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  1. It is not automatic , proceedings have to be brought by the DTI (or DBERR or whatever it is called now) and if found guilty the Court can make a disqualification order of between 2 and 15 years for unfit conduct.


    I think you actually have to comit a criminal act, such as trading while insolvent. I think it is utterly wrong, and directors of bankrupt limited liability companies should be barred from holding new directorships for at least a token period of time.

  2. Good, let them f**k off.

    Waterstones is not an independent business. I remember when there used to be little independent, family owned bookshops in most towns. They were squeezed out by the "entrepreneurs" whose sole aim was to turn Britain into a monopoly-capitalists dream.

    We're better off without vermin like that with their "shareholder value" and bullying corporate elitism.

    They always say this but who would want to live in any of those places. I know someone who went to live in Monaco for tax reasons and she was back here every chance she got, up to the limit you are allowed.

  3. At the risk of offending the female HPC members, I feel I must point out that the Doris aint really a looker. I presume she is the 2 bed flat version and that the 4 bed detached version would be blond and a bit less haggard......?

    At the risk of offending the male HPC members, I feel I must point out that the bloke is a f*cking ugly twatty ****.

  4. This is the kind of headline that should be blazoned across the front page of The Sun.

    MPs should submit expenses claims for overnight stays in hotels in exactly the same way as any other salaried employee in the private sector. Moreover, their expenses should be subject to the same kind of scrutiny by the IR as everyone else's.

    Until MPs are forced to live on their salaries and submit expenses claims that are properly scrutinised, they will never understand the difficulties that face the average Joe.

    This could also be capped - these places are perfectly OK.


    Why do the London MPs even get a travel allowance? Millions of commuters have to pay their fares from salary, and it is not even tax deductible.

  5. HPI turned it into a nation of haves and have nots, with the haves gloating and the have nots clamouring to be haves

    Secondly turned people into complete lazy [email protected] that felt like they were entitled to making quick easy money from painting a fireplace yellow

    Estate agents, mortgage brokers, BTL's, lenders, developers. basically anyone with no real skills, creativity or productivity were milking it and driving the country into the sh1t. We've lost an entire generation of smart graduates to the black hole that is creating virtual wealth when they could have been creating something real. That's why this really is a lost decade.

    I do like it when people go on about the "hard work" it took to make money from their property, I don't think these people know what hard work is.

    I know someone (not a builder by trade) who has built a two storey extension to his house with his own hands, while holding down a full-time job. From money he has saved up as he went along, from said full-time job. Now that sounds like hard work to me.

  6. You must be watching a different program to me. I always find the program "a place in the sun, home and away" to be very revealing of the stupid prices here.

    Yes you can have a scummy terrace in england for £200k or a villa in spain with swimming pool for £120k :lol:

    Yes, but look at this.


    I think the programme is the estate agent version of Harry Enfield's "I Saw You Coming" shop.

  7. Can I tempt you with a 3 bed semi for £75k?


    OK it is in Saaaaaarthmead but still. In 2004ish these were £130k to £150k. I remember my mum offering to loan us the deposit to buy one on an interest only mortgage.

    For some reason it just didn't seem like a good idea at the time.

    Bit scruffy; is it a repo?

  8. 230k!!?..this would buy you a nice 3/4 bed house in a more residential area not too far away...(Totterdown?? or even bedminster?)

    oh sorry...i forgot ...this development will be stuffed full with young professional types (lawyers, EAs etc)...sharp suites,cappacinos...quick get down there ...dont miss the boat!!

    (the reality will be a half empty pissed stained crack-den)

    Or a marijooana factory. Or a brothel. Or social housing.

  9. "Harbourside" - http://www.harbourside.co.uk/ ABSOLUTE DOG SHIT.

    GOPPING. TOTAL VOMMIT. They have adverts - "Looking to Invest?" I'd rather invest in a dog turd on the pavement - at least I'd get a better return.

    The place is a GHOST TOWN. It's all white --- just waiting to become stained brown as the poorly constructed pile of crap deteriorates within a couple of years - just like all those misconceived "revolutionary" 1960s buildings - which turned into piles of excrement......

    God SAVE US from these SCUM.

    Are they still trying to sell this crap off-plan?

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