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  1. What was their excuse in the 1920's and 30's ? this is when first Lenin and then Stalin attempted to shoot anyone with any ambitions to create the perfect socialist society. This lead first to the mass famine on 1921-22 mainly caused by the inability of the socialist state to respond to demand. That killed 5m. Lenin's response was to seize and sell almost any private asset eg the entire contents of russian churches destroying hundreds of years of cultural artifacts. Always the same response from communists, seize any apparent wealth and persecute those that owned it. Communists seem to have no perception of what makes people tick. A very simple test is to propose that raising taxes on the rich might be counterproductive. It does not seem to compute that wealthier people might make a value judgement about working that extra day or two a week for very little return. Its like they believe that the only reason anyone is wealthy is raw naked greed at the cost of all others.
  2. The Soviet union? at least its not obvious who meddled the most with whom.You only need to hang out with the far left for a short time to see how dangerous they are. The Soviet union did not have any Billionaires, but they had people with as many armed guards, Dacha's, vanity projects and private jets as the west did. Incidentally i believe the EU commissioners use personal jets. meanwhile Boris is nationalising the steel industry https://www.theguardian.com/business/2021/jul/28/sheffield-forgemasters-nationalised-after-takeover-ministry-of-defence edit to add- i was right https://www.politico.eu/article/eu-plans-to-spend-more-on-private-jets-for-top-officials-ursula-von-der-leyen-jean-claude-juncker-european-commission-climate-change/
  3. It is very specifically not being those things unless you care to prove otherwise a blank cheque no obviously as it precludes membership of the Eu, so the cheque has terms i agree thought that it was a negative with no guidance as to the positive. But that was the way Cameron posed it.
  4. My favorite https://redactionpolitics.com/2021/05/27/yanis-varoufakis-brexit-uk-referendum/ “Yanis Varoufakis: Why Brexit was the right decision for the UK in the end” a stopped clock is right twice a day. another good quote from the last president of the USSR - mikhil Gorbachev said “one of the most surprising political events of the 20th century is that the EU is intent on recreating the USSR in western europe”
  5. I couldn't be bothered to elaborate, but yes he was anti-Semitic and showed no interest in helping the Jewish population of Germany. He hate the British too, how on earth he ended up ambassador to the U.K...
  6. I havent seen that in private eye - has it been got at too? if its true happy to join a protest march over it. A protest march over the rotherham abuse? I wouldnt go near it, could lose my job.
  7. She isnt the only one https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cambridgeshire-47040912 in this case she was thrown out of labour but refused to stand down as an MP. That £80k a year was too tempting myra hindley did it too, is not a defence for murder… are you really suggesting that if you were in charge your side would be immune from prosecution as “everyone is at it?” my brothers was in the police force for a while. The most common defense he heard was “its not a crime as everyone does it”
  8. antibiotics certainly were! but anyway i said "shared" nothing good could ever come out of the UK could it? It is just another form of bigotry you know.
  9. The main reason their population so high and life expectancy is so high is modern medicince, the evil empire shared that with them for almost zero cost in the case of antibiotics. Most really poor countires are poor because of rampant corruption, mainly because of cultural addiction to nepotism etc. some Countries like singapore managed to get away from that. Actually some african countries eg Botswana are doing well too, despite being colonized. It is no good just saying that all their current issuses are because 100 years ago Britain ran the civil service. It is nearly always local "politics".
  10. The answer has already been given, make living under the radar in the U.K. almost impossible. As suggested pay a bounty and give citizenship to whistle blowers who shop employers who employ non citizens. High tech ID card required to travel on trains, planes or buses (Macron has done this already in France for the vaccination card, one wonders if this is the real motive). Finally, for asylum make it impossible to get citizenship, or make it take a very long time (eg 20 years) during which it is impossible to work (see first part) and meantime they have to live in hostels on a small allowance. As many have said , one suspects that the expectations these people have are already unrealised. many of the attacks occurring in Germany appear to be frustrated people who have been turned down for asylum. The Germans are actually doing it properly, weeding out economic migrants and removing them. Working under the radar in Germany is very difficult. The charities who say this can be stopped by making a safe route to travel to the U.K. are clearly either mad or lying. If a safe route was allowed we would get them AND the boat people. Climate change and population are the problem. But they are problem to the U.K. too. Our surface area will decrease over the next century due to rising seas. the last thing we need is an increasing population at the moment.
  11. Yet we hear far more from the commission about Hungary and its school curriculum than we do about France or Germany breaking the deficit rules. Are you surpised that some people do not take the rules too seriously?
  12. i agree he is as far right as one can go without actually admiring hitler, but the central point he makes remains correct. That the EU is currently exorcising itself over the behaviour of democratically elected govts in states with a constitution The unelected commission does not like what the people in those states are thinking, that is the end of it. He is also right that the people in those states have within a generation been run by other people who were obsessed with what people were thinking and are not keen on it happening again.
  13. your concerns are hypocritical. What is currently exercising the EU the most are the doings of democratically elected govts in countries with a consitution. The agenda is not democracy it is thought crime https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/07/18/culture-war-east-west-threatens-tear-eu-two/ "Instead the EU chose to make an example out of Hungary. From Ursula von der Leyen down, EU officials have queued up to attack the Hungarians. Once again it plays into the Brussels interpretation of Europe, which is that the Hungarians and Poles, among others, are slow learners and need to be put into a liberal crammer class. But it also plays into a Visegrad view of the EU which is that it consists of liberal Western Europeans trying to force their way of life upon an unwilling East." I am not going to post the whole article, be Douglas Murray is an openly gay man, who expresses the opinion that the issues have been hijacked for political ends.
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