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  1. daft of him to mention that really.

    i can't bring myself to look at any of his promotional material so could be wrong on this but the size of his 'portfolio' must surely be entirely down to his ability to release equity following HPI... if another young ajay had started out doing the same thing a couple of years ago [in spring 2007] he'd surely still only have the one property?

    He is clearly as thick as pigsh1t. You are not "worth" the sum total of your debts, you owe it to someone else. I want to hit him on his pointy head with a plank.

  2. This is the issue. How able will she be, in 15 years, to administer a rental let in her 70s? Which she will need to do to make it worthwhile.

    If I think about my own life, would I want to be dealing with tenants issues, maintenance, letting agents (possibly) and the like, when I'm late 60s/70s. Absolutely not!

    Are you sure that is your mum, not mine? My dad sold his business unit at peak for £5k more than the asking price and my mum is still having a go at him for selling it, even though it would have depreciated by at least £40k by now, because "we would still have had the rent". She cannot get her head around property going down in value. If your mum still insists on buying something, forget holiday lets (I've done it and it is a huge pain, people steal, break things and spunk on your furniture). Buy the house next door, or as close as possible, where at least you can keep an eye on things and remember, when she is old you will be the one who ends up running things with all the attendant headaches and worries.

  3. Call me sadistic, but I cannot be alone in wanting Bovey and Turner to have a huge fall from grace.

    If ever a man needed humbling, it was Grant Bovey.

    If Bovey and Turner suffer financial ruin, then that alone will make the recession worthwhile.

    I love the way they blame their failures on the credit crunch. They were losing money in the last two years of the boom. Every business he has tried has ended in failure. [email protected]

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