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  1. I think you actually have to comit a criminal act, such as trading while insolvent. I think it is utterly wrong, and directors of bankrupt limited liability companies should be barred from holding new directorships for at least a token period of time.
  2. I was just about to ask that. Any idea how leveraged they are?
  3. I agree - the business model appears to be identical.
  4. Have you all been to the pub? I think I might retire gracefully from this thread.
  5. They always say this but who would want to live in any of those places. I know someone who went to live in Monaco for tax reasons and she was back here every chance she got, up to the limit you are allowed.
  6. At the risk of offending the male HPC members, I feel I must point out that the bloke is a f*cking ugly twatty ****.
  7. This could also be capped - these places are perfectly OK. http://www.accorhotels.com/gb/reservation/multirates.jshtml Why do the London MPs even get a travel allowance? Millions of commuters have to pay their fares from salary, and it is not even tax deductible.
  8. http://www.ahuja.co.uk/property-developers...CFQsEZgod_CnVEQ He's advertising on HPC! Surely this should not be allowed? Gerrimoff!
  9. Don't appear to be, unless there are too many zeroes. http://www.homesonsale.co.uk/iceland-b191_0-en.html
  10. I would have expected this place to be a bit cheaper. http://www.homesonsale.co.uk/iceland-b191_0-en.html
  11. I know someone (not a builder by trade) who has built a two storey extension to his house with his own hands, while holding down a full-time job. From money he has saved up as he went along, from said full-time job. Now that sounds like hard work to me.
  12. Yes, but look at this. http://www.findaproperty.com/displayprop.a...amp;pid=2261920 I think the programme is the estate agent version of Harry Enfield's "I Saw You Coming" shop.
  13. Why are these programmes still calling property "an investment"? A worn out flat in a horrible concrete block for £126,000! In Calabria! Knock a nought off!
  14. A friend of mine handed his keys back in 1992. He negotiated a small monthly payment with the bank to pay off the shortfall (about £12k). After a couple of years they contacted him to say that as he had acted in good faith, they were going to write off the rest of the debt. I don't know how common this was.
  15. Twoty two: Always take the advice of property experts "off the telly" when making the biggest purchase of your life, and (Can't find the original SNL)
  16. He said he'd leave the country if Labour got in in 1997. But he didn't. The ****.
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