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  1. Could it not be a cheaper trade counter location bastardising sales from more expensive outlets from the same overall company or are you not working where I think you are?
  2. Surprised more wasn't made in the media about West Cornwall Pasty given Cameron's comments and the pasty tax. No idea where private equity funny money came, and continues to come, from as this was effectively a £40m investment wiped out.
  3. This has been a big feature of the commercial property market. The previous guilty parties were private equity funny money backed retail chains with a rapid expansion programme. Once was bidding for a unit that was previously let at £90k pa + service charge. Got into a bidding war with a private equity backed chain and it had been going back and forth through agents at £5k or £10k increments and was at £150k. Then suddenly their agent just offered £200k pa and said his client wanted to acquire the premises and had just 'lost patience' with the process. That's lost patience to the tune of half a million over the lease term. Unsurprisingly, they went bust but everyone else nearby will still be paying for it in massively increased rents that 5 years into a lease, with no way out, they have no option but to try and pay. Also, it is surprising the disproportionate effect one player paying top money can have on the whole market.
  4. Decent locations generally just aren't available freehold.
  5. Restaurants aren't my thing but I would think much lower turnover and much higher gross profit. If you could get £3.5m plus turnover in from some A3 premises, once apparent, rent would probably settle around £350k pa mark which very few premises achieve. Did once take over the lease from a Pizza Hut franchise and it had never made a profit the whole time it was there.
  6. Having read that DM article.I think we are on the cusp of BTLers being universally portrayed as figures of fun and maligned in the media. Wouldn't be surprised to find some new Audi model being reviewed and described as the only people that would want one would be a BTL landlord. Like footballers, whose wages are tolerated because the proles can fantasise about being one themselves, BTL has continued because a lot of the population would have liked to be into it too. Now that's out of reach they won't be tolerated any longer as a group.
  7. I don't know if it was by accident or design but Pizza Express someone managed to position itself as the exact physical location where online dating and reality converge.
  8. I would be surprised if they end up much better off than a two full teacher's pensions. Suppose they've got the Daily Mail articles for the scrap book if that floats their boat.
  9. I was taken out of school, during term time, to go fruit picking which my parents disingenuously marketed as some kind of holiday. In later years I also took myself out of school in the afternoons to a hastily arranged holiday in a local amusement arcade.
  10. I think education will be one of the most resistant areas to the internet game changer along with law, accountancy and taxation but, it will succumb eventually. Certainly, as far as the curriculum is concerned, it seems very confused about exactly what it is attempting to deliver. It's almost like a deranged doomsday prepper anticipating a post-apocalyptic world with no calculators or spell-checkers. It's becoming increasingly hard to deny that a vast chunk of western societies are devoted to largely pointless busy work. I think there was, once upon a time, a strong argument that it provided a cohesive society as a building block for greater things but it's getting weaker all the time. The absence of paper to shuffle is unsettling even the most ardent and self-delusional believer in the system's sense purpose. My main concern with home-ed has always been you end up with kids with poor social skills that struggle to mix but, generally I seem to find more and more that those kids I do come across, that have been outside the main education system, seem the most well adjusted.
  11. Maybe, but where else would you find mind control with that quality of nature documentaries?
  12. Maybe exposure to acid rain, in the past, addled the denier's brains, making them unable to see reason?
  13. Yes but, they will have the stuff off their desk in one of those flat pack corrugated cardboard filing boxes and an uncertain look in their eyes.
  14. Damn Carney, people need to know if the monthly cost of their care home fee instalment plan is going to go up or not.
  15. Bloke who services our generators was going on about how it's a massive gravy train we should get in on. As already mentioned he was talking about people setting up generator farms to milk it. Without an effective means to store surplus electricity wind power was always a waste of time.
  16. They might be tramps now but, once upon a time, they had a Mini Cooper and a suit from Moss Bros.Nick Clegg has been a popular sheeple choice since they forgot about Gordon Brown. Although, in your case, I'd suspect a step-dad with wandering hands.
  17. An interesting phenomenon is that businesses often assume collapsing sales, or volumes, are the result of a competitor's activity. There always seems to be a massive time-lag in them arriving at the conclusion that the demand has simply disappeared entirely. This is pretty common across all sectors, I find.
  18. Might be wrong but I don't think anyone that bought in NI would be making a similar OP. People have quickly forgotten the panic that swept the country when queues appeared outside banks. Moving forward, the best protection against economic uncertainty isn't buying a house but ensuring your skillset and abilities allow you to earn money, with little or no re-training, across the broadest set of circumstances. Owning a house is no good if you can't put a table in it let alone food on it.
  19. I do accept that some of the genuinely German sourced products in Aldi/Lidl are superior quality to what is available in any other large UK grocer. However, it's not enough to warrant a special trip and in all honesty I would never really visit anywhere from Tesco's downwards for anything other than some sort of sociological research field trip. I'm really not sure but I would guess I spend around £100/week in food shops. If (optimistically) I could, avoid getting the car paintwork keyed and, halve that, by immersing myself in tattooed bare flesh and screaming kids, at more discount outlets, that's about £2.5k saved p.a. I suppose being able to increase my offer, at the last minute for a flat in Brixton, by 0.5% might be the difference between securing it and not.
  20. Disappointing when you get there and discover it in fact just targets the estate agent demographic.
  21. Big supermarket chains share more in common with political parties than business these days. The media effectively tell you which one is getting it right and how the one that was is old hat. Individual personalities at the top are attributed with weaving magic when you're told it's going right and similarly held wholly responsible when it goes wrong. It also provides fertile ground for the general population to delude themselves their opinions, decisions and presence on the planet have some impact in the grand scheme of things. I do think there has been a pronounced weakening of consumer expenditure across the board so far this year. I would guess the PPI, Olympics spending orgy and zirped lower monthly mortgage payments are wearing off. The below is from a workplace equipment company that solely deals in businesss to business sector so may well be a more general broad indicator of all business health - an 11% sales collapses is the sort of catastrophic decline not seen since 2008: ' Slingsby cut a fifth of its staff, including a layer of management, and closed its manufacturing unit. Products designed in-house have been outsourced to UK suppliers. Operations in Ireland and Northern Ireland have also been rationalised. Sales fell to £14m from £14.6m in 2012 and in the first three months of this year were 11 per cent below the same period of 2013, with margins under pressure due to price cuts by competitors.'
  22. It's totally daft. No retailer will want the car parked clogged with residents cars or them popping down to buy milk in their pants and slippers. I also am almost certain retail shed structures would be unsuitable to start with but if you take traditional high st shops with the potential for accommodation above, it's all been tried before and the reason the space is left empty is because it's usually a disaster. For a start you are mostly going to get housing benefit type tenants and when they've left the bath running for the third time and wrecked stock in the shop below you decide it's not worth the trouble. The whole thrust of her argument is flawed. Britain is really not so short of space that housing needs to be shoe-horned into peculiar areas.
  23. She reminds me exactly of a woman I know who is batshit mental in an identical way. The woman I know was a Forces child (father an army officer) and moved around constantly when growing up. Just looked on Kirstie's wiki and it says she went to 10 schools almost in the first line - batshit mentalness case closed.
  24. The word putative is missing between 'the' and 'value'. Leveraged BTL boils down to a wager that the younger generation under 30, already saddled with significant and inescapble debts from higher education, have the earnings potential to repay the landlord's loans. Either that or the state will continue to happily pay housing benefit to a level that matches, or exceeds, their mortgage repayments.
  25. They will bet the whole state on it rather let it all go that opportunity passed in 2008. I simply cannot believe that companies like WHSmith are not on state support, by some sneaky means, already. Staples was name checked in the article and seriously any business wasting their working day making a special trip to a retail park to buy office supplies shouldn't be in business.
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