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  1. c. 50% of UK prime ministers lost their fathers as children. As did many v successful people eg James Dyson. It seems to spur people on to achieve.
  2. I reject the arguments that race has anything to do with crime other than the obvious issues like alienation from a majority white population. Black peoples ancestors come from african communities whose attitude to violent crime is pretty much identical to the average (White) British person. The main problem is role models and peer pressure. Black people see black people with money in sport and drug dealing hence a tendency for their youth to drift into these areas. White society then sees them as runners or rapists. It is pretty difficult for a white person to understand what its like, but a wander around a remote part of Japan or China will give you some idea of the being stared at and avoided as an outsider. A visit to africa will give you an idea of what it is like to be seen as a walking cash point. Or a visit to the middle east (if you are female) will give you an idea what it is like to be seen as walking sex-aid. Everyone just needs to chill out about race, we need to not see it whenever possible. We need to empasis the humanity of people and not divide ourselves with religion or racial stereotypes. This does mean IMHO we need to move a secular state like france and bad religion from schools The main division of course is wealth, however, we cannot solve the rest of the worlds problems- it appears they need to go through their own struggles to reach were we are. It would help though if they did not send people to stab one of our leading intellectuals who they believe has committed a thought crime.
  3. When we were in the EU the uk was the ONLY state that did not bill the other states for use of its healthcare system by other EU nationals. it wasnt worth the cost of the administration. its a bit like saying checking train tickets is not worth it as so few people travel without them.
  4. I was just passing on an anecdotal. i dont think there is a lot you can do about it so i don't worry about it personally. Indeed we probably should issue some kind of ID card, but unless you are willing to allow pregnant women to die on your streets beacuse they have no ID card.. i would not be personally Perhaps the french approach tell the countries involved if it does not stop their govt crony's wont get visa for their xmas shopping. you on the other hand i do worry about - very paranoid about "wacism"
  5. Actually i thought this was insignificant until i spoke to a mid-wife from hertfordshire who told me up to 1/3 of the mothers she attends had just flown in. Apparently they bribe their way onto flights whilst 5/6 months pregnant.
  6. not the opinion of scottish politicians https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/jan/27/nicola-sturgeon-calls-for-scotland-own-immigration-powers-brexit you know what would happen, they would move to scotland and then clamber of Hadrians Wall, if only for the better weather.
  7. If you are referring to what germans rather charmingly call "english wages" ie pilfering from work. Yes i have encountered plenty of that. however this kind of stuff https://theconversation.com/study-italian-university-nepotism-is-endemic-2680 i have enountered only one and the guy was an italian born academic attempting to appoint his own son at a UK university
  8. Yet 6 million EU citizens prefer the UK...actually England, proportionally fewer in Scotland. As i opined above its not an easy choice Scotland will swap one union that sucks the demand out of its economy for another one. You might get better employment laws and rights but it would suffer like the other small states. A declining population, ever expanding debt and high youth unemployment.
  9. I applied for a job in the U.K. and got it on merit. That is a rarity in the EU, certainly the Southern part. Yes the U.K. has corruption but most people will never encounter it.
  10. The universities are going through a huge increase in admin staff and bureacracy. I am told by those should know (clinical academics) that what is happening is akin to what happened in the NHS 10-20 years ago. If this is true I am not in the least bit surprised that it has become dysfunctional. The main characteristics in the uni system are :- vast numbers of admin staff appointments, many given pretty pointless roles the number of people with the skills the university actually needs is declining (academics) as they are viewed as too expensive. the admin staff themselves often once aspired to be academics and so resent them The best way to get promoted for these people is to make a nuisance of yourself.
  11. Most of the socialising was with parents of my kids school friends (kids parties etc). I didn't discuss the issues I raised above as they were so uninformed that they simply couldn't understand. We were in Santa Barbara so a wealthy area. The parents were largely middle class americans, accountants, small business owners that kind of thing, some Hispanics that my son much preferred hanging out with and playing soccer. The common refrain was "why don't you move here?" To be polite I just said getting a permanent visa was hard. They reply to this was basically that "people like me should be waived thro". People like me being WASP I presume.
  12. This is always my argument against the effectiveness of raising the top rates of income tax, bring a top rate of eg 60% above £80k and i would go down to 4 days a week immediately. It just isn't worth working the extra day and I can use the time to spend with my wife's grandkid.
  13. If you drive about Northants now, it's like Iran. I didn't know that there had been large migration from the Middle East there, do you mean Northampton or the county generally?
  14. I've lived in the USA, Canada and France. France for the longest 2 years and spoke pretty good French by the end. I could have stayed longer too if I had wanted. I came back mainly as I had a job offer near my family in the U.K. AND in the early 90's I could afford a house. the US (California) was a nice environment but the bottomless ignorance of Americans for anything outside the us, the police and healthcare put me off. Was not going to live there. Canada is def the place I would live if I had to move, winters grim though. France, I found it quite a lonely experience, most people are close to family and childhood friends. I guess I would have to acquire a French gf (quelle horreur). The real headache of course was the bureaucracy that has to be experienced to be believed. Overall the U.K. is about as good as I have experience and I would miss the good humour of the average British person.
  15. Hasn't the corruption and incompetence of the SNP put you off? I actually think if there was another referendum you would see another narrow vote to stay in the U.K. neither choice is good put the vent diagram of remain in the eu, snp and unionists is complex
  16. Hopefully this is the next step https://www.euronews.com/green/2022/06/09/world-s-largest-vertical-farm-is-being-built-in-the-uk-and-it-s-the-size-of-96-tennis-cour https://ifarm.fi/blog/2021/09/how-many-working-hours-does-it-take-to-run-a-vertical-farm claims it should be possible to reduced people employed in the farms to very few by automation.
  17. The causes of ice ages and interglacials are complex, they were poorly understood when i was at school in the 70’s but research since has pretty much tied it down to a combination of Milankovitch cycles adjusting the earths tilt/ orbital obliquity and atmospheric composition changes due to the topography if the earth. Its fascinating stuff - i suggest you educate yourself. The wikipedia article is a good start. Scientists are pretty certain there will not be another ice age for 25k years at least. All of these process take thousands of years. The 1.5 oC up tick in the last few decades is due to man i am afraid.
  18. Narrowboat owner, loads of boaters go into one of the big rivers after it has been in flood, Hugh amounts of drift wood. Fish it out and dry it for the winter.
  19. Quantify the govt funding? A phd - £20k per year? Cheaper than a shelf stacker
  20. We like to be right - believe it or not. We are obsessives who want to get at the truth. We are warning the world because it bothers us..
  21. And the temperature record for the north of england was broken by a full 5 degrees centigrade, something is up?
  22. Apparently the desalination plant built at Beckton for £250m "does not work" it was built in 2012 to secure Londons supply in case of drought well now there is a drought it doesn't work https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2022/aug/04/emergency-water-plant-london-unusable-despite-drought-risk i wonder if the problem is the energy needed? Perhaps the CEO of thames water finds it easier to ban hosepipe than pay the electricity bill?
  23. even if we accept what you say, how would you restrict the inward flow to that which could be accepted? By what means would it be restricted? Paris is currently suffering a homeless crisis and it is largely undocumented migrants, many of whom were put in asylum hostels elsewhere and then gravitated to Paris. As for the isle of islay, i doubt they would stay there, Scotland already has to pay people to live there.
  24. But you just accepted the reality of anthropogenic climate change- excuse me but evidence of what are you looking for? look saying "where is your video of jesus preaching" proves nothing but the person asking is foolishly dogmatic. You are skeptical because you believe it to be a scam and then demand evidence you know does not exist and cannot be found in order to prove yourself right. There is a stacks and stacks of evidence anyway have a read https://skepticalscience.com/
  25. The science of natural climatic change is well understand by natural milankovitch cycles. Ice ages tc are predictable and occur on timescales of 1000’s of years. The science of greenhouse gas warming are also well understood and it all fits with climate change due to anthropogenic climate change occuring on a decades long timescale and it is a an existential threat to humanity you appear to be a “god of the gaps” type climate change denier who refuses to believe it and ask for more and more ridiculous evidence to stay within the cult. any way as Mark Twain observed ”never argue with an idiot, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with there experience”
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