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  1. We're in the stormy transitional phase. EAs still trying it on. Makes me angry, too. But hopefully they'll behave (or be made redundant) sooner rather than later. Having said that, rents plummetting round my way. Loads offering 'no rent til Jamuary! No fees! No deposit!' Hurrah! happy Xmas to us!
  2. Get outta here! They shouldn't have bought in the first place. So yes they were reckless. They all told each other, 'Oooh, prices will never go down. Buy BUY BUY!' Why didn't they do their research and figure out prices were going to have to come down eventually. The more they bought, the more prices rocketed. Idiots. I sincerely hope they do 'end up renting'. And have to pay for the pleasure of living at the mercy of scum landlords, just like the rest of us. Agree with OP. Flatscreen-buyin'-WII-playin'-Kristy-lovin'-Beeny-shaggin'-Loft convertin'-sheeple are truly getting away with it. Now we all have to suffer and it makes me and a lot of other people very very angry. Right. Off to try to cam down.
  3. As a boomer renter/saver who's never had a credit card in my life or owned a house, I've always been totally disgusted by the majority of my generation. Hippies, mods and punks, talkin' 'bout revolutions while privatising everything in sight, ramping house prices, polluting the planet with their 4 by 4's, and drawing out so much f***ing credit, there's no f***ing money left. Believe me, NONE of them feel the least bit guilty. Neither will many of them suffer in the oncoming economic tsunami. Grrr.
  4. Crap. Why should anyone who can't afford to pay back their mortgage get bailed? I do not give a t*** about HBOS woman and her kids and am disgusted she wan't repoed. That was the deal she signed up for when she got a mortgage. End of. If I have to live in a rented flat with my kids. Why the hell can't she? She's on 30K, higher than the average wage. What's her problem? Oh? Because living in rented accom is a nightmare, I hear you say. Oh boo hoo. Well, the sooner more people like HBOS woman get stuffed into rentals, the sooner the govt will give tenants (like me and hopefully her one day) better rights. Anyone who sympathises with the repossessed is a complete idiot. They CANNOT AFFORD their homes so they need to get out so those of us who CAN afford to buy a home mortgage free when the HPC has hit can move in. Simple, right? Hurry up and get them out!
  5. Ta for linky. In our semi posh, semi student / nutters / mad old folk type road, prices for a 3 bed flat went from 100k to 200k between 95-2000, then doubled again to £400k by oct 2007. Jeez. Wld be great if even went down to 2000 prices. 95 prices wld be
  6. Sorry. London rents are NOT going up. Your link is dated May 2008.
  7. great note. Are you a bit tiddly perchance? tee hee hee
  8. Chilling. That the government might allow savers to lose everything. All us renter savers would just have to squat. There would be no choice. My, there'd be riots though. And smug homeowners would not be particularly safe in their houses either, what with all the looting and robbery and god knows what else that would be going on. Hmm, let's hope the govt don't go that far. . .
  9. Absolutely disgusted. Still, what with prices plumetting your property won't be worth your mortgage for long. And then I'll buy my home mortgage-free for almost nothing! Hooray!
  10. I'd love to. But I haven't any balls. And while some of us may be 'ballsy', most of us women folk, esp those with kids, may be more concerned with the whole social fabric thing than men are. Homes, friends, family and community are the foundation of bringing up kids. You need those support systems. End of. And if friends and family are angry and single you out as a target for their anger, it's dangerous. Surely other HPCers have immediate circles of friends and family who are bulls? 70% country homeowners and 20% have paid off mortgages, which leaves 50% of country with mortgages and, what, half of these set to be in trouble in the nearish future? So 25% of the country should be pretty scared and angry this Xmas. And where is that anger going to go? So all your (very) funny posts aside, what I can glean from this thread is that the best advice is to play the fool.
  11. Some excellent, funny answers. Wish you were all at the xmas parties I have to go to instead of raging bulls As for Tuna's 'Genuinely curious about what process people go through that turns them from fun, free spirits at 20 into smug and spiteful old coots at 30+.' The answer is . . . high house prices! Along with career failure bitterness, tiny home syndrome, richer-friends-than-me disorder, and is-that-it?-have-I-really-ended-up-with-this-twit/trout?-relationship-issues. Enjoy your yoot!
  12. Maybe that's the best way. Just lie. Guess I'll have to do my best. But I've never been any good at bullsh***ing.
  13. How are you going to deal with angry drunken bulls at this year's Xmas parties? As a renter-saver, or a 'loser' as many bulls would have it, I've put up with years of Christmas party abuse from bullish friends and relatives for not buying a home. To keep the peace I've laughed along with them. It didn't bother me actually. I got used to it. Now the tide has turned and they are scared and angry. Some carp at me for having savings, as if I've just been mean fisted all these years and should have been spending along with them. Some are acting agressively, as if I am a sinister threat in their midst, about to prey on them and other potential repossession cases. They always ask me about the current economic crisis, expecting me to know something they don't, and when I finally agree to comment they get really angry if I say things may get worse and may stay that way for a while. This year, after they have quaffed a few sherries, I am expecting some real nastiness, which makes me sad and scared. These are my friends and family after all. If only they could philosophically accept the reversal in fortunes as I had to accept my years of being 'the loser'. How do you deal with friend and family bulls? Because some are going under. And they are going to be angry. Er, merry Christmas.
  14. Why should renters like me pay more tax so home owners can borrow more to do improvements on their homes when I live in rented hell? HELLO!?!?!
  15. Baby! In same position myself. Is landlord at BTL? If they can't pay their mortgage then you may end up kicked out with 2 months notice anytime. On other hand, there IS a glut of rental property at the moment and foreseeable future, so might even get somewhere better . . .
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