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  1. Whatever Brexit has achieved or not achieved, it has brilliant distracted people like you from all the U.K. and worlds other problems.
  2. I tried to find out how this was determined from the mogration observatory website. No sight or sound of the methods. I think it is basically a guess, on the other hand the number of applications to the settlement scheme is still rising 6.2M now https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/eu-settlement-scheme-statistics
  3. I was just about to post the same comment. It always backfires for France. Backing the independence of US in 1776 almost guaranteed that English would end up being the international language and that the "Anglo-Saxon" version of capitalism would dominate the world. The Germans are smarter, it was Bismarck who observed that "the 20th century will be dominated by the fact that the US speaks English"
  4. Yes I know all that, my comment remains true. They had the delusion of a diesel electric sub with ssn capabilities. Not possible, so now a different plan. You are totally right.
  5. What is really clear is that the French were desperate for this deal with a wealthy non European country. It is a clear geopolitical issue. The French are desperate to be trusted by the Anglo sphere. This has been spurned. It really hurts.
  6. The main French comment on this is from Voltaire (an Anglophile actually) god preserve me from my friends, my enemies I will deal with.
  7. I am not farage, i never even voted tory never mind UKIP. The world needs a solution to refugees that is integrated and sensible. It won't get one whilst one country is an easy touch relative to the others.
  8. Communism signed a non-agression pact with Hitler to divvie up europe. That Hitler proved slightly more treacherous was not down to his Nazism.
  9. Because its cheered the other side up, like Emma Radacanu winning the US open, or the olympic medal placing. it really is that pathetic (admittedly from both sides)
  10. Europe (the continent) would not be the same without the French attempting to ignore the british, whilst the british stick two fingers up behind their back. If the only real aim of the EU is that all its inhabitants are indistingushable euroclones, then it will be a very poor and very undiverse world.
  11. If the reactors are made by RR in derby, this could give a spur to the small modular reactor proposal. RR are on life support diue to the lack of maintenance contracts from airlines. If they have to scale up PWR productions, it could lower the cost of the power stations too.
  12. There are some things to cheer us up https://www.politico.eu/article/jilted-france-fumes-and-takes-some-retaliatory-measures/ "In a sign of how lopsided the power balance is between the historic allies, the French embassy in Washington canceled in protest a reception it was hosting on Friday to mark the 240th anniversary of the Battle of the Chesapeake, which commemorates a French naval victory over a British fleet during the American Revolution. "
  13. I am not signalling, send not for whom the bell tolls etc, I have occasionally met americans who blame me personally for the genocide of the Amerindians. I usually point out that it was their ancestors that did that, whilst mine stayed at home and dug coal out.
  14. You've got to admit that Stalin and Mao take some beating. Not only did Mao kill 40-80 millions, he also bulldozed 99% of chinese ancient buildings/Temples, pure vandalism. All about resetting History isn't it? Something the current PC obsession wants to do to.
  15. Emma radacanu's parents work in the city in finance. I suspect that they never thought that getting into an inflatable in Calais was a good option.
  16. Personally I think that graph is healthy for our country. What do you want immigration wise?
  17. They a have major overseas possession in the region in New Caledonia. The only problem is that it has huge nickel deposits and the locals fancy getting rich on it themselves, not the rest of France. It is likely to secede soon and who is the logical local partner for defence purposes, somewhere with eg RTZ based that can help develop mines?
  18. Yes of course, it makes perfect technological sense for Australia operating in the pacific diesel subs just won't cut it anymore. all I am saying is that over on eg Le figaro I have never seen so many angry comments appearing so rapidly, 1000's !! Calling for the expulsion of the Australian ambassador etc. It's become like a French version of the daily wail.
  19. It's a little more geopolitical than that, French elections soon, the French newspapers are blaming Macron. No candidate is more pro EU than he.
  20. Interesting https://www.reuters.com/world/us/biden-announce-alliance-with-britain-australia-tech-cyber-defense-politico-2021-09-15/ that's a 56bn euro contract France just lost to the U.K./U.S front page news in the French newspapers. Edit To correct value.
  21. Her parents were doctors and entered the U.K. by usual visa means.
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