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  1. She's still defending herself! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11...-says-more.html
  2. I'm thinking of standing myself; I will call myself the "I promise to actually answer the question I am asked and not respond with some mindless politico-speak to score points party". Do you think that's a bit too long?
  3. The demographic of Notting Hill is very different these days; loads of banksters live there now. I would advise them to go away for the carnival weekend and make sure their 4x4s aren't parked in the street.
  4. Who was the idiot at HBOS who lent him all that money? He has failed at every single business he has started. Hah! Sue me, Spivvey!
  5. Any other Italian Banks in trouble? Where does Berlusconi bank - I bet that wouldn't be allowed to fail.
  6. Please explain in more detail; does this mean any loan I have would also be reduced? My Mum and Dad live off their savings so I really would like to know how this could work.
  7. It's interesting how, for example RBS can write of a £2.5 BILLION loan to a Russian oligarch who still has his gazillion pound house in London, but people like this get thrown on the streets. Perhaps we should take a leaf out of the Russians' book when we are threatened. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Zamochit
  8. They've done Property Ladder and Grand Designs Revisited, just not recently since all this sh1t kicked off. It would make great car crash TV to revisit all these so-called entrepreneurs now; better than watching a fat stupid person die of cancer, anyway.
  9. Nothing since 2006. Do you remember a programme called Where Are They Now?
  10. She has a law degree but can't pronounce her own name! Do people really give her interior design work? Unbelievable!
  11. I'm sure there is more than enough in Mugabe's Chinese bank account.
  12. Cheap own brand butter up from 55p to 85p.
  13. I would like to see a programme, possibly titled Property Snake, where Sarah revisits all the people she previously made programmes about to see how they are doing. I would particularly like to know what happened to the bimbo who couldn't pronounce her own name (she was called Sian and pronounced it Cyan) and was leveraged up to the hilt with a pwoperdee empire worth ohhh, millions. Remember, house prices only ever go up!
  14. Comment posted on the site: LOSER'S MORTGAGES!!! This A**hole obviously has no idea what it's like to lose your job and not be able to find one in a dried up workplace. To top it all off he's standing among the people who created the snowballing greed of predatory lending. Many of the people losing there homes were paying for these people's bonuses and fancy dinners with 12% interest and inflated energy prices. The people who "have" can afford to talk smack the people who "have not" can only hope somebody helps them.
  15. Just reviving this as the other Wilsons thread went wildly off topic. Any news of this lovely pair?
  16. I don't really have a problem with the dole paying the interest on a mortgage when someone has lost their job - after all your rent would be paid in the same situation. I would, however have a HUGE problem if people with second homes or BTLers were to be bailed out.
  17. Yes, and pub landlords are now trying to find a substitute for the smell of fags to cover up the now noticeable smells of farts, stale beer and old chip fat
  18. I expect you wouldn't be allowed to do that in this overpriced sh1thole as it might leave a nasty stain on the carpet.
  19. This looks like Buffalo Bill's bath from The Silence of The Lambs. "It rubs the lotion on its skin".
  20. Absolutely spot on. As Mr McAwber famously said, "Income £20 year, expenditure £19 19s6d, result: Happiness. Income £20 a year, expenditure £20. 0s. 6d., result: Misery.
  21. I don't know if Eric is aware of this, but back in the last bubble (late 80s) it was common for employers to provide letters overstating employees' salaries in order to obtain a mortgage. I had several friends who obtained funds in this way to buy what turned out to be overpriced sh1tholes, for example a one bedroom terraced house in Wandsworth for £40,000. Does that seem cheap now? It certainly didn't then. When my parents applied for a mortgage they wouldn't even be given an interview with the building society unless they had been saving with the same building society for a certain number of years and they had to put down a substantial deposit. I think the wrong person has been prosecuted in this girl's case.
  22. Who guessed yesterday? Is there a prize? http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/standard/art...cket/article.do
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