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  1. Doesn't it just. Had to buy some spare parts for our obscure boiler, from Germany last

    week, obviously in Euros... Plus the very reasonable HSBC £9 transfer fee :(

    Ouch :angry:

    Only £9? My bank charges me £35. I'm terrified of using FX now since a friend recently lost £12,000 when the firm went bust - CEO ran off with all the money.

  2. They don't. What does happen though is that loans get called in early (many business loans have this provision in them) resulting in the borrower not being able to stick to the repayments (i.e. not able to repay the whole outstanding amount on demand) and then being taken to court. This happened a lot in the 90s recession - I've heard some anecdotal evidence of it starting to happen this time around but not that much so far.

    I lost my business in the early nineties when Barclays wrote off their African debt but decided they wanted my overdraft paid off within 7 days. They would accept no other solution as they knew we owned the building and just wanted their cash.

  3. I have been inspired to write a short story about one dystopian outcome to our current situation.

    It is a work in progress (grammar and all that jazz is bad) but any comments will be apprecaited.

    Any body elses view of how it might all pan out would also be of interest.


    Great plot - I think you should turn it into a screenplay! Let me know if you finish it, I want to know what happens.

  4. Chap with his own BTL portfolio thinks he can make a fortune by advising other numpties to do the same. Initally things go well as he charges serious money for access to so-called discounts on new-build city centre flats. I think we all know where this ends; voluntary liquidation of said company immediately followed by setting up the company again under a different name. I believe that this is legal, although it clearly shouldn't be. How long before skanky Bovey does the same?

  5. Decided to peruse my property bee list which I haven't for about a month or so and noticed quite a few people still very much in denial.

    One of the worst offenders Property been on for 42 weeks nearly and price been dropped......... 1.8% Seriously, what are they thinking? <_<

    This pattern is unfortunately repeated throughout the list with properties that have been on the market 40 weeks plus having been dropped by at most 6% (although there are some new build flats that have dropped from £140k to £116k in a similar time).

    Actually just found new worst example, I remember looking at this when it first came on the market and thinking 'Christ, a 1 bed terrace for that? Is it gold plated?' In being on the market 40 weeks they haven't changed the price at all...... :huh:

    Is this something anyone else is still seeing?

    Edited for gwammar/spelling

    Hallo Nikaso,

    I think our avatars must be related

  6. Where are you going to be working? £150k could buy you a much better place south of the river. Cotham is overpriced, and that property is very close to the rough part of town, Stokes Croft can be very rough. If you are working in the centre I would recommend Southville.

    Anyway it's overpriced at £150k by quite a bit.

    Thanks Jim, I would be working just off Park Street so I'll take your advice. I mousepriced Ninetree Hill and there seem to be some grotty highrises quite near.

  7. I was just at John Lewis in High Wycombe about two hours ago and had to turn around and leave as the car park was completely full, even the verges, with shoppers coming out laden with bags and boxes. Maybe their promise not to cut any jobs has caused the general public to rally to their rescue (or maybe it's people taking advantage of the VAT cut)

  8. Yes - energy paid by direct debit is cheaper, but...

    They routinely over estimate the amount needed to take out monthly. I had an interesting debate with eon this morning. My account was ballooning with credit, as I had taken my eye off it. They use official sounding phrases like "we aim for a zero balance after the winter quarter" when it's patently clear that they aim for as much as they think they can get away with. Negotiations not out of place in a arab souk ensued, and a nice lump sum is on its way back to me with my payments drastically reduced.

    My father-in-law was recently informed that his energy supplier was increasing his monthly direct debit to £400. He uses nothing like this amount; they just want your direct debit so they can steal from you at will.

  9. Just had a conversation with Orange over a phone account they have set up and won't close down even though I never asked for it. They are charging me £20 a month for an 'upgraded phone' that the shop had told me would be attached to my current account. They have already taken £26.40 and keep telling me to go back to the shop (I have been back twice to no avail). I have asked for my money back but I don't hold out much hope. But I am wondering, with the tighten financial situation, are people experienceing more of these 'little thefts' that they always blame on bad systems.

    I have a similar problem with a landline from ADSL. I have been trying to cancel it for a year (I changed to BT and ADSL changed it back) and they won't accept this and keep billing me every month. It makes me want to scream! I even paid them some money in the hopes they would go away (full and final settlement and all that) but to no avail. They want me to pay them for a service I haven't had for a year and presumably would like me to continue paying for ever? Another example of companies bullying the consumer.

  10. Merryn was great - Money Week have done good work there. Adding all the costs and risk of owning property versus shares makes people stop and think.

    The thing that worries me is that she sold her own place some time ago before the top of the market in order to rent and take advantage of the house price falls which never happened at that time. (Source: Merryn on Money column, Sunday Times) I think we should be told if pundits have a vested interest in talking the market down instead of being presented as some kind of impartial observer which she clearly is not.

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