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  1. Did the Spring Bounce ever happen? What are the average monthly house price falls? What level is the FTSE 100 at?
  2. I thought they'd helped three people. Deflation anyone?
  3. A lot of people will get their fingers burnt
  4. Great! More idiots out the way = less competition when I decide to buy
  5. I think you're expecting too much from them. edit:spelling
  6. I think it based on one of the graphs on this site. http://www.houseprices.uk.net/articles/hou...rice_predictor/
  7. How do the estate agents remain in business with sales at that level?
  8. Probably better than Winklebury and Popley and quite a few Brighton Hill areas but not as good as Hatch Warren or Kempshott but I suppose it depends what your budget is.
  9. Thanks for the reply. I find the whole thing and the mechanics behind it fascinating. I shall watch and wait but at the moment the 'bounce' doesn't feel too uncomfortable at all - I was expecting it to be much worse.
  10. What an excellent topic. I thought the world had gone insane but I'm relieved to find that there are people out there who see straight through all the consumer [email protected]/reality TV/americanisms/celebrity culture to the things that really matter.
  11. Does anyone have any thoughts as to whether DrBubb's 6-12 month dead cat bounce will materialise?
  12. Lots of houses in the £500k-1.3m range with only a couple under offer (and I mean two or three). There are a few under offer just under the £500k mark and quite a view of these have been under offer for 4-6 months so I would anticipate them coming back to the market soon. There was flurry of properties going under offer around January/February but quite a few have come back to the market. What's happened?
  13. What a shame the IMF don't agree with her viewpoint.
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