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  1. A lot of online sales to the Highlands and Islands. Probably more to do with keeping up with the Joneses culture than the absence of shops.
  2. Yeah, Johnny Foreigner gangster and chums can take their dirty money elsewhere. Our economy is doing just fine, thankyou very much, with its zero interest rates for over half a decade.
  3. Ask him if he sent flowers to Leon Brittan's funeral.
  4. TPTB will never let Joe/Joeleen Average cash out of his/her BTL empire in a big way. Eventually they'll realise they've not joined the true land owning classes and have, in fact, been duped into being badly underpaid social housing maintenance workers.
  5. You can tell they've been stolen to order because they've left all the sh1t ones behind.
  6. I find contactless pretty hit and miss. Only place my card seems to reliably work is McDonalds and the £20 limit is too small for petrol or groceries. Be interesting to see what Apple pay's like.
  7. For people doing business exclusively online totally automated tax ought to be a reality by now. I suspect, one of the major issues preventing it might be the lumping together highlighting just how much is taken. You also ought to be able to use an online portal, to pay any employee, where you just shove their NI number in and how much you want pay them and the payment and everything else is done automatically. Would cull vast swathes in payroll depts and HMRC who spend all day faffing around with tax codes. Surprised, it's so many back office rolls when the customer facing seems to be the archetypal 'computer says no'.
  8. Yeah, or just have some sort of price-fixing cartel, which is much less aggro. TBH
  9. Too many country house hotels, particularly around Bath/Cotswolds and I just don't think they're commercially viable.
  10. Always get bank details on paper and even for smaller amounts it's better attached as a bank details sheet PDF which lessens the scope for a typo within the email. Days of fax were probably more secure where they faxed over bank details. Had a number of cases where money went astray from incorrect bank details but luckily always had a hard copy showing the money was sent where it was instructed to have been. There's a lot to be said for opening account with the same bank as your solicitor or if you move a lot of money about every major clearing bank. If it's an intra bank account transfer there are two advantages with the bank being able to provide you with a lot more confirmation the money is going where it should be and a lot higher chance of getting it back. CHAPS is quite(very) arcane with very little information on progress. I seem to think the maximum on faster payments is £100k currently and over that it lapses back on to traditional BACS payment timeframes which might be difficult for putting solicitors in funds for time of the essence property transactions. Surprised the solicitors didn't recompense to keep this out of the papers as the finger of suspicion clearly points their way.
  11. It's all been around before with Stakeholder Pensions. In that case, employees could choose to join or not, and there was a fair bit of flexibility in tweaking it in a manner that put people off joining. Has taken the government this long to cotton on that employees will always opt for the max disposable to spunk away, in general, if the opportunity is there. TBH employing anyone, and certainly any significant numbers, is such a monumental ballache that, if you're thinking about it, it's the least of your worries. We have a fair bit done by Eastern Europeans where they take the work away with them, or have it dropped off somewhere, and they just submit an insanely cheap invoice and as it has a valid vat number so's fine (but obviously something isn't right compared to directly employing them so don't ask too many questions). As customer facing roles diminish, this sort of arrangement becomes increasingly viable in a bigger way.
  12. In fairness it's one of those industries where if the customer goes pop you'll go pop. Also if there's any dispute with the customer and they withhold payment the bills will still have to be paid whilst it creeps through the small claims court. Having said that, you're right there's plenty that like nothing more than taking some cash upfront, for materials, then swinging by and lobbing a few bags of cement, in your driveway, before disappearing to Tenerife for two weeks on your money.
  13. I get offered quite a few cancelled orders of stuff like 10,000 pairs of internal door handles that were destined for a national housebuilder. By the time the cost of reworking into retail packaging is factored in it's never worth it. As far as hard to find tradesmen go I think there's all sorts of distortions in the market at play rather than the economy booming. For heating plumbers, why have the aggro of spending an hour trying to fix Joe Public's boiler, to no avail, only for them to chunter about paying the callout, when you could just fill the day with easy money landlord safety checks. Same for sparkies and pat testing. Then on top of that I wouldn't be surprised if there's not some tax credit type reason behind them not wanting to put too many hours in, or some such. I do definitely know of two large, national type, contractors that took on a lot of the costs expanding to do work on the olympics that have struggled with work in subsequent years.
  14. The telescreen droned on incessantly in Winston Smith's apartment with its near endless stream of Big Brother's mind control and propaganda. Winston was unable to switch the telescreen off but he didn't mind, as Big Brother also did a handful of wonderful nature documentaries, with no adverts, and a Lenny Henry charity telethon.
  15. I think Jacob Rees Mogg has said similar but, in less evocative terms, previously. The Tory on last night - who looked like he studied terribly hard during his A-levels - made a factually correct but naive comment regarding how many new banking licences are issued.
  16. Royal Mail will most likely end up being bought by Amazon, sans any legacy pension liability when it's deemed politically acceptable. Cost savings to HMRC is an interesting one.
  17. Faster payments for BACS transfers was a huge leap forward in money velocity yet I've seen little discussion of what must be a fairly seismic effect. If I sold a something on ebay for £1k, to someone the other end of the country, as soon as that auction has ended I could have the money in the bank, near simultaneously, and then near instantly pay some bills to people I owe. They could pay some more bills etc. previously with BACS or cheque you would have days pass by between each transaction.
  18. That's called PPI mis-selling and it's spunked out £30bn, about the annual UK turnover of Tesco, to date to people who were apparently 'mis-sold' aspirational status symbol cars, holidays and home improvements they couldn't really afford. When someone self-employed pays class 2 NI that compared to someone on PAYE counts for squat this sounds like a textbook mis-selling scandal to me. Although apparently not.
  19. Unless it's some set-up that's an hotel or holiday lets business masquerading as a small private money-making scheme I can't see how it can be seen as a positive thing, in a supposedly affluent modern economy, that loads of people want to rent out bits or all of their house/flat to randoms.
  20. I'm not at all keen on value supermarkets but, oddly I do like a self-service till. I do quite often end up in either Asda or Tesco due to them being the only two with extensive 24hr opening times. Asda's selection of books about serial killers, is something to behold. I suppose they know their customer.
  21. I must congratulate you, on your fine work there, whilst it lasted.
  22. Wasn't the last news on this that humidity from a cannabis farm, on the next floor up, had caused mould in the transporter room? Bet Scotty never had to deal with that sort of aggro.
  23. Off topic is a broad church open to all, who don't take themselves too seriously. We'll probably give you most of your deposit back as well.
  24. They're all escaping out of the main forum containment area to here. Frank's like the guy, from the city, who cuts off the power in Ghostbusters.
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