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  1. Get rid of Osbourne and bring in Ken Clark! I refer you to the joke about the old poodle.
  2. Only £9? My bank charges me £35. I'm terrified of using FX now since a friend recently lost £12,000 when the firm went bust - CEO ran off with all the money.
  3. I lost my business in the early nineties when Barclays wrote off their African debt but decided they wanted my overdraft paid off within 7 days. They would accept no other solution as they knew we owned the building and just wanted their cash.
  4. Great plot - I think you should turn it into a screenplay! Let me know if you finish it, I want to know what happens.
  5. The High Street is not great (a bit chavvy) but the Old Town (where this is) is very nice. Here's a link http://www.haart.co.uk/buying-house/Mapsea...ails_72598.aspx Happy Hunting!
  6. How does he manage to hold the microphone while wearing a straitjacket?
  7. This should help to explain everything about the importance of marketing http://www.jibjab.com/view/195773
  8. Chap with his own BTL portfolio thinks he can make a fortune by advising other numpties to do the same. Initally things go well as he charges serious money for access to so-called discounts on new-build city centre flats. I think we all know where this ends; voluntary liquidation of said company immediately followed by setting up the company again under a different name. I believe that this is legal, although it clearly shouldn't be. How long before skanky Bovey does the same?
  9. Try looking in Chesham. There is a repo for sale in Church Street, started at £490, now £350
  10. Hallo Nikaso, I think our avatars must be related
  11. I have been paying £17.00 per month for my current account for years and my business account charges per transaction. I don't quite understand why people seem to expect free banking; the pitiful amounts most of us deposit every month after the government have pinched half of it can't possibly generate enough interest to cover their overheads
  12. Could someone here explain why my pension fund, which I dutifully took out 20 years ago, is worth less than I have paid in to it. This was duriing the good years of economic growth. I haven't had my "credit crunch" statement yet; I expect I'll owe the pension fund money.
  13. This is utterly pointless as all you have to do to remain on benefits is produce yet another child, which will no doubt grow up to be as feral and unproductive as its parents.
  14. Thanks Jim, I would be working just off Park Street so I'll take your advice. I mousepriced Ninetree Hill and there seem to be some grotty highrises quite near.
  15. http://www.oceanhome.co.uk/Default.aspx?Ta...amp;ID=OCP05512 Does anyone living in Bristol have any views on what this flat is really worth? I may have to move to Bristol for work and would like to know if prices are realistic; there seems to be huge price differences between similar properties in different areas. My sister tells me this is down to school catchment areas.
  16. Don't ask me - I was given this moniker by someone else
  17. I was just at John Lewis in High Wycombe about two hours ago and had to turn around and leave as the car park was completely full, even the verges, with shoppers coming out laden with bags and boxes. Maybe their promise not to cut any jobs has caused the general public to rally to their rescue (or maybe it's people taking advantage of the VAT cut)
  18. My father-in-law was recently informed that his energy supplier was increasing his monthly direct debit to £400. He uses nothing like this amount; they just want your direct debit so they can steal from you at will.
  19. I have a similar problem with a landline from ADSL. I have been trying to cancel it for a year (I changed to BT and ADSL changed it back) and they won't accept this and keep billing me every month. It makes me want to scream! I even paid them some money in the hopes they would go away (full and final settlement and all that) but to no avail. They want me to pay them for a service I haven't had for a year and presumably would like me to continue paying for ever? Another example of companies bullying the consumer.
  20. The thing that worries me is that she sold her own place some time ago before the top of the market in order to rent and take advantage of the house price falls which never happened at that time. (Source: Merryn on Money column, Sunday Times) I think we should be told if pundits have a vested interest in talking the market down instead of being presented as some kind of impartial observer which she clearly is not.
  21. Please put me out of my misery, Armitage. What did Tippets Avenue sell for - I can't get the link to work.
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