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  1. Blacks would still be a top pick, a good guess
  2. This train crash was set in motion a while ago and nothing can stop it now, least of all a vapid talking shop with Lord Mandelson.
  3. They're Baugur owned and stuffed, forgot to say anything Baugur is stuffed. Goldsmiths Jewellers is a disaster. HoF, the list goes on and on.
  4. Yes all prices always loaded pre-xmas. Have a look in Sainsbury's after xmas and they usually half price on xmas lines across the board, still plenty of margin to withstand it. If you look on confectionery selection box lines and compare the weight with standard product you'll find it's about similar value. Putting the product in a box with a picture of Santa on does bump up costs, but nowhere near double. Another ruse is what's called in the trade price establishment. This is sticking product on sale at the minimum number of branches for the minimum amount of time to comply with OFT rules so it can be contended that the product has previously been selling at a higher price to exaggerate the discount.
  5. Not optimistic although I don't like to say it I think a large chunk of the population will become obsolete. So many different jobs you look at you can easily foresee them being made obsolete in the short to medium term. Biggest problem is the failure of state education which churned out fodder for call centre drones and now they don't have the skills for self-sufficiency. Can imagine the future being about marketing yourself through your own individual website. The downside to this is it will be extremistan, the brightest and most innovative will soar away those in the middle and below will atrophy.
  6. Top two picks JJB Sports and Blacks Leisure (Millets, Freespirit, Animal, O'Neill etc). DSG and New Look don't look great either. Very difficult to make a strong case not to put any retailer on the critical list. Even well run chains like Dunelm Mill will struggle with such a vicious slowdown even though there's nothing wrong with the business model. Would have gone for Halfords as a strong recession-proof bet, but even they're making worrying noises, Motorworld's gone already.
  7. Depends whether the product/service is needed. I only need one pair of nail clippers, doesn't matter if they're 70% I'm not going to go and buy a load of other pairs. This is the mistake a lot of businesses make, giving away revenue on the false assumption the business has migrated elsewhere.
  8. The govt should have turned all these corporate panhandlers away starting with Northern Rock. Does the govt sends the banks mailshots saying they've been pre-approved for a £20bn unsecured loan or something?
  9. Out of over 8000 products I stock <400 made in the UK and still shrinking. Only thing made in UK are generally items which are bulky any shipping costs would erode any savings bathroom ceramics would fall into that category. I'm not making a comment on whether this is a good or bad thing (bad, probably, in my view) it's just reality. I can vividly remember being at a dinner hosted by the bank and a then director in a speech stating unequivocally 'we don't manufacture in the UK anymore we are a service economy'
  10. Unfortunately that's a tale of thousands of businesses up and down the country and I think this time there'll be less incentive for them to keep the economic fires of this country burning. I think we could be looking at an 'Atlas Shrugged' scenario. There seems to be a lot of people in this country who can't accept that some others might work harder, longer hours and take bigger risks and if they do they should be rewarded for it.
  11. I agree, with this strategy. Doesn't matter if employer retains the saving it lowers the barrier for taking on additional staff. In the era of IT all these different taxes are starting to look absurd. Employees are labour for hire and businesses are the customers, it's a competitive free market, if employees can sell their labour for more to another employer they're free to do so.
  12. I said on another thread that the fire sale will get masses of revenue in and the banks will get a lot of their money back and there were a few doubters. Well run proper closing down sales are money printing machines. Just like HPI, get a bit of herd instinct and away you go. Entertainment in Woolies is still only 10% off, it didn't look to me like they'd passed the vat cut on so really it was only 7.9% discount. Disheartening evidence that most people in this country might be morons.
  13. There does seem to be a common misconception that tat is made in the Far East. In non-food retail virtually *everything* is made in the Far East.
  14. Not a subject I know a great deal about at all, but wasn't a big problem with these models the assumptions they were based on. The assumption always was that average joe always pays his mortgage first. That was in the days of 20%+ deposits, on a 125% mortgage why prioritise your mortgage over other debts you've made no significant investment in it and your monthly repayment's been less than renting anyway, might as well book that holiday.
  15. Don't think the vat cut has any effect, too early to tell. Will be difficult anyway as Woolies firesale has sucked in a lot of the available spend over the last few days.
  16. I would argue that lorry drivers are overpaid due to scarcity of class 1 licences. Many will be paid more than some graduates ever will be all the graduate has to cling on to is the perceived status of their office based job. Could argue HGV licence is a paper qualification in much less abundance than a degree certificate. Also with two weeks training at <£2000 is much better value for time and money.
  17. I think Germany also doesn't allow businesses to sell goods at below cost price. This is an interesting way of keeping a level playing field for new entrants. Would be interested to know whether it works or not in practice. My guess would be big players still lean on suppliers not to supply new entrants on favourable terms.
  18. No, managing staff is the rocket science bit.
  19. As an employer of many people on minimum wage I've semi-avoided your threads as I expect I'II attract much hostility. It's less to do with the value the business adds and more to do with the pricing the market will withstand. I bet you don't shop at Waitrose. The whole thing is a textbook piece of politician's flawed fantasy. You simply cannot make people wealthier by decree. Wealth is completely relative.
  20. If his firm's in administration surely she's just one of many in a long line of creditors and it's a bit of a non-story. There'll be plenty more like her as the downward spiral gains momentum.
  21. My girlfriend is much the same, all emotion based left-liberal dogma with facts, logic and reasoned argument all alien concepts to her. I watched Question Time with her once (never again) and that guy from The Express Peter Hitchins was on. Even when he made sensible points they had to be ignored apparently on the grounds he'd got a face that looked like an insect had crawled up somewhere it shouldn't. She's an environmentalist also, with stereotypical hypocrisy. I said she could use my car (one of the least green varieties) when I was away, something she attacked with gusto judging by the mileometer. I've not really got too much of a beef with Clarkson, I just find his TV shows a bit irritating and a book of his someone gave me seemed to have been cobbled together from bits of Tom Clancy novels and The Discovery Channel, but if people want to pay money for it good luck to him. I don't want to see some celebrity resentment tax levied on him as some seem to. I've just read his Times column and certainly seems more switched on than the vast majority, if not all, of the mainstream media.
  22. If you're looking for an investment that requires little work and produces strong returns why not put fairy lights and a German Shepherd in your back garden and sell tickets to 'Lapland' on the Internet.
  23. Alright in small doses, imagine he could easily become the most annoying person..........in the wuurld!
  24. Sadly it's always best to create conditions which precipitate staff leaving of their own accord as this is by far the least hassle. With redundancy you've still potentially got the issue of having to offer them their old job back if you rehire the same position. Problem is workers rights in this country are geared around an obsolete paradigm of jobs for life. The most successful economies will always be those that allow business to easily expand and contract its workforce to match demand. As the UK is bad for this, though not as bad as the continent, we will fall further and further behind.
  25. It's not the elderly woman's fault, she's just unwittingly caught between the Daily Mail and the BBC in a battle for her mind.
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