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  1. Why on earth should the taxpayer be picking up £600 a month bill for their groceries?

    And unbelievably they don't even have to put in a receipt.

    And we are still waiting for Phil Woolas to bring a libel action against the Telegraph for printing that he claimed for tampons. And we will wait a long time because it is true.

    He put in receipts before they were required, probably to try and make himself look "honest". Saying he didn't claim for the pany liners is moot because his total claim was for more than the total of all the receipts he put in. He is now known as Phil "panty liner" Woolas, apparently.

  2. I bet he was happy enough paying flat rate NI contributioins of £5 pw though whilst employees paid 11% of their income

    No, you pay 11.50 per month voluntary contributions and then a further 11% on your earnings. Self employed people also pay tax in advance on money they have yet to earn. The government likes to make it as difficult as possible to be self employed.

  3. Apologies if this has been asked before, and replied to, but this is a long thread so I thought I'd ask (again?) for my and others' benefit...

    I've looked on the Telegraph website but it didn't jump out at me.

    Does anyone have a link for the breakdown of individual MPs expenses?

    My reason being is that, clearly, MPs are shitting themselves about this whole corrupt fiasco. Many, I would imagine, are wondering just how safe their seats are come the next election and whether they'll (hopefully!) be joining the growing legion of unemployed Britons as a result of their despicable behaviour.

    I would personally like to know how my local MPs behaved so I can use this to inform my future voting decisions.

    With email, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking tools at our disposal (not to mention word-of-mouth down the pub) I think we can collectively piss on a lot of MPs' bonfires (which is clearly what they're anticipating).



    Happy to oblige.


    Should be some more added tomorrow.

  4. +1

    I had a recent planning experience which proves the above.

    I was interested in a plot of land with a 1950s, leaky, un-insulated, rotten and ugly brick bungalow on it. The house was small but had been allowed permitted development which meant the downstairs could be extended by a third. I asked the planning dept if I could remove the old rubbish property and build an off-grid straw bale house in situ, guess what? Computer says NO!!!

    Planners are by and large morons, although there are some notable exceptions that prove the rule. They are not supposed to have any design input but they just can't help themselves. Wannabe architects, most of them, who couldn't get a place in architecture school. Just like Hitler, really.

  5. If planning laws were not such a noose round people's necks that wouldn't go to such great lengths to bastardize their own homes and cause much of the problems that others perceive planning laws prevent.

    Good point about the pigs, same goes for horses, stabling, something which is almost entirely recreational and doesn't provide economic benefit is allowed.

    Oddly enough, horsey stuff doesn't come under "agricultural". You even need planning permission for a manege.

  6. In an interview on BBC News 24, Labour peer Lord Foulkes demanded to know how much the sniping presenter (Carrie Gracie) was earning from the public purse. She disclosed her salary was £92,000 - almost 50% more than the average MP.

    Why on earth is an obscure news presenter on a minor digital television station earning so much money? If that's how much she is getting, how much will the main news celebs (Natasha Kaplinsky, Fiona Bruce etc) be earning?

    Maths not his strong point then. 2x64=128

  7. i'm pretty sure she was ony going to let it out as a holiday let because of the tax advantages.

    You can offset any 'losses' (interest costs, upkeep and running costs) net of rental income against your own personal tax liability. Thereby getting a property on the cheap and riding with hpi.

    This is what has changed in the budget. So she won't be happy. In fact Labour were probably targeting the Tories' housing spokeswoman personally as they do that sort of thing..


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