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  1. ******** to that. We used to hang people for less. I see no reason not to resume that practice in this case. These people are criminal scum. This not a war...yet.
  2. It's wall-to-wall bloody elephants around here.
  3. Yep. Benefit Thieves: We know where you live...
  4. Can't vouch for Her, never met her. I believe Her son does care, though. Rather a lot. God(s) Save the King (eventually).
  5. How about the United Kingdom? Or the USA where half the population think the Wholly Babble is literally true? 'Westernised', as the Americans would say, don't mean shit.
  6. Because the point of war (always) is to control land and the resources therein. There is no way of doing that without putting armed people there. The whole 'tech-war' idea is just a blind to impress civvies. Sure, war is faster, longer-ranged and more expensive, but it still boils down (and always will) to two guys slugging it out in a trench.
  7. Then let's be done with this womanish nonsense and have some hangings!
  8. She's probably half-scottish. All the best guffs, I mean english folk, are.
  9. It's like ridiculous floppy haircuts and those silly little scarves: loads of people think they're great, but aren't sure why beyond 'loads of people think they're great'.
  10. I'll tell you mine; if I am required to stay away from home I get my fares paid, a flat rate of £20 a day (I think, I haven't been anywhere where I could claim them for months and these things change) for food etc. plus £45 per night for accommodation. That's on the odd occassion that I get any expenses at all. Oh, and £20 a year for a pair of black shoes.
  11. Of course! My Latin tutor would be spinning in his grave if he knew I'd missed that one. Latin does rather encourage a certain...mental thoroughness?
  12. Technically, I suppose it is. Not only is it a Latin phrase, and therefor subject to different rules regarding pluralising, but it is already a plural. Good point, well made.
  13. Oh, for the good old days, before the Civil Service was a branch of the Labour Party.
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