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  1. I'm never quite sure why it's so important to be top of these willy-waving national success competitions of dubious criteria.
  2. I broadly agree. The belief anyone can be trained or educated to do anything is a British disease. Although, my gut feeling is that this has much more to do with what goes on at home with working parents, broken families etc. rather than what goes on in schools - not that I'm particularly impressed with what goes on in schools these days which seems to be primarily teaching exam sophistication with some climate change mumbo jumbo thrown in.
  3. They think they'll be retiring Bless 'em. Even if you have a big lump of capital to retire with deploying it in a way that generates an income to sustain you, for potentially several decades, is, as we're already finding out, getting to be very difficult. I know people that did exceptionally well from annuities but, the later entrants stopped doing so well. Retirement provision in western economies is, and possibly always has been, a case of pick-a-ponzi with the most longevity.
  4. Yes, we always get something in writing before bank transfers are made to a new payee for the first time at work. I would say the odds of getting it returned with incorrect details to a bank, that isn't your own, is much worse than 50/50. Administrative staff that supplied the incorrect details have lost their jobs where large sums were involved. There is always a risk they may be operating a scam as well.
  5. I like Max Keiser He helps me imagine what an albino Chris Rock might be like.
  6. Loads of sellers on ebay just seem to be busy fools competing with each other to stuff the same cheap imported tools, costing the same from the same supplier, into a jiffy bag for the least money. I often think Amazon are just the biggest example. Amazon's only real strength can ever be delivering products to customers doors for a lower cost than the competition. Consequently, you'd expect Amazon to be at the absolute forefront of warehouse automation and logistics. In reality this couldn't be further from truth. It's easily seized turnover with low prices but continually played catch-up in opening ever bigger yet inefficient distribution centres the final step process of every single order being little more sophisticated, and just as labour intensive, as a fifties department store cash and wrap counter.
  7. Most people have a computer connected to the internet and a phone at home. Weirdly it still seems a popular fad to take daily long journeys to use the same equipment located somewhere else.
  8. There was a BBC travel doc with Simon Reeve in Australia and on one episode he was looking at the mining boom in Oz and met an ex-pat from, I think, Oldham. He was there doing driver training for mining trucks and when he was discussing his back story it was all a bit awkward. It was all positively spun but essentially, he'd trained bin lorry drivers for the council, I think, and had somehow ended up on something like £80k. When the gravy train hit the buffers in 2008 he was an obvious cost-saving so I got the impression that the whole Oz adventure was very much back against the wall financial desperation when it dawned he had no skill base to generate that sort of income in the UK again. The last government felt it was an obligation to lavish as much riches on its public sector voter base, as feasibly possible but, maybe not the great favour they all thought it was.
  9. Really, you're surprised? I'd say it's exactly the sort of white noise they'd feed to the Newsnight audience, of sheeple with letters after their name, rather than cover something like state surveillance.
  10. USS is one of the most active buyers of shopping centres. I'm sure that'll work out fine.
  11. I doubt you'd find a single decent sized manufacturing company boss who'd concur. Most would probably moan the bank wouldn't loan when the business had the rocks and they needed it to continue trading. In any case had the banks lent a fortune to manufacturers for plant and machinery it would most likely go on more automated kit that cut jobs so a similar net-effect. This is essentially falling into another govenment inspired meme that everything is the naughty banks fault for not lending to small businesses.
  12. +1 They bluffed and Ineos called and in my view they did more than they needed to anyway from a PR point of view considering they're not a business vulnerable to a consumer boycott. Sends a strong message to the rest of the workforce too. Suspect demand has dropped though. We used to have carrier bags from a Scottish manufacturer that I've got a feeling went bust. Their bags were of superior quality to imported ones but inevitably they became too uncompetitive and the quality wasn't worth another 0.5p a bag.
  13. Depends on the business, probably ok for the payday loans business. I'm not sure free markets, globalisation and freedom of movement are the same interchangeable ideologies you suggest.
  14. I often think an interesting test in how much a job is BS, or not, is if you took the government, corporations and all their regulations away whether anyone would phone you up wanting to pay for your 'skills' on a self-employed basis. Edit to add: I don't think that many, particularly graduates, don't employ some kind of self-delusion their job has purpose. People just don't cope well without believing, on some level, they have it. Even government make work schemes digging holes and filling them up would really need to pay a different set of workers, ignorant to the origins of the holes, to fill them up. I think it would persist even with benefits recipients. I suspect, some perfectly able to work ones, would pass a polygraph test that they had some ailment. I would think it's very uncommon for them, even amongst themselves privately, to say they don't work because they're just too lazy.
  15. People moan about trickle down being BS but there's not much trickle up either. The problem with increasing low end job wages is they spend the least with SMEs and areas likely to boost employment. The reality is too much will likely to go on fags, online gambling and imported tat.
  16. I think you're right but I would be unsurprised if you could find workers on the terms he was offering in areas of high immigrant labour.
  17. This isn't as big issue as you make out. I'm pretty sure plenty of plumbers, builders and carpenters spend money despite not being on full-time PAYE. In any case, if Asda Walmart goes out of business, due to a lack of wage slaves and benefit recipients to furnish with cheap tat and low quality food, then big woop. I'm not really making social commentary on the particular rights and wrongs of it but, I do hold the people sat on the metaphorical branch a lot more responsible for the branch sawing than some nebulous, and evil, invisible hand of the free market. They voted for a party that opened the floodgates to immigration (multiple times) and they bought the cheap goods made cheaply elsewhere. I think they should take a lot of the pain if, as you seem to want to, you pass the pain on to those who weren't responsible, are you any better than George Osborne yourself?
  18. I think you're deluding yourself a bit that it's an ethical choice as it simply sounds like an arrangement that's convenient for you and are these guys paying tax and NI on this, or you? You may need to make sure your insurance would cover if they got injured, if they're not on the books. It would probably be more ethical to outsource your container destuffing as the staff there would likely be contracted and PAYE. We have powered conveyors that go right inside from the loading bay so it's never more than a two man job and I wouldn't think it's a long way from being automated as it's one of the few big manual handling tasks left. It's a pretence that any business could insulate itself from that, if its competitors had gone down this path. The choice then is be uncompetitive in price (I'm sure you're aware how feasible this is as an ebay business) or it's out of your own take home as a charitable donations - in such circumstances I'd rather give the money to a sick kid's charity. With an internet business as well there's no real incentive to put money into the local economy as chances are it isn't going to come back to you in the way it would with traditional local businesses.
  19. A business employing full-time contracted staff on the traditional basis is, and will remain, uncompetitive. Zero hours, automation and self-employed is the future. Mostly, it's the fault of people's purchasing and voting choices - a lot of whom are probably now moaning about it. This guy is obviously an attention-seeking ***** but, I'm not sure why people think businesses should or will pay more than they need to when they buy labour. Half the people moaning on this thread will probably buy something off ebay later and change the search result setting to lowest price first as an almost involuntary response.
  20. It certainly looks like the end of his skateboarding career, in any case.
  21. I've been addicted to Xena The Warrior Princess and Buffy The Vampire Slayer - didn't lose a leg from it though.
  22. Books of 1st class stamps, that have just got 1st class printed on them and not the price. We used to do good business selling books of stamps, and would always buy in masses before a price rise but Royal Mail started to limit this. Sales declined massively, in recent years in any case, so jacked in doing them.
  23. I don't mind, it'll make me feel less guilty about eventually taking all their stuff at gunpoint.
  24. I would have expected it to be HM Bank of England if it was truly state owned though.
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