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  1. Dangerous Woman

    Oh "clucking Bell"

    The smart money moved out of the City two years ago; rents were simply too high.
  2. Dangerous Woman

    Lost. One Recovereh.

    Bleugh! I'm not looking in there!
  3. Dangerous Woman

    Caption Comp: Brought To Book Special!

    Is that like death by umbongo?
  4. Dangerous Woman

    Uk Property: A Pig That Won’t Fly

    We're not allowed to swear? What!
  5. I think it was one of these, sent by mistake as he is not a blind child. http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/busines...s-200905201774/
  6. Dangerous Woman

    Mps' Expenses Scandal -

    Pwik, with his vewy vewy lawge house. (Looks like Balmowal)
  7. Dangerous Woman

    Mps' Expenses Scandal -

    This is just what I was afraid of as I like being anonymous. I don't think the letter is contoversial, merely arrogant and condescending. Typical of their attitude to us, the proles who vote for them. I don't think computer literacy is her forte as the link she mentioned in her letter "has yet to materialise". Thankyou Grant Bovey, for the quote. However, I have a cunning plan Milord. Will keep you "posted". (Did you see what I did there?)
  8. Dangerous Woman

    Mps' Expenses Scandal -

    I'll show you mine if you show me yours. It's easy enough to do on theyworkforyou (although they clearly think they don't).
  9. Dangerous Woman

    Asset Deflation In The Us Accelerates

    Oh dear. http://www.wptv.com/Photo.aspx?content_id=...c0f44f2&i=5
  10. Dangerous Woman

    Mps' Expenses Scandal -

    But she would still be able to figure out who I am; it wasn't a standard letter. I could PM it to you if you like.
  11. Dangerous Woman

    Mps' Expenses Scandal -

    http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/politics/pol...s-200905201773/ Who on here thinks the second homes allowance should be replaced with something completely different?
  12. Dangerous Woman

    Mps' Expenses Scandal -

    I posted my letter and her reply earlier and deleted it when I got cold feet. She would know who I am if she ever looked on here. Could I get into trouble for posting her letter on a forum? Anyone know?
  13. Dangerous Woman

    Mps' Expenses Scandal -

    I just got an unbelievably rude letter from my MP. I had the temerity to query her expenses. It just goes to show the utter contempt in which they hold us.
  14. Dangerous Woman

    Mps' Expenses Scandal -

    Deleted cos I thought I might get into trouble
  15. Dangerous Woman

    Expenses: Have We Just Been Played?

    So we catch them on the fiddle and the end result will be that they get a salary increase as a reward. :angry:

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