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  1. Title says it all really. Suggestions welcomed. Ta.
  2. I'm watching the phenomena of gloabal wage abitration whereby the rise in living standards in the developing countries of the East crosses over with the falling living standards of the West. At that point, jobs may begin to flow back West again. I'm almost seeing it already - the Indian nationals I work with on-shore here are on a UK wage of about 16k. That is not much less than the starting salary of a UK graduate developer.... and the quality of their work is usually on par One uninteneded fallout from the comming recession will be to accelerate the fall in UK wages via a combination of weak Stirling and actual pay cuts (I have seen my own day rate tank 20% in the last year). Before long, the offshore model will either be abandoned - or jobs move to countries with lower living standards. trouble is, I don't see too many university graduates coming out of Cambodia etc at the present...
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