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  1. You sound a bit pissed - not that I'd blame you.
  2. That's the trouble - these loopers turn up in The City every year and give protestors a bad name. Snowballs - pah, pussies. I'd be more in favour of rocks and knives.
  3. What a crock of sh1t. It looks like they will take the fat twunts own word for it. There should be a proper investigation; the police know her wherabouts at all times, they have to. Resign, resign, resign!
  4. This is common practice in Italy. Try reading The Dark Heart of Italy for further clarification.
  5. I know of one "dotcom entrepreneur" who went bust and then set up a "buy to let empire worth £10,000,000" I wonder how he is doing now? He seems to go bust all the time and then set up new companies straight away.
  6. Oh my! "Mr Berlusconi was originally accused of corruption, until his government passed a law giving him legal immunity." You've got to love this guy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KkDp-6t-keA (Yes I know some people think it's a fake).
  7. Just before the last recession a friend bought a flat (hamster box) in Cascades (block of flats on the Thames). Most of the block remained unsold so the developer tried to sell to a Housing Association. They turned them down on the grounds that none of the flats met their minimum requirements for room size/storage etc. I suspect that would be the case today.
  8. Does anyone on the forum know how to start a petition?
  9. Does anyone have the address of the "second home" she sold in Redditch? If so we can report the sale to this lot and make sure she paid her capital gains tax.
  10. I agree. What can we do? It's utterly frustrating the way they hide behind the rules. Would writing to our MPs be of any use at all?
  11. When will this fat twunt be made to pay back the money she has stolen from you and me? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11...r.html?ITO=1490
  12. I can only speak for Italy, but you are quite often incarcerated while the investigation proceeds, unless of course you are an important person when Parliament will change the law so you can never be prosecuted.
  13. Yes but they will die eventually and then the house will be yours.
  14. If you look on Globrix there are loads of seemingly identical 2 bed terraced houses in Burnley ranging in price from £30,000 to £80,000. What is wrong with this picture? Perhaps somone familiar with the area could have a look and come up with an explanation? Apart from the obvious one that many of them are hugely overpriced.
  15. It goes a long way to explain why my pension is worthless. It's also worth noting how much of the so-called "equity loan" went on fees and commission. PS Make sure you watch the slideshow to appreciate the full potential of this remarkable investment opportunity.
  16. Is this a typical example of the sub-prime market? http://online.wsj.com/article/SB123093614987850083.html
  17. Is this a typical example of the sub-prime market? http://online.wsj.com/article/SB123093614987850083.html
  18. Only a matter of time. I think we're getting to be like the French in these matters. I don't think there has ever been a memoir by any former members of SDECE.
  19. I would like to volunteer to do just that. May I please use an axe?
  20. I don't know why toms are toms, but brasses has to do with prostitutes in days of yore (whenever that was) sported brass heels on their shoes.
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