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  1. I think for people of non-european heritage migrating for work with further moves kept as an option it is more a case of, as i say, "What is the point" i can see a British person being curious about norwegian, given historical connections. A syrian not so much.
  2. It is more an anglosphere one, our competitors are Oz, NZ, US and Canada. The get to speak english, useful at home or a job in the UK and thus (in their minds) mobility it might seem odd to use, but eg chinese students do not see much difference between the UK and say Canada. from their perspective they are pretty much the same.
  3. This is the first intake since covid lockdown, but the overseas students like the new arrangements first year remoted and then on campus after the end of lockdown (hopefully). It is not as though there are lots of jobs going at the moment. I cant see demand dropping soon, attending a university in the anglosphere seems to becoming a rite of passage in asia. I have been told to develop 2 year taught MSc, fees at £28k p.a. for the asian market. It is standard with us to offer a fully funded PhD position to the top ranked student, this pulls in some very good students. I will add that t
  4. We speak English is also a huge effect, i was contacted by a Syrian researcher in Norway asking for a job in 2019. I asked him why he wanted to move given it was such a wealthy country, he replied that they had looked into staying in Norway but they would make his whole family learn norwegian "what use is that to us?".
  5. The Govt has changed study visa's to allow students to remain in the UK if they get a job, i expect this to be a major source of migration going forwards, and they will be educated migrants.
  6. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2021/jan/11/dutch-officials-seize-ham-sandwiches-from-british-drivers Love the drivers response "Can i keep the bread?"
  7. Basically somebody can propose laws other than the commission, okay private members bills are an example of this, but it does not need to be that, for example it requires a group of eg 10 MEPS or even all of them, just that it is possible secondly, ballot papers should make it clear which tick box leads to which person becoming a member of the commission. almost no-one voted for eg Junckers, 7% of german voters in surveys knew he was in the frame when they voted, that it crazy.
  8. The U.K. ambassador wasn't fooled https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/jul/07/what-kim-darroch-is-reported-to-have-said-about-trump from the article "We could also be at the beginning of a downward spiral, rather than just a rollercoaster; something could emerge that leads to disgrace and downfall” – Summer 2017
  9. no i am just not satisfied by the answers, it does not meet my own personal standard, others agree with me.
  10. The King James bible was read to the people, everyone heard it. over 1700 everyday english words were first used by shakespeare. I did not say that Shakespeare or Tyndale magicked the English culture into existance in a decade, it is the 100 year shadow that matters. To what do you ascribe what the english language (or indeed culture) in its current form? Most of the supposed stereotypes of English people can be found in middle age writings, indeed the English antagnonism towards the rulers and philosophy of continental europe is first attested to in ecclesiasticl writings from 12th-13th centu
  11. Best definition is the lack of authority and as decentralised as possible. I became disenchanted by the Far left after my experience of living in a family of them. Now i look towards technological solutions. The EU is the wrong direction, centralist, increasingly authoritarian and not actually interested in diversity. Just consider what trying to leave the EU would look like in 10, 20, 30 years time. It seems benign at the moment, but the only control on that anyone really has is the ability to walk away. You certainly cannot vote against the commission in any real sense.
  12. As i have pointed out here before, i lean towards anarchism as the ideal state, i believe in independence for scotland, wales, yorkshire, norfolk, rutland and so on. I am thus no really keen on supranational empires. i look to a future myriad of states with some kind of AI rule maker and distributed manufacturing/Agriculture. For the moment, the less politicians the better is a pretty good guide. Scotland shoud be granted independence, but the idea it will find true happiness by immediately joining the EU, is illusory. The problem with politics is we always end up being rule by egotistist
  13. Any evidence for that? Given that the modern English language and culture is pretty much the invention of two 16th century writers one a playwright and the other a translator of the bible? Empire is a brief episode in the detailed written history of England. I will quote Tony Benn of all people "All i am asking of the EEC is they give us the same freedoms we eventually gave the people who we wrongly colonized"
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