-year-ahead What I can't find a good link to truly illustrate is the extent to which sales collapsed, and never really recovered, after the 2008 crisis.
  18. I think I've mentioned before the other parallel with the classic car bubble is barn finds, needing enormous amounts of restoration work, sell at a disturbingly small discount. Interesting distortions have gone on. I know of quite a lot of nice but dim proper upper middle class types that used to live off inheritamce savings interest. Although, generally fairly out of touch with reality, a lot of them were acutely aware that eating into capital was an issue. Frankly, some of the harebrained investments and schemes some have sunk their money into is jaw dropping. At the moment there hasn't of yet, that I've seen, been any genuine discussion about what true effect years of low interest rates has had on the savings and investment landscape and what it means for the future.
  19. Was watching, the largely forgotten, Falcon And The Snowman the other night - good watch for conspiraloons and good turn by David Suchet - always liked the Bowie soundtrack and stumbled across this quite chilled remix:
  20. The fact political economic discourse in this country often contains talk of the 'real' economy leads me to strongly suspect there is almost certainly also a fake bullsh1t economy. I also suspect it's inevitable, those relying on it, for food and shelter, will eventually be in serious trouble.
  21. The forum has been here before with Vince Cable
  22. He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future. Adolf Hitler
  23. Well if you're going to turn your nose up I'II keep them If it was a Robin Reliant van load It'd be cushty. Astonishingly I think you may actually have won unpopular colour loo seat bingo there.!!
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