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  1. Another "pwoperdee expect" with no knowledge, training or experience in the field. She's only a bloody TV presenter.
  2. Nah, easy. http://www.dangerouslaboratories.org/radscout.html
  3. I think this organisation should address the problem. http://www.indianfan.org/ I just had a little dance to it, Indian stylee.
  4. http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=htt...sa%3DG%26um%3D1
  5. You are obsessed with punkawallahs. Do you have one? Or are you just hot?
  6. He is clearly as thick as pigsh1t. You are not "worth" the sum total of your debts, you owe it to someone else. I want to hit him on his pointy head with a plank.
  7. Ajay said: "I do not sit there claculting my equity as no point." I would never clacult my equity! Never! It would sting!
  8. BTL landlord goes into the doctor with a frog on his head. The frog says "Doctor, I think I've got piles".
  9. Are you sure that is your mum, not mine? My dad sold his business unit at peak for £5k more than the asking price and my mum is still having a go at him for selling it, even though it would have depreciated by at least £40k by now, because "we would still have had the rent". She cannot get her head around property going down in value. If your mum still insists on buying something, forget holiday lets (I've done it and it is a huge pain, people steal, break things and spunk on your furniture). Buy the house next door, or as close as possible, where at least you can keep an eye on things and remember, when she is old you will be the one who ends up running things with all the attendant headaches and worries.
  10. Any update on the mole who was offering to sell both the edited and unedited copies of all the expense claims?
  11. Suicide watch my @rse! How would that even be possible? Would the whip follow them to one of their many homes and stand by the bed all night?
  12. I think I must have swine fever. What else can explain the extraordinary sensation I feel when looking at Gordo - pity?
  13. He may have lost the bank's money, but I bet he still had plenty stashed away.
  14. With a name like that, they've got to be related. http://www.julianrhind-tutt.co.uk/
  15. My two pensions are sh1t. My oh's pension is sh1t. They are all with different companies and are all worth less than has been paid in.
  16. Does that mean that you must never feed them after midnight?
  17. I've got a spare room; one of them can come and live with me.
  18. To be fair, you really should include Amanda Lamb, famous pwoperdee expert, not.
  19. I love the way they blame their failures on the credit crunch. They were losing money in the last two years of the boom. Every business he has tried has ended in failure. [email protected]
  20. Oh great. My pension is with L & G and it is utter sh1t. So I expect this will make it even sh1ttier.
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