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  1. I couldn't agree more. The hubris of these guys is unreal. Here's a link to Prescot's petition: http://en-gb.facebook.com/group.php?gid=41481071905
  2. I know a man in the next village who does web-site design for UK companies. He has trouble with his upload speeds as bradband is still a bit hit and miss. There jobs in the big towns, 25 mins away, but salaries are less than the UK. Hang on, probably not any more since the pound shrank. Anyway, with houses that cheap, you don't need a huge salary; clothes and food are cheaper also. I pay 130 Euros per year council tax.
  3. Phil, 39, said: “I absolutely accept that people will be upset if they don’t get paid for the last couple of weeks and that is deeply regrettable but I personally have been funding their salaries for six months.” So the profits he made in the boom times became his personal money. I see.
  4. She won't even need to wait for all the old people to die. You can get a perfectly nice house in our village (which has about a third of the houses standing empty) for around 35,000 Euros.
  5. WTF is a chef doing with a £128,000 mortgage (I'm guessing 100%)
  6. I am not sure how you would make a claim from Mr Ikedi Ani-okoye as there appear to be no contact details. Also, hang on! Imagin Badges? Is this Grant Bovey's new venture hoping to fool us with a spelling change? I think we should be told.
  7. The bubble in Italy was slightly different and was mainly fuelled by foreigners buying wrecks to restore which no Italians wanted anyway. Then they discovered the true costs of renovation (huge) and decided that 20,000 Euro for a ruin wasn't such a bargain if you had to pay a builder 300,000 Euros to restore it. Most Italians seem to want modern properties in large towns where there are jobs. PS I know nothing about Tuscany, which may well be different.
  8. He'll just set up another company and carry on regardless. I wish this was illegal, but it isn't.
  9. This particular boat is an Albanian fishing vessel - with a hole in the bottom.
  10. Retrospective hahaha. I enjoyed reading the comments of the so-called experts. Mind you, I have always had 20/20 hindsight.
  11. Hahahahahahahah http://www.esadvertising.co.uk/media/image...onomy1_2934.pdf Damn! Typo in topic description - can't you edit this?
  12. The noughties have overtaken the seventies as the decade of apalling wallpaper.
  13. Why are they still using the phrase "financial innovation". A turd is still a turd, however much you polish it.
  14. Nah. If you complain about anything in China they run you over with a tank.
  15. Question for Shao Kahn. I am on a tracker with RBS. If I keep up my mortgage repayments could the bank decide to call in the loan if they feel like it? I bought quite a while ago and still have about 30% equity, factoring in a 30% drop. Like many others, I don't fully understand the nature of the contract I have with the bank.
  16. http://miserableswine.com/ Scroll down to "Parasite city scum" for clarification.
  17. Could this be Gordon's problem? It would certainly explain some of his decisions.
  18. Where are the verses about the Scots, Irish and Welsh? Bottler!
  19. My favourit signature. innumerate parasite who was laughing about using 'other people's money' but now want my mum
  20. They have missed the point. More dead old people means lots of money saved on pensions, NHS treatments etc. and a big lump of cash when the children sell the house. P.S. Those jumpers look nice; how old do you have to be to get one?
  21. I don't know, but I'd definitely want to be in the vicinity of the helicopter.
  22. Was this it? # fistofonan's profile picture fistofonan 29 Jan 09, 12:01pm (about 5 hours ago) Chortle! Myabe it's hard to see what coming when your eyes are full of spinning £££££ signs. I've just myself a copy of Larry Elliot & Dan Atkinson's "The God's that Failed", which I will be reading with great interest. Over the next year I expect a lot of this sort of self-excusing, "how could I have known" article, from the deisgarced financiers, and their representative like this miserable chap. They are entertaining, as a form of public humiliation, but otherwise a bit of a sideshow to the important business of WHAT TO DO NEXT. What I haven't seen is any party or individual coming up with a rescue plan that offers a radical, systemic change. The mainstream parties are all arguing over what kind of expensive foods food to best feed the patient - all ignoring the fact HE'S DEAD. The manifesto I'd like to see, from any party that is going to get my vote, would include: Convert failed banks to mutuals - to decouple retail banking from short term profit incentives. A single over arching global regulatory body for certain types of financial trading (to stop the flight of capital away from any country that tries to exerise control) A full frontal assault on tax havens by the G8 countries- (make their use tantamouint to illegal by our own citizens, economic blockades etc) A structure of pay and profit caps for employees and shareholders A forced seperation of retail and investment banking A cordon-sanitaire of at least 5 years between a politician or civil servant leaving office, and starting work for a financial institution. And vice-versa A Watergate style hearing to expose exactly who did what, and when - to shame the greedy, and to help us avoid the problems again. Prosecutions of those acted fraudulently - starting with the credit rating agencies. This list is a working document - other ideas gratefully received!
  23. Ship rats sinking leaving. Rearrange to form a well known phrase or saying.
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