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  1. Have you seen her twatty husband? http://loveproperty.org/profile/nicktadd He may claim to have loads of qualifications, but clearly none of them was in English.
  2. I don't think anyone here will be queueing up to sniff her ring.
  3. Unfortunately there was a bit of house price silliness in Italy caused by - you've guessed it! - us Brits.
  4. I tthink it was to buy a pharmaceutical company in the USA.
  5. What are the shares trading at today? Honestly curious.
  6. That doesn't seem like very much; I was hoping for about £100,00 in nice shiny new twenties, brought to my door by my M.P.
  7. My Mother is still complaining that my Father sold his light industrial unit when he retired (2007, top of the market), as "We could have rented it". She cannot grasp that it is worth less now than when they sold it, as - wait for it - "Property only ever goes up".
  8. Yes it is; Lester Piggott had his OBE taken off him when he was imprisioned for tax evasion. God knows why they let Jeffrey Archer keep his title.
  9. RBS is paying for his security at the moment, I'm not sure for how much longer.
  10. Aargh! That's me! And my Auntie! Does this explain why I like sitting on hot rocks?
  11. Har har - excellent point. Also if they **** up and overpay child tax credits you have to repay the money. One rule for the rich etc.
  12. If they take his knighthood back (and yes they can, they did it to Lester Piggott but not Jeffry Archer) will they have to give him back the money he paid for it? Seems only fair.
  13. Sure, but my bank charges me £17 per month for my current account.
  14. There are plenty of pawn shop stylee places which will cash a cheque for you.
  15. We're waiting for him to organise a flashmob outside the G20 summit. Oh dear, who's that knocking on the door?
  16. For God's sake - when is enough enough. The sleaze and greed of most politicians seems to have no limit. I predict a riot.
  17. No personal guarantees as such, just jointly and severably liable. I have every intention of paying, I just want to be as annoying and difficult as possible.
  18. I will not put a bankers knob in my mouth, not even for £3k. Maybe for £300k. Oh, now we're just negotiating the price.
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