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  1. Also no one has some crystal ball that predicts the next outcome 100% regarding the virus and effect over the next 12 - 18 months (or beyond) on the economy - hang on stay with me for a moment: What if as the economy opens we do not get a 2nd spike or 3rd spike or N spike and the govt (nations etc) find a way to manage the situation if it does happen without needing a 2nd lock down? What if the current hit to industries and economies - bad as they are - become manageable and by 4th quarter and beyond the world (UK, Europe etc etc) begin to learn how to live with the virus and that
  2. Crash - IBIWISI - I'll believe it when I see it. Humour aside the rate of unemployment is the hidden sauce here no matter what anyone says. I have to say though that over the last week I have seen 2 properties listed in an area I'm interested in advertised at almost 10% -15% down from what properties in the area has sold for in the recent past (3 to 6 months ago) - I actually thought the price listing was a mistake or a click bait whereupon by the time you do a viewing and have funds to make an offer the estate agent would then turnaround and tell you that the property is oversubscribed and
  3. I am unsure of a crash of the likes mentioned here and elsewhere will occur. In 2007/2008 the sentiment was pretty much the same as now and the % reductions branded about was stunning - some said 20%, 30% even 50%. COVID-19 has set tongues wagging again and a repeat of the same chatter is going on - submitted an offer on a property last quarter and the vendor, understandably, pulled property out the market when COVID-19 became what it is in the UK. I don't know what the government will do but just as in 2008 they'll probably find a way to keep property from crashing 20%, 30%,
  4. ..why go there? why...? how you got that from the posters reply beats me...
  5. ...very entertaining thread. Whilst I want property prices to come down and gather knowledge on the market from visiting this forum to read debates and differences etc... ..I am often bemused at the hostility shown by some posters when peeps (so called bulls / neithers) have a different opinion to theirs.. they are very quick to hurl abusive or derogatory comments on those who don't follow their line of thought rather than debate the issue like adults and accept that in some cases one must simply agree to disagree This exchange between you and the one who calls you stupid in this particular
  6. ..we've been willing on this fear for a while now. The media have been reluctant to join in. So it depends on which side of the coin you're on. As for me I don't see no fear at all...certainly compared to 2007/2008.. then I could taste the fear. Today..nope.. sorry...... the fear is not yet being smelt..lets see if 20 Oct would at least start briging a little odour - just a little..
  7. ... well we shall know what the spending review really contains within the next few days. Basically the spending review comes down to one thing => cuts. The question is how deep would these cuts be, what areas and within what timeframe would they be implemented??? translation - how many 000's would loose out in the review and the wider economy and how would this translate to house prrice falls?? Something tells me, though, that this is not going to be the event that would make house prices go downhill "immediately"... although it's really the last throw of the dice... I have said it
  8. ...to think there was a time when it used to be 0% saved = buy/mortgage a house or save btw 5K and 10K = buy/mortgage a house 77K..lovely..why not make it 100k.... sounds better!
  9. [and that ties in with the million dollar question] .. what would trigger this desperation? However one paints it desperation has not set in - yet. This is the 4th qrt of 2010. How long do you keep waiting for this so called deperation to become the 'norm' i.e. insted of talking about it, we are living through it??????? [.and that ties in with the million dollar question]
  10. agree with the above...my part of SE London where I'm interested there are a few 3 beds in that 219,000 and below range.. and some highly priced ones seperated by literally one street or two..some of these 219000 ranged props would have been marketed at a standard 245/250K min in the peak.. anyway to think it's been 2 years + and still no sign, no concrete trend, no expected falls, no nada!! mad mad mad... The way things are, I dont think Oct 20th would provide any catalyst.. There's a thread on here questioning if in hindsight one would have jumped on the bandwagon if they knew of the 200
  11. Interesting topic.... Quite a few colleagues of mine at work and a hand ful of friends drive exprnsive cars however I checked Auto trader for an indication of costs for 2nd hand cars (taking mileage into considerartion) and they are damn affordable (as a one-off cost).. so people sometimes buy these cars not factoring in the running cost... As a slight twist to the topic... work colleagues / friends tend to use their car NOT for commuting to work (I aint no CIO, CEO etc ) but mainly for weekend pleasures or evening (after work commutes) .. so how much more affordable inc running cost is thi
  12. Have to say I just had to check out the website to know if it's for real... wowowow
  13. Don't think there's much to get excited about - yet ... Imagine that...! The irony... I'm talking "excited about yet" as if I'm getting some nice large bonus rather it's cuts and pain and frankly the only reason why I may get excited is the end point i.e. wtf would this do to house prices.. I've changed since trying to get on the ladder .. getting excited on Austerity cuts - who would have thought this of me 3/4/5 years or more ago. Anyway..seems like one should hold onto whatever excitement they feel inside until 20 Oct - after the spending review and all it's "glory" has been heard Anot
  14. Every little helps: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-11466178
  15. *cough* as I said previously news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/from_our_own_correspondent/9052011.stm
  16. CB and benefit cap... 1st soft intro to 20th Oct bombshell perharps gy GO?? What next / where else?
  17. Geese..part of the ills with our society..Ok so poster earns a packet..with that packet comes a certain expectation..i have read through the posters post and a harmless matter of fact post (assuming poster ain't telling fibs) is escalating into an exchange of fire.. A poster can moan about whatever the hell they wanna moan about.. .. the beauty of this site is to get all views... I (and maybe a few others) am interested in all views if you're earning 10K per annum or 250k as bonus + salary per annum..could care less lets get all views on without gettin a bit bitter and hostile
  18. Thought about this over the weekend.. .. as coincidentally the Brazil election was about to take place.. and I got interested from an economic stand point (hols there is simply something else..anyway..) I started reading up on the economy, forecasts etc.. so called BRIC and all that media stuff .. got to say it ticks my fancy emigrating there. definitely does. One thing I know is I'd rather emigrate to an "up and coming" economy than to one similar to the UK.. so Brazil or some place in Africa.. Africa fascinates the hell out of me..worked there via work on secondment and it is quite somet
  19. Engineering in this country sucks! End of. A career that can be so rewarding but is reduced to being akeen to some unskilled manual punk!!!!!!!! I know of only one Engineering grad from my uni (that I was friends with who has remained in their field in the UK) and is in an engineering field. All the rest have dissappeared from our shores Where you may ask did they end up ??..ahah Fuel Eng - Gabon Petrochemical Eng - Gabon Mechanical Engineering followed by a Phd in Petrochemical Engineering - Kuwait / UAE Civil Enginering - China Electrical Engineering - USA (Motorolla Florida/Miami..
  20. ..wouldn't say it'/s insulting..just think the poster to which you were responding to is still a narrow thinker and @ 22 that's no suprise... To be putting away that amnt as the poster states a month...at that age... would define a person living and paying no rent or market rate rent anyway... i.e. living at home.. it seems or just waffle as some posts on this forum in general can sometimes be.
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