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  1. Sounds like Saberu has some "pent up demand" too!
  2. How about Nigeria? Rapidly growing population and economy, think of all that pent up demand! Or maybe Chad? The large influx of Darfuris will have to be put up somewhere and I'm sure the Chadian Housing Benefit will cover it. If they have reasonable local fair rents, the money is sure to roll in. Can you imagine running a BTL empire in Nigeria?
  3. Surely you mean Ephesian, Cilician and Cappadocian properties?
  4. A lot of interesting pdfs at that url, thanks for posting it. Edit: Duh, replied to the wrong post. Anyway, thanks interestrateripoff!
  5. There's a guy on the South Africa thread that is selling investment properties in Iraq! Erbil to be precise. Don't believe it? See for yourselves: http://www.horizon-consultancy.com/iraq.html £84,000 for a studio...London prices
  6. !, you forgot the 17K of CC debt I feel so sorry for the ones that were conned into buying new shared ownership new builds in the East End with a slogan like "Invest in the Olympic Experience". Some of the areas are so bleak! Anyone know the Altius development in Lea Valley? Check this thread out! http://www.moneysupermarket.com/community/...spx?PageIndex=1 "I went to see george wimpey that I was a teacher and wanted to buy a flat but had no deposit. The sales assistant at the time told me the flats were being sold for 300k each to which I responded there was no way I could afford to buy one. She then explained to me that she could give me 15 percent off making the price just 250k avoiding the expensive stamp duty, I then carried on and insisted that I had no deposit how could I buy this flat? She then told me that the bank would value the flat at 300k on its completion and lend me up to 90 percent of this so that I would get 280k which I could give 250k to george wimpey and keep the rest.I said I would think about it after which she continued to call me every single day harassing me asking me why I wouldn't want to have 20k in my pocket for free. In the end I agreed and gave her my credit card details which she took 2500 on." That is a teacher?
  7. He called the bottom of the market in November...big mistake.
  8. I expect one big difference between the UK and Spain will be the levels of personal debt. When I was there in the 90s, *personal* insolvency (quiebra and suspension de pago) was virtually unheard of. Edit: Just quickly looked at the figures and it's 374 for last year and that figure is a 300% increase over 2007. It's about 18,000 in the UK! http://www.ine.es/daco/daco42/epc/epc0408.pdf
  9. Isn't she the one who was pushing super casinos? Remember those? What valuable additions to the local community they would have been. Models of probity, every one of them. Pity, they would have been ideal for Ms Jowell and her hubby to exercise their unique negotiating skills.
  10. Of the major economies, the UK is by far the most exposed to bank liabilities as a % of GDP and that's where the danger is. Ireland is , I believe, the only comparable country, but it is conceivable(but not necessarily likely) that they could be bailed out. Spain's problems are different...heavy exposure to Latin American debt and domestic mortgage lending. If I was asked which country in Europe, I would say Latvia. The Ukraine is already effectively bankrupt and is the largest recipient of IMF largesse so far. Worldwide, Pakistan to be the first of many. The challenges facing that country are truly monumental...Argentina on steroids. BTW, don't know if this has been posted here, but see this for an ill informed and naively optimistic analysis of the outlook for the UK by the BBC's so-called "Economics Editor": http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/thereporters/st..._danger_of.html "Either way, it's clear that UK banks - and the system as a whole - have foreign currency assets which match or exceed their liabilities."
  11. Not exactly remaindered but... "24 used from £0.01 " OTOH "£67.84 + £2.75shipping New " I don't think there'll be many takers.
  12. I recommend these two: Maxed Out: Hard Times in the Age of Easy Credit , James Scurlock You can find the hardback for £1.30 at Amazon. and The Madness of Crowds, by Charles McKay Published in the 1850s, but no less relevant for that.
  13. Hey, forget the dangers of SA. This dude is selling property in IRAQ! Respect is due.
  14. He may be a decent bloke, but it's just as likely he's just another EA on the make that got lucky. Never underestimate the power of the media to manipulate an image...probably so that there would be some "chemistry" between kind, cuddly Phil and brash, brassy Kirstie. Classic Good Cop, Bad Cop, makes for better telly for the masses. You see it on X factor every week. A camp gesture here, a break in the voice there, clever scripting and editing and they could turn Peter Mandelson into a "decent bloke"! I for one will never forget that he has been the public voice of those who have condemned hundreds of thousands to a lifetime of debt bondage and penury. :angry:
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