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  1. I very much doubt the euro will exist in 2027, given that France has broken the borrowing rules every year since 2008, Macron promised to bring it in but the Gilets Jaunes have seen to that. It’s a timebomb literally. Forget Brexit real trouble in Europe always kicks off in France.
  2. debtlessmanc

    Random Scientific Musing of the Day

    Internal examiner is there mainly to see fairplay and that it is not a stitch up, i have acted as an internal exam for a Maths PhD! My friend interpreted the antagonism as someone outside the field might ask "the emperor has no clothes" type questions, i would have felt the same.
  3. debtlessmanc

    Random Scientific Musing of the Day

    fwiw i am a physicist... I was once at lunch with a theoretical physicist (quantum mechanics not string theory) at university of southern california. He told me he used to head of school and the head of the string theory group was complaining he could not find a member of the group who be the internal examiner for his PhD student. When my host offered, the guy scoffed, "no outside string theory could possibly examine a thesis in the field". It seems to me that is a pretty good definition blind faith. no-one outside the faith can understand it. If a field cannot be explained at any level to other (admittedly v intelligent) human beings at any level then it is not any use On this subject, i have sat on funding committee for international govts (UK, US national science foundation, Canadian research council etc) interviewing applicants. I once sat on one that in addition to my stuff was judging big data proposals (god knows why) it was hopeless, the IT guys could not even begin to explain what they were doing in a way anyone of us on the panel could understand. Needless to say they did not get funded wrt to the question about the big bang above, current belief is that indeed the universe is a black hole with an event horizon. I currently like the holographic reality theory which says that all the information in the universe is imprinted on the event horizon like information that falls into a black hole. This may give a connection between relativity and quantum mechanics, as any unified theory must
  4. or that there are an infinity of alternative universes interacting through quantum interactions i am a physicist but not a specialist on this. However, my personally reading is that it is pretty diffcult to avoid this conclusion what does free will even mean in this scenario, there an infinite number of versions of history both personal and for the universe
  5. James Clerk Maxwell - the true originator of relativity John Bell, discoverer of Bell's theorem, the implications of which terrifying philosophically
  6. debtlessmanc

    Another Russian Spy?

    latest story - he is a highly decorated GRU officer https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6210951/Smirking-Salisbury-hitman-unmasked-decorated-GRU-colonel.html
  7. debtlessmanc

    Another Russian Spy?

    If it was verified that the U.K. had used nerve gas on its own citizens to discredit Russia this would bring the govt down (think Profumo affair) if it was revealed that Putin had poisoned a Russian “traitor” would this bring him down? Just wondering
  8. debtlessmanc

    Another Russian Spy?

    More evidence coming out https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/sep/15/documents-show-novichok-salisbury-suspects-alexander-petrov-ruslan-boshirov-links-defence this time from journalists either MI6 are showing unusual competence or there is something very odd about the Russian claims
  9. debtlessmanc

    Another Russian Spy?

    Indeed you fly into london for a few days, you dont visit the british museum, tower of london etc, what you do is get a train to salisbury to trudge around looking in coins shop windows....
  10. debtlessmanc

    University Bubble Making Hissing Sounds

    Indeed, the colleagues I know who reported students for cheating said, “never again”, after the hassle it incurred. Yes, it is largely a money making exercise. But It is still possible to earn a living by simply being good at something and working hard at it. So better than some of the modern world.
  11. debtlessmanc

    University Bubble Making Hissing Sounds

    Several, it is an official language of the UN
  12. debtlessmanc

    University Bubble Making Hissing Sounds

    for reasons i dont want to go into, i got involved in the running of a university language course (a disciplinary case actually) I was told that half the students were fluent in the language involved (it is a common native tongue amongst immigrants to this country) the other half were european background students who took the language out of interest but who didn't stand a chance as the first half were miles ahead and very disruptive as they were bored by the "low level"of the course material. I found it all a bit nuts that native speakers should be allowed to take the course. The disciplinary case was awful and a complete nightmare, but i would be shot if anyone found me posting about it.
  13. debtlessmanc

    Another Russian Spy?

    What would a nerve gas assination on a foreign powers soil look like zugzwang? what would its characteristics be? we have had one for sure (kim il sung's bro) would they all be like that or would they all involve people who never looked in shop windows?
  14. debtlessmanc

    Tommy Robinson Otherwise Engaged

    hopefully he will stay clear of this one https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/aug/15/thirty-men-charged-sexually-abusing-girls-west-yorkshire
  15. You aren't alone, Adolf Hitler wrote of his frustration by the english contempt for all things continental and their overbearing self confidence. In fact these things are attested to in ecclesisatical documents dating back to the 12th century. i wouldn't put it down to anything other than an island mentality to be honest. been away on narrowboat for 3 weeks, never met so many other europeans on the canals, swedes, germans, dutch, norwegians you name it. I guess it is cheap with the pound as it is. The large german family we spoke said they were enjoying meeting and talking to real english people, whatever that meant.

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