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  1. 8.6% in the Eurozone, its actually a mixed bag, the Baltic states are running at over 21%. In fact curiously the least affected countries are Germany and France, wonder how they arranged that? https://www.theguardian.com/business/2022/jul/01/inflation-in-eurozone-hits-record-86-as-ukraine-war-continues
  2. I am surrounded by them. At least thats what the claim.
  3. Its a meme, therefore one case gets bandied around by 100s of remainers as proof of the awfulness of brexit. Last case was in the week were over lunch a guy said his friend had just moved to Canada to escape brexit. After a little digging it transpire he already had canadian citizenship through his parents.
  4. I think a big problem for many eu citizens i know is that they are in relationships/ married people they met here. Yes sometimes locals but also other EU citizebs. I have an italian colleague who married a Czech guy she met here. Her Spoken Czech is poor as is his spoken italian so them both getting a job on the continent is problematic. When i last spoke to her about it she said they would move to Canada or Australia. In fact whenever i have got into conversations with the british middle class remainers over the last 6 years the “my friend is disgusted by Brexit and has moved to australia” is a very common meme. They seem unaware of the irony of that statement.
  5. There have also been 300k grants of citizenship to EU citizens since the 2016 so that needs to bee added to the 5.8m as these people were present in the U.K. but did not need settled status. Adding in the 400k or so Irish citizens It is highly probable that well over 6m eu citizens were living in the U.K. in 2016, when the home office (and the BBC) were confidently telling use there were only about 2.5m in the U.K. I found that the fact we were casually lied to about something that the U.K.state used to be very precise about was much more disturbing than the fact itself, personally.
  6. It is a lot less in your face. Not uncommon to be asked for a bribe by police, local officials etc in southern europe. But a good cv will get you somewhere in the uk. Many other countries its a an anathema.
  7. It picks on people who give a f**k thats the truth. The middle class law abider has lots to lose and therefore courts can boss them around. In International terms the equivalent is the ichr. The uk has more judgement's against it than rwanda per head of population. So the logic is that Rwanda is a far better place to claim asylum than the uk. They dont seem to recognise that though. Another example, italian universities pay foreigners less than italians- it is enshrined in italian law. The ECHR has complained about this every year for 30 years. The italian govt has ignored it every year for 30 years. Yet all we hear about is the uks bad attitude to “europe”. This kind of stuff was part of the anti EU vote.
  8. Dont worry we cannot deport foreign nationals who rape hundreds of young girls. Apparently THEY have the right to a family life - we are totally and utterley f**$$d https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/rochdale-grooming-gang-citizenship-uk-b2111107.html?amp
  9. Because not being racist/xenophobic trumps protecting female rights thats how the Rotherham scandal was allowed to happen.
  10. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. if you look at the average professorial pay by university you will find an odd effect. The smaller the university the higher the average pay. Why? Well every university has a vc, so when you average a VCs pay with 10 other profs- different from averaging them from 100 profs…
  11. Nice weather forecast- work from home the rail unions are going to end up looking very silly and its possible that the public will start ruffing them up..
  12. Huddersfield has been hiring for years like its going out of fashion. Their VC was quoted as saying it was going to be “The oxbridge of the north”. Madness.
  13. So new intruments are needed to solve Bond crisis https://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2022/06/15/ftse-100-markets-live-news-pound-crypto-interest-rate-brexit/ Gazprom reduces gas supply to Germany and Italy https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-06-15/gazprom-cuts-gas-flows-to-italy-by-about-15-eni-says and the Eurozone balance of trade is disastrous https://www.forexlive.com/news/eurozone-april-trade-balance-324-billion-vs-164-billion-prior-20220615/ This is the point it wants to start a trade was with one of its biggest trading partners with whom it had a large trade surplus and who is supplying it with gas. pure Hubris
  14. About 200Bn euros worth, i suspect that if they get bailed out they will be made to pay a lot of that to germany.
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