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  1. You're confusing margins and mark-ups in this post. The problem is with bringing in containers of far east off-the-shelf mug's eyeful sell online and ship by courier gear is the only way to make sales is price.
  2. Seriously, you really can't save businesses with petitions. Only by spending enough money there to make them profitable.
  3. I find service in almost any high st bank branch universally piss poor. I have no idea why anyone gets bothered about them being closed. If you want to either deposit or withdraw more than a couple of hundred quid there seems to be an assumption you're a money laundering terrorist.
  4. I think you're spot on with the tit for tat. The state needed to act with the utmost probity. Behaviour like councils painting yellow lines round parked cars and slapping tickets on should have been stopped immediately. There was also a large section of society who were real believers in the system and prided themselves on never having broken a law. Suddenly they find they're caught out by a speed camera and it's a slippery slope. I think they've got a real big problem with the TV licence. I suspect the numbers buying one are plummeting much faster than the official figures. Suddenly people discover there's no point paying it and then what comes next? Council Tax?
  5. Not really, probably means you're too dependent on them and have become their bitch. It's shades of grey really. It starts at the low end with putting up big player retail buyers, who typically aren't on great incomes, in hotels and other sorts of hospitality. Then there's the box of 'samples' out of the boot of the national accounts manager's car for the buyer's wife and kids. The problem comes, and is full blown corruption, when it starts being brown paper bags of cash out of the boot of the car. I know one supplier that is paying a buyer's kids private school fees on the QT.
  6. What really annoys me is that rather than a proper reset being permitted in 2008, five years and counting, of prudent people's lives have been squandered in Zombieland.
  7. The situation is, in fact, so dire they've resorted to reducing the youth unemployment rate via call centre based busy work proactively funneling money to debtors using the tagline of 'mis-selling'. Which, in reality, is code for 'borrowed more than they could afford to re-pay'.
  8. I'm sure I ought to have something to say about all this but, I've lost interest in this sort of thing since my Madonna style reinvention as a hipster kitten.
  9. Well, not a lot of those left on Britain's business parks these days. I bet the noise levels on most typical edge of town industrial estate would be a lot less than living near a school.
  10. Considering golf clubs haven't escaped the all seeing eye of the feminists not sure how the Masons have managed it. The idea of a men only secret society in the 21st century gives off a bit of a noncey vibe. Dressing up in a funny way and doing lots of stuff for charity is more than a bit tarnished too.
  11. It wouldn't surprise me if the whole planning set-up of residential estates, for living, and industrial and office parks, for working, wasn't deliberately engineered for the benefit of the car and oil industries.
  12. Smaller time commercial property landlords often get badly caught the same way. They re-enter and change the locks then set about selling the contents. Some years back there were these brothers that had a small commercial property empire of half a dozen shops or so. They re-entered on a Prontaprint type copy shop. They sold off all the equipment in the local auction, which was a completely unsuitable venue, where it all made nothing due to the wrong audience of potential buyers. Well, anyway, it transpired they obviously weren't entitled to do this, which may have been ok if the kit belonged to the tenant, as they may not have had the resources to pursue it legally. Unfortunately it was about £500k of kit on lease from a big manufacturer like Xerox, or similar. Both brothers ended up bankrupt.
  13. I basically view anyone who owns more than one house as a criminal so don't really have an issue with genuine squatters. breaking in whilst you've gone on holiday, is a different matter. I did have to pay some heavies to suggest to some pikeys they might like to leave my warehouse once. Problem was they were simultaneously stripping the place and we later found the filthy scrotes had shat all over the place.
  14. I agree with the last point. I think aspirational/ambitious types in some middle-management role pulling in £75k, or so, may well be doing the heavy lifting, where the tax take is concerned, but they aren't rich/wealthy.
  15. NICs are effectively engineered, and have to be implemented, in a manner to support the notion that the government is putting them in a jar, with your name on, for your pension. You might think no-one would be daft enough to believe that but, I suspect, rather a lot think it works along those lines. The conceit/charade nature of the state, and it's taxation methods, always has to be remembered when considering a more commonsense approach to taxation or how it landed up as convoluted as it is.
  16. Not heard that statistic about 80% of private sector job creation being in London thrown about much. That's a problem in itself. Probably worth another outing for this
  17. Actually very common and easy to become innocently caught up with. Court things are much more slapdash than people imagine. Documents sent out aren't recorded and often don't include property numbers or postcodes. With the exception of publicly employed court bailiffs they'll typically attempt to bully the money out of anyone they stumble across regardless of whether they owe it or not. Lost count of the number of times I've had to pay them money not owed/or someone else's debt to go away. It's usually worse if you move into a property where the previous tenant or occupant collapsed into insolvency.
  18. Given all the talk on here, about automation destroying jobs, it seems a bit backward the best method we seem to have for filling sandbags is a pile of sand and a shovel.
  19. Gritter depot entrances must be feeling seriously unloved this year.
  20. Yeah, bit of a tale of woe, this country should never have allowed micro-violin manufacture to be outsourced to China. Once upon a time the Law Society used to scurry round sweeping up the pieces to maintain the front for the public, seem to have abandoned that a bit these days. I do have a bit of sympathy with the comments I think there's an ongoing issue with mainstream politics and trade associations not really representing, those they purport to, well. I liked the suggestion of packing in and becoming an antiques dealer . These are more the type of people I was referring to on the middle class thread rather than failure to launch graduates.
  21. Automated pallet putaway solutions have been around for a long time. SSI Schafer is one of the most cutting edge companies for warehouse automation and there's some incredible stuff. Where it falls down is you have got to be very strict in ensuring suppliers adhere to keeping goods within pallet edges etc. Another issue is the capital investment, as an example, you spend a fortune building a highly automated picking warehouse that collates orders consisting of several items. Then suddenly the consumer trend moves to small or even single item orders and your stuffed. Or a parcel company gives a very sharp rate for cartons of a certain size. You adapt your warehouse then find they change this. It seems very unlikely at the moment but, with this example, you could get caught by wooden pallets becoming obsolete. Things change very fast now. These videos are definitely worth a watch for anyone who thinks automation will create as many jobs as it destroys. I think it's ok for a good while. They haven't even managed to automate trailer hitching, for lorries, yet. It's certainly at higher risk with the High St dying and it increasingly moves to motorway trunking. Although I have my doubts that regional distribution centres are they way the trend is going long term.
  22. He probably needs to cut out dairy and get a less stressful job.
  23. Not even near a Tube station. Not too far to walk to a riot so every cloud and all that.
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