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  1. I probably wouldn't necessarily trust official figures. On a slightly related theme heard an interesting tale from a car dealer the other day. He was moaning that a lot of business has been lost from cash customers through the anti-money-laundering rules and they are the reason that some cars make close to dealer forecourt money on private sales because they can then be bought cash. Effectively, in that example, a rule brought in to cull the black economy has effectively forced even more money out of the system and under someone else's mattress. Lots of unintended consequences stuff going on with these things. I'm not sure I buy the line of the City bolstering falls in income to the Exchequer elsewhere. It's clear to anyone the majority of the country has been on a massive belt-tightening exercise and it's hard to see how it wouldn't be catastrophic for tax revenues. I'm still veering towards feel-good factor pre-election combined with back-story for IR rises for this move.
  2. I honestly think a lot of smaller employers won't have anything left in the tank to fund this and it may well be the catalyst for a fresh bout of public economic woes of the 2008 variety. VAT might also be an element behind this. If people tighten their belts to the extent they're just buying essentials the government's VAT take shrivels.
  3. Best to use proper air duster cans the gas inside isn't air but something more inert.
  4. What is odd is that every bit of electronics, or anything really, you fix successfully actually can often encourage you to expend more energy and resources trying to fix things you maybe shouldn't. It's also extraordinarily frustrating if you spend out on bits and find you're unable to effect the repair ultimately. Also society has kind of ended up structured the way it is partly because everyone isn't self-reliant.
  5. No, it's not his fault and you're inevitably going to have to pay a hefty premium to get someone suitable to take the helm of a dying industry.
  6. Doesn't matter if you make the minimum wage £1m/hr. Those receiving it are those whose labour society least values it will only take a microsecond before any increase in purchasing power is inflated away. We're on the road to Zimbabwe already, if this goes ahead, it will have turned out to be the slip road of the Autobahn to the Weimar Republic.
  7. On the topic of velocity of money I was thinking about it the other day and there must have been a quite, largely unseen, massive benefit to velocity by BACS payments going immediate with faster payments. There's also benefits to velocity with online shopping too. In a shop cash sits in the till/safe until it's banked, rarely more frequently than daily. If that money is going to be used to pay a small business supplier impatient waiting for their invoice to be settled it would take minimum 3 days before they themselves could use the funds and likely a week or more if payment was by cheque. Even with card payment in shops the money is typically dumped in the account on a daily cycle 1-3 days from when the payment was taken. With online you can practically have the customer's money available instantaneously and, for example, pay a small business type supplier within minutes later and they can then repeat the cycle and the money could probably travel through a quite substantial number of accounts within an hour. Whilst this all seems great for a sickly ailing economy one issue would seem to be the ramifications for financial institutions where money can slosh around so quickly and can the banking system really cope. Sorry, was actually going to make a point about his speech but have rambled off at a tangent.
  8. Would be interesting to know if any Coop account holders on here suffered any wobble in online access and time taken to transfer any funds out during the period. If not, then the authorities are getting much better at hiding banks insolvency from the general population.
  9. It sounds like exactly the sort of sh1te Michael Moore would do...........if you paid him enough. Alternatively try the likes of Morgan Spurlock, if it's a corporate greed issue, or even someone like Owen Jones - they're the sort who'd probably take a hit on the fee in a cynical attempt to establish themselves as the media renta-gob go to guy on social issues.
  10. Wonder if it will have characters defying gender stereotypes like Pigeon Street.
  11. Have heard that the bulk of help 2 buy take up has been quite well off second stepper types. Are their any official stats on how many are being portrayed as first time buyers?
  12. Terrifying amount of f**kwittery in the comments section. The political class will throw every tool in the box at trying to insulate these, depressingly numerous, f**ktards from reality. I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever they'll fail my beef is the amount of years they fritter away allowing the economy and society to stagnate attempting to do it.
  13. It's paying the staff £6+ an hour to stand in them that makes them unviable. Even if you have an owner-manager scenario where are they going to buy stock or supplies at a competitive level? It's an obsolete distribution method but it rattles the sheeple that they might be disappearing even though they do their own shopping exclusively at Tesco and online. File the UK High St with Libraries and publicly owned Forests. I've got an inbox stuffed full of any number of shops available rent free and they're not really of any interest. On the topic of Debenhams department stores have always trodden a fine line between profitability and loss. It's been the case for years that the anchor department store in many middling town and city centre shopping complexes have been there rent-free to draw punters and make the scheme cohesive.
  14. I don't really favour zombie businesses and bailouts. However, the HPC received wisdom of letting things fail to regrow is only really OK, to a point. The idea is all these big zombie retail companies go to the wall and the High St will vigorously grow back with local small businessmen running butchers, bakers and candlestick makers. However, I strongly suspect in reality, the best case scenario would be a strong smattering of payday loan outfits, Cash Converters, Nail Bar/Tanning Salon drugs money laundering fronts, Bookies and, if you're really lucky a Poundland. Worst case scenario would be many town centres starting to catch up with Detroit.
  15. Yes, the 'unfinished vehicle projects' seem very numerous and constantly change hands between dreamers on ebay must represent really quite chunky numbers. Usually accompanied by 'missus wants it off the drive' which is probably code for 'I bit off more than I could chew'. I'm not going to say how many sorned vehicles I've got, partly because it would be a guess, and partly because I'm in denial about the OCD nature of it - ebay is to blame for a lot of it. A good percentage are fairly readily MOTable, which I will do before taking out for a spin but, I don't always tax and run the odds and have been pulled twice within memory. I don't think these figures would surprise anyone, who's not an HPC frugalist, and a motor vehicle enthusiast. I know a lot of people with fleets of a hell of a lot of vehicles. When you end up in a situation where it makes sense to buy a multi-deck car transporter it's probably got out of hand.
  16. I've certainly come across it on sales of woodland and forest.
  17. If the government were serious (which they aren't) about pushing real self-build, rather than Grand Designs style tosser London architects' vanity projects, they could effectively pre-approve a variety of kit style houses and strip local councils of the autonomy to deny planning based on design, only location.
  18. Misleading indicator in a way though as the volume occupied by the typical Christmas gift has been falling.
  19. Fire Department?? It's alright I told someone on the phone the other day I was stood on the sidewalk in Regent St. No idea where the hell it came from.
  20. I think you've got the wrong end of the stick there with Superdry. I'm also not sure there's a queue of continental retailers waiting in the wings for our indigenous ones to emigrate TBH.
  21. Sorry, no idea about whether it trickles down or not and don't particularly subscribe to the theory. Although, I do believe that putting small, but not life-changing, amounts of additional money into the hands of those on the lower end of the earning spectrum is of little economic benefit, in general. Unless it's sufficient to provoke a quantum leap in their social class and thus spending habits. Lets look at it as a pool of talent. If you take TV talent shows just how many genuine talents with star quality do they uncover? The answer is, little or none. They typically end up with singers that sound great and look terrible.I think there just isn't this massive seam of untapped talent out there the whole time waiting to be discovered. It turns out pretty much anyone, who's up to it, is already doing it. What's never quite clear is why these excessive wage outcries are mainly limited to company bosses and no-one can ever get quite so worked up about premiership footballers, movie stars or council chief execs. Eventually, just finding somewhere safe to keep your government fiat will be the sole preoccupation the notion of a return will be all but a forgotten fantasy. I do broadly agree with this but, as per my point above, I don't agree with the oft made assertion, which I rarely get the impression is made in a genuinely facetious manner, that 'anyone could do their job' or even that the pool of talent available to do those jobs well is terribly extensive.
  22. I think it's even pushing it to say the majority are freeholds. To be where the footfall is they've, like everyone else, been forced to take leaseholds in prominent developments. Pretty sure their shop at Fosse Park in Leicester is the most expensive shop rent, for its type, in Europe.
  23. They're money for old rope in terms of the councils providing little in the way of services in return for the money. However, although I'm always keen to deprive councils of income, any concession this way is just further encouragement of zombie businesses. I also think some sort of perverse scenario where business space is cheaper per sqft on the high st than out on an industrial estate isn't outside the realms of possibility.
  24. I don't think it will be that slow. Things get unexpectedly quick critical mass these days. In 2005 there was a bit of talk about the threat of digital to bricks and mortar music/DVD/video game retailers no-one was predicting, in barely five years. there wouldn't be any left at all. I think it will only need an efficiency/technological step-change in home delivery logistics and shops will empty of footfall very rapidly.
  25. It's fashionable opinion that any Tom, Dick or Harry is up to senior management roles but it's not really the case. Take a role like Senior Buyer, which doesn't need a great deal of academic ability but, even so you wouldn't get anyone worth having for a salary less than £50k. I would happily give a bit less to someone showing willing if it was realistic. It will be the same for CEOs. I'm not saying jobs for the boys and troughing doesn't exist or it's not even a bit of a cartel but, I don't think any sort of wholesale reform could be as easily realised as might be imagined. In a way 'jobs for the boys' is sort of a part of it. A senior person in sales gets the high salary because of the customers they have existing relationships with. The Senior Buyer has suppliers they have existing relationships with and it's what you end up paying for. None of tese jobs are lever pulling monkey see immigrant monkey do type roles.
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