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  1. I am only arguing against generalised ageism, nothing else. Clearly i am on here because i think house prices are disgrace and that our society is punishing young people. But blanket blaming of old people is a bit unfair. Many old people are poor. Having said my late fathers best mate was seriously wealthy, in his 80’s everytime he got a parking ticket for parking his merc on the pavement outside his bowls club he wrote to the Coucil offering to pay it at one pound a week out of his state pension. Everytime he did this they waived it....
  2. The statistic i gave you shows that this clearly a generalisation. Most old people have buggerall. So really what you mean is that a few old people minted and fewer than that young people are.
  3. At the time of the vote this is what we were being told would happen. I agree it never made any sense. It was another bit of nonsense being thrown around (by both sides).
  4. You mean you jolly Well can visit North korea and johnny foreinger better not try to stop you? Making british holiday makers queue for ages to get an entrance visa might detract from the attractions of southern europe.
  5. As i pointed ages ago, some on here seem happy to impose all sorts of stuff on the uk. Almost as if the idea of having a nuclear armed failed state on the borders of the EU was desirable.
  6. Mmm.. i am not deluded, i dont think the uk will recover for a very long time economically. I was only opining it is headache for both sides. Not much middle ground on this thread is there
  7. I am always amazed by this generalisation that the elderly are minted. Last year over 50% of people who died (clearly mostly elderly) did not even require probate. Ie their worldly goods did not exceed c £5k in value. They seem to have missed all the free money the elderly are getting.
  8. Not at the moment though, it is quite revealing to see the efforts brussels and the individual states are making to pretend this summers holidays are back on, not really consistent with all the other talk about the virus. Although the UK tourism industry is large, the balance of tourist trade is clearly negative for the uk (and All northern EU states) and hugely positive for southern eu states and France. The problems in this regard in the EU are already being put to the test and it has hardly started.
  9. This is obvious. It really is like a Divorce! We have moved passed the emotional stuff and on to the financial settlement stage where cold hard reality is hitting. But it is hitting both sides, the EU really does stand to lose a lot, especially the poorer and southern states- which are already a headache for brussels without the loss of UK tourists (the british spend as much money abroad as germans and far more than any other EU state- twice as much as eg Italy). Also job creation, the uk has been a significant mitigator of the disaster that the eurozone has been to southern europe. it really is a possibility that the uk just hires eg indian people and we all go on holiday to turkey.
  10. Applications are buoyant i am told, india growing strongly. Much as i would like to say not and cynical old school academic as i am, the uk has it minted for HE for the foreseeable future. I have been doing some research on MSc courses for one we want to launch. EU universities offer them for small fees taught in english. The uk and switzerland £25k+ a year, yet the international students repeatedly choose the latter not the former. The only explanation i can think is “the higher the price the higher the value” philosophy. Economically we should turn the country into one giant Eton/cheltenhams ladies college for kids and oxbridge for adults. Pay the staff well and pull in the best of the eu and elsewhere to teach the stuff.
  11. How is the jet engine/airliner business at the moment? Tbh covid is much much worse than Brexit on that front.
  12. The problem with it is, as far as I can see, is that the evidence is that it fuels divergence in standards of living rather than reduces it. I had to referee a European funding proposal recently, the author (southern European scientist) openly bemoaned how low their pay was compared to those In Northern Europe, what on earth do the Southern Europeans do with all the cash thrown at them?
  13. We could keep clear of the sentinel islands but idiots keep landing to eg convert them to christianity.. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Allen_Chau perhaps they just like switching thr cloaking system off to confuse the natives?
  14. No one has mentioned the possibility that it is earth technology- from the future. Tourists using time travel. We are then like the inhabitants of the modern day sentinel islands chucking spears at helicopters...
  15. if you find my posts difficult to understand just answer the question "What is the Utility function of the EU?" then we can argue.
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