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  1. Apart from the obvious immorality of these people, it is hard to see how they can continue to do their jobs.

    One example Tony McNulty is responsible for stopping benefit fraud, and as the quote below shows our man is certainly up for the job.

    Telegraph 17/04/2009

    But Tony McNulty, Minister for Employment and Welfare Reform, insisted that levels of fraud and error were lower than in previous years.

    He said: "The vast majority of benefits are paid correctly to those who are entitled to them, but we are still absolutely determined to tackle both fraud and error in the benefits system, and have had some real success.

    "Over the last decade we have reduced fraud across the benefit system by two-thirds. We are applying the same drive and determination to reduce error as we did to tackle fraud."

    And today in the Guardian.

    "Employment minister Tony McNulty could face a police investigation over his controversial expenses claims, police said tonight.

    Scotland Yard confirmed it was considering a complaint that McNulty may have "obtained pecuniary advantage by deception".

    It is quite impossible that the man employed by the taxpayer to stamp out benefit fraud should be fighting a potential police investigation for de-frauding the taxpayer.

    Why is he still in his job?

    Quite. :angry:

  2. Using this argument alone I guess Trump, Sugar,Branson etc,etc must be quivering in their boots as they too are "mired" in debt....

    UNQUOTE =====



    They are dab hands at this and walking away with all their personal fortunes intact. I refer you to the Anthea Turner/Grant Bovey thread for further reading.

  3. My favourite quote from the expenses thingy is...

    'A backbench Labour MP wrote: "I appreciate you are under severe pressure... but, as I explained on the phone, I am away for two weeks and I don't want to leave my family destitute."'

    And today we find out that the MP for Luton switches between 3 properties all over the place and has her seaside homes renovated at taxpayers expense. Is there a seaside in Luton or London? No, I didn't think so.... so how is this one within the rules?

    Why is not one of them being sacked or resigning? Are we in some weird twilightzone?

    If I hear "within the rules" one more time I may just go postal.

  4. They made these "expenses rules". They made it legal to steal money from us by creating rules they could then exploit. If I hear the " my expenses claim was within the rules" defense again..

    We need to go through these expenses and claim back everything which was not directly related to the job they are doing. The next parliament will have the power to do this. Since most MP’s seem to be involved it seems slightly unlikely though.

    A good idea may be to start another political party which incorporates them main policies of our current main political parties and which also pledges to get back fraudulently claimed expenses from previous MP’s. Or try to get the labour /conservatives to incorporate this policy.

    At least this could force the main political parties to do this as well. Probably best to have a policy to create long term house price stability as well…

    That's as likely as the bankers giving back their bonuses, however much we would like to see it.

  5. Well, like the last time, if you all stay on their for the next 18 months I might have figured out by trial and error how to use the thing by then.

    Just type something; it will come up at the bottom of your screen. Hit return and Bob's your uncle, or not.

  6. I've no idea how to work this thing, TFH.

    A nickname thing comes up, I put Mr Parry in and press connect, then loads of stuff comes up and I don't know what to do . . .

    Good job I'm in muck shift and not E.T or whatever they call it.

    I just wrote something but I think I'm the only one there.

  7. Oh why are they not inviting comments as in the case of 'poor Dawn'?


    Who, to quote was "trying to be financially self-reliant and independent; aspiring to be a good citizen who owns her own home."

    I wonder how much of this series will be dedicated to potential FTBs who were priced out of the market by the BTL brigade and refused to take out 5x joint salary 120% mortgages?

    "It does seem a shame that the relief that lower interest rates are supposed to provide are helping big buy-to-let landlords who have over-extended themselves for the sake of an investment - but not aspiring young homeowners like Dawn who just want a modest home of their own."

    I keep hearing this, but surely BTL mortgages are different? Pleese essplane.

  8. So much choice out there.

    Who do I choose?

    Do I go for our HPC friend Ahuja ?

    Or Jim Moore?

    [ www.iapglobal.co.uk ]


    Both so convincing and helpful, I just don't know! I've got £250K burning in my pocket ready to invest.... which would be a better adviser?


    Psst.. Better balance it up, or the mods might move this thread, you know free advertising etc.

    "Adding comments has been disabled for this video."

    I wonder why.

  9. Or perhaps people will still go but will pay to stay in a hotel?

    Paying to stay in a Londoner's second home does not inject that money into the economy of the south east.

    Stayed in a rented cottage in Devon last year, owned by a local who had about five different cottages. All the local shops and businesses seemed to be thriving, but the place did seem to be full of empty second homes. I think most people wealthy enough to afford a second home down there don't want yucky poor people staying in their nice shiny holiday houses anyway. They might touch things and wee on the floor.

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