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  1. IT'S A SHED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Could the webmaster not pin a topic that asks people visiting for the first time, why they decided to search for house price crash on the internet or how they heard about the site. It would be an insight into what is changing public perception.
  3. Ah, imagine the joy of living below this wonderously happy family.... the pleasure of the constant sound of dog claws scratching and tapping on the cheap laminate flooring mere inches above your ceiling... the barking in the middle of the night, the dirty footprints in the communal corridor.... Pass me my wallet... I'm off to buy one NOW !
  4. Repo's up in Manchester, report from the news blog I'm sure GB will be quite willing to dip his hand in his pocket and help the numpties who borrowed more than they could afford to pay back.
  5. This is just one anecdote of quite a few I've posted about. How about another house in the area, that was gradually reduced from 268K to 205K, or the 3 million house that had 250k lopped off it, or the one for £435k that had 50k knocked off it... I could go on and on as I've being closely monitoring my local housing market for the last 8 months and all the signs are that houses aren't going up in price, and lots aren't selling. People will bury their head in the sand and shout out loud that prices are going up, they may well be where you live (perhaps you're in a house price bubble all of it's own), but I was simply pointing out the facts in the area that I live and know well. A valid counter argument to a post regarding "rising" house prices in Yorkshire. I'm not making these prices up for effect, it's what's happening around here. Visit www.houses.vg (the EA who's most in touch with our local market) and look how many properties have 'reduced' written over them, and as far as I know, 'reduced' means that the price has gone down.
  6. The continuing saga of the house next door As you can see from the attached link, I've been posting about the house next door to the house I sold at the start of the year. After putting it on for £155k (about 2 months after ours had sold for £140k), it's been reduced, and reduced. It's now just been reduced to £129,950... which by my calculations is a £25k drop from the original asking price and £10k less than we actually sold ours for. As far as I can see, the figures being spouted by the press may make it all look rosy in the housing market, but the news on the street is, it certainly ain't. If your house has been on the market for 7 months and you have to keep reducing the price, and it's now priced at less than others in the street that sold recently, then the press can keep telling me the housing market is back on the up, but I'm sorry, I DON'T BELIEVE THEM!
  7. The news blog says it all for Friday, December 09, 2005. The first headline is "House prices may 'fall' in 2006" The next headline is "UK house prices 'to rise in 2006'" No-one has any clue what's going to happen in 2006, so why don't they just shut the feck up, and get on with reporting actual news, not just continual spin. It really is beyond belief at the moment the number of stories about where the market will be next year. I understand the VI's pumping out the stories because it's their livelihood, but when nearly every story is picked up and reported with NO research as to it's validity, it is just plain, lazy journalism. RANT OVER (I think !) :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:
  8. Don't forget to take your iPod and DVD into Ca$h Converters on the way to top up your deposit.
  9. I'm an STR and if I could buy the perfect home for me I would, however, if the houses I can afford don't even fit into my required criteria, why the **** should I buy one of them. When the 'perfect' houses that are now out of my price bracket, come down to my price bracket then I'll buy. Oh, and AWOOGA!
  10. And I'm sure a lot of these FTB'ers are young attractive females. Could they not go out to work in lapdancing bars to help fund the deposit. The youth of today are just not doing their upmost to keep money pouring into financial institutions, it's a downright bloody disgrace.
  11. Perhaps it used to be bedsits and there are ONLY 4 bedrooms and no other living spaces
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