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  1. He put in receipts before they were required, probably to try and make himself look "honest". Saying he didn't claim for the pany liners is moot because his total claim was for more than the total of all the receipts he put in. He is now known as Phil "panty liner" Woolas, apparently.
  2. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics...nd-Bahamas.html The horrible ******ing *******.
  3. No, you pay 11.50 per month voluntary contributions and then a further 11% on your earnings. Self employed people also pay tax in advance on money they have yet to earn. The government likes to make it as difficult as possible to be self employed.
  4. She called the top too early (look at her Sunday Times columns). I will not be heeding her advice about the bottom. You may now feel free to make the most of the opportunity I have given you by writing the word bottom on this post.
  5. Ready made doll, pins extra http://www.kollectablekaos.com.au/popup_image.php/pID/3763
  6. Happy to oblige. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics...-Telegraph.html Should be some more added tomorrow.
  7. http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/politics/pol...x-200905121754/ Har har. What about the MPs having affairs who claimed twice for the same hotel rooms? Will this come out tomorrow?
  8. Planners are by and large morons, although there are some notable exceptions that prove the rule. They are not supposed to have any design input but they just can't help themselves. Wannabe architects, most of them, who couldn't get a place in architecture school. Just like Hitler, really.
  9. Why does he think it's worth more than twice what he spent on it?
  10. Amid all the breast-beating and wailing and gnashing of teeth, lret's not lose sight of the fact that they all still want to try and keep the second home allowance mortgage interest payments.
  11. http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/nickrobinson/ I started listening to the two MPs' wives being interviewed and had to stop because my head exploded. "Perfectly entitled to" "Blah blah" "Overdraft". They just don't live in the real world.
  12. Has anyone got a link to the fraudulent dwarf?
  13. Oddly enough, horsey stuff doesn't come under "agricultural". You even need planning permission for a manege.
  14. As long as the mortgages are being paid I have never heard of a bank doing this. I bet loads of them are benefiting from the low interest rates at the moment. Grrr!
  15. Perhaps Ajay's Army has gone to the Swat Valley to help the Pakistanis. I hear there some fabulous BMV deals to be had at the moment. http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=htt...t%3D36%26um%3D1 Lovely!
  16. And he lives much further away from London than my MP.
  17. Well she has lost the votes in this household and pretty much those of my neighbours as well.
  18. This is my MP. We are on the underground, so why the ****** does she need a second home? I didn't when I worked in London, although a free house in Battersea would be nice. :angry: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics...s-expenses.html Edited for stupidly forgetting link while partially blinded by red mist
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