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  1. I think Lord Lucan will ride into London on Shergar with a solution to all our economic problems.
  2. I rated Fopp. Trouble was they bought musiczone out of administration which didn't help then they got a former MD of HMV in called David Pryde who I didn't rate. Also went a bit too far with the we're ever so cool thing by taking big shops and having bands perform in them. Left a bit of an untapped market in that student segment. Zavvi have been trying to offload the lease on their Kensington High St store. How much do you reckon a year?................No that's nowhere near enough, it's yours for £685,000.00 per annum exclusive of service charge, rates and vat.
  3. I suspect everything will be in Virgin Megastores Ltd if he's got any sense, just be a case of putting it in administration.
  4. The Field of Dreams marketing technique is still alive and well at small businesses up and down the country.
  5. With founder Malcolm Walker back in the driving seat they're allegedly doing rather well. He started life as a Woolies branch manager.
  6. They work by taking companies' assets and exchanging them for a variety of mezzanine debt they used to acquire the business in the first place.
  7. HBOS were lending to all sorts of retail businesses. I think a guy from there was heavily tied up with Philip Green. I think they might have also lent a substantial amount to Baugur.
  8. Our asset finance house (an arm of one of the clearing banks) refused to finance anything but vehicles to us and also wouldn't allow lorries if they deemed them to have very unique bodywork or customisation. Previously had finance all IT software and hardware including EPOS till systems, forklifts, reach trucks, order pickers, roll cages, store and warehouse plant and machinery etc. I don't know if this was blanket or just high risk sectors like us.
  9. I'm going to order up some giant reels of made in England labels to stick on all our products. This will be technically correct as the label itself will be made in England, if trading standards query it I'II say the label itself is all it was referring to.
  10. I think this sort of thing is the way. However, it starts sounding a bit like private equity when you think about it. The sort of, we'll take it private carry out our magic private equity surgery on it behind the scenes and then return it to the markets in rude health. Who could carry out the amputations and stitching the limbs back on job, I wouldn't trust the govt to do any better job than the private equity spivs?
  11. Sorry, had cut & pasted the RSS feed, fixed it now. Thought it was interesting from someone with a mainstream channel programme who is prepared to put his name to it instead of just being someone anonymous hiding behind an internet persona.
  12. Allowing these firms from as lowly as Woolworths to GM and Chyrsler to continue is like putting an elderly person at death's door behind the wheel of a school bus and every time they look like dying giving them some more medication. Eventually the medication stops working they die, but instead of it being a painless in their sleep job they take out a load of other people as well.
  13. I watched a programme on BBC2 where a business consultant chap with a slightly irritating manner goes round telling independent retailers what they're doing wrong. Don't really like this sort of patronising Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares type nonsense, but in fairness most of the advice he gives them on improving the look of their business is in my view pretty close to the money, although a lot of it is stating the obvious. The programme's called 'All Over The Shop' presented by Geoff Burch. I had a look at his website and a video of him sporting a ropey pony tail didn't bode well and I thought he was another self-anointed business consultant blowhard. However, on reading his blog he does seem to be a genuinely switched on guy. I've pasted it here, unfortunately it's a bit punctuation lite, but is worth persevering. Of particular interest is the last bit where he blames the govt for causing the bubble. I'm staggered a dangerous heretic like this got anywhere near presenting a mainstream BBC programme.
  14. I agree, with the dire statistics being spewed out presently I'm not sure gosh! cuts it.
  15. I get the sense their cashflow requirements are as urgent as the next payroll.
  16. The period just got shortened to the day of reckoning. At some point the dam will break and the realisation will dawn that our economic system has failed.
  17. It's not unusual for seasonal retailers to rely on xmas trade for overall profitability Woolies being a well known case. If you take away their toolbox of accounting trickery there's precious few retailers out there making any profit at all.
  18. I do rate Simon Fox who runs HMV. They may see a bit of uplift with Woolies and Zavvi out of the picture, but I think they have far too many Waterstones stores. Buying up Ottakars was probably a huge mistake. Anything with a product range that can be digitised has got to ultimately be heading for disaster including Game, which is doing well at the moment. Music Zone, MVC and Fopp already gone, shame about Fopp was a good business, combination of getting a twit former MD of HMV in and buying Musiczone out of admin.
  19. These 2000 new jobs will be offset by all the Icelands that converted to M&S Simply Food closing for good. M&S food pricing looks spectacularly out of whack for the economic climate. Quality always sells, but who's got £5 to spend a two lah dee dah lemon cheesecakes that last for one meal for two.
  20. Looks like Zavvi's on the way out as a knock on from Woolies. They owe their EUK arm £100m+. Did a tour of about half a dozen shopping centres across the SE today Zavvi would have won the prize for most customers in the shop whilst least spending at the till. Game seemed the most buoyant by a long chalk, big queues and all tills open. Lots of queues at some places simply because not enough tills open. If Zavvi go down the bearded wonder will probably get the lease back anf take a hammering for their debts. At least he's got the air travel businesses to prop him up.
  21. No you misunderstand, a bit I think, a lot of businesses do start that way, but that doesn't make it in any way less intellectual property theft. I don't have too much of a problem with say a hairdresser leaving a salon and setting up as a self-employed mobile hairdresser and competing with their former employer, a bit more so if they took the database with them and started cold calling their salon's customers. Take an example of a commercial property agent who has relationships with a half a dozen retained clients whilst working for a big firm. I've got a big problem if they then set up on their own and engineer the clients to come with them. That's not starting a business it's stealing someone else's and they deserve to fail, unfortunately all too often they don't. There is no way they'd have been in a position to start that business unless their former employer hadn't recruited and invested in training them.
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