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  1. Do all these empty retail premises put a hole in local council funding ? Everywhere there are so many empty shops of all sizes some that have been that way for ages.
  2. Some peeps pop into B&Q for advice then nip next door to Screwfix to buy. Closing the B&Q will adversely affect Screwfix, our local B&Q staff are amazing - and gone...
  3. My in-laws and elderly next door neighbours don't drive, every year around this time of year we take them to buy Christmas drinks and other heavy stuff to save them carrying it on the bus during their thrice weekly visits around shops. I was shocked when I mentioned the TESCO Christmas tv ads - thinking they would be interested in some of the offers. They blanked me straight away, sneering that the TESCO offers might look good, but in the small print there is always a catch. Waste of time those ads. I think this is one area where the big four supermarkets are now losing out to Aldi/Lidl etc. Even elderly people ( especially elderly people ! ) are wise to the tricks and aren't as easy to fool as before.
  4. Feel sorry for ground troops obviously. Visiting Phones4U made me feel like Shrek signing Rumpelstiltskin's contract in Shrek Forever After. The bosses must have had the same mindset as Dixons/Comet/PC World/Currys had with pushing extended warranty etc. Dixons Carphone won't last for long either.
  5. Back in November this policy was ruled out. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-25017406 Let alone no skills no JSA, Ed should reflect no skills no premiership - for Ed.
  6. In Wrexham this week-end my uncle has told me the cancer charity shop was broken into, Scott bikes, laptops, cash stolen, his neighbour's garage broken into on Good Friday they took a Honda Fireblade, and around the corner a '13 reg BMW 3 something was taken after they broke into the house and took the keys. Have to be quite brave to have something like a VW R these days, unless I'm just paranoid. Maybe thousands of people have them without any trouble.
  7. Whatever people have to complain about Blackpool council, it could be worse, they could have Morecambe council. The 5000+ punk rockers brought £1m+ from all over the world into the Morecambe economy but the council lost them to Blackpool since 2002 because of giving in to market traders that didn't want to close the markets for 3 days a year. The punks are quite happy by all accounts having everything under one roof in the Winter Gardens saves them having walk anywhere, after all most of them are pensioners now. http://www.lancasterguardian.co.uk/news/local/punk-row-divides-the-independents-1-1166569
  8. Faisal Islam is so close. It spoke volumes the VT started tonight outside an empty property.
  9. Simon & Garfunkel rightly sang " A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest ". Well I'm sure I heard The Winkler say if the mortgage isn't paid we lose that house. Exactly. The whole point of this exercise is to reduce rents and ergo reduce housing benefit expenditure. They have tried the mantra that if people can't find somewhere close to London they can afford on HB then they will have to live somewhere cheaper further out. Now stage 2. Landlords have had it so easy with their rents paid by government money, now they will have to find a working Eastern European to pay top whack. Much harder these folks will sleep in cars, vans, or at least have a sleeping bag in a shared flat. Rents will have to drop to match the affordability of tenants, it isn't housing benefit tenant families that will have to be evicted to be replaced by higher paying working renters. Its landlords having to sell up through lack of cashflow. Mr Wilson looks extremely disgruntled. What would you rather ? Guaranteed payments from Department Of Work & Pensions or having to chase private accounts. The news media have this back to front .. so far. Nothing has changed since Foxtrot.
  10. I'm not against the BBC. If people want to pay £145 per year for it fine. I would choose not to do so, erm, except I would be sent to prison. At this point the Beeb luvies pipe up nobody goes to prison for not having a tv licence. People are sent to prison for non-payment of the fine for....not having a tv licence. Pinch me its 2013, how are they getting away with it ?
  11. Quite. How can we take ratings agencies seriously, ratings-schmatings pah ! Its OK when they have USA & UK AAA, but if they are going to bite the hand that feeds them they can eat cake.
  12. I'm wondering what effect moving more business online will have for pre-Christmas spending vs post-Christmas bargain hunting. Say for instance you bought a 50" plasma tv from John Lewis online at the beginning of December and paid £1200.00, what is to stop you utilising the Distance Selling Regulations to return it after Boxing Day, and re-order the same thing for £200 cheaper in the Clearance Sale. If enough people do so it will become a logistical nuisance, perhaps bringing forward the clearance sale price to early December, or even stopping reductions after Christmas altogether, or forcing permanent larger reductions all year around. The idea of punters waiting until after the festivities to bag a bargain will be moot when they can enjoy it through Christmas, return it, and buy it again for hundreds of pounds less. I'm surprised none of the consumer journalists in the media have highlighted the opportunity, or is it because the retailers would quickly pull their advertising spend, so the papers are too frightened to run with it.
  13. Last year and this in the US Toys R Us opening 24hrs on run up to Christmas Eve, as Macys also..........only a matter of time before it comes over here.
  14. So far this year we have done 0% Christmas shopping. Had a good look around Chester today and had the amusement of a highly wired couple in Cafe Nero kicking off because they don't do lattes in glasses, they are only available in cups. Good grief, I mean really, does it matter ? If they stayed at home and voted for UnionJ , at least something good would come out of this year's X-Factor. Some people have no perspective.
  15. We won't use our nearest supermarkets, instead travelling 10 or 12 miles away purely to avoid bumping into work colleagues, neighbours, friends, relatives. Theres nothing worse* than being on a mission to do your shopping, and collect the shopping lists of elderly neighbours, and seeing some dope you can't abide ambling through the aisles like they have all day - or all night. Especially when two suchlike are blocking everybody whilst discussing Steven Gertrude in the tunnel or whatever his name is. Through my Intergalactic Gargle Blaster, the message from Tesco Phil on the news was, everybody else is cheaper, and customers go there instead - something Leahy would never have let happen, though he may have talked about Gertrude in the tunnel. Baffling as offers are, two powerful consumer groups are notably adept at sorting out supermarket pricing, both largely because they have time on their hands to do so. The unemployed and the retired. You can't fool everybody all of the time. * OK there are things worse.
  16. For me, not even close, trophy is gripped by Virgin Atlantic, despite Virgin Flying Club wrestling with spunk.
  17. For Wrexham traders one unfortunate result of free bus passes is to allow pensioners to travel to Chester to spend their money. For example, M&S moved from their previous Wrexham town centre location to a peripheral site known as Eagles Meadow, the oldies from surrounding villages have the choice of disembarking in King Street and making their way across town, or catching a free bus to Chester which stops right in front of M&S, not only do they have the excitement of visiting the big city, but in adverse weather they don't get soaked or frozen, plus they can call into nearby spoons for a few beers and something to eat before the ride home. Wrexham M&S is allegedly wishing they hadn't moved to Eagles Meadow but unlike equally disappointed Boots that could move back into the town centre relatively cheaply, M&S is stuck because they bought their building - it isnt leased. Wales is effectively paying people to spend their money in England #fail. Regarding coach trips ( not Brendan's ), Silver Star from Caernarvon went bust recently, which was really sad, but on the positive side, a firm from Hull has picked up the pieces, they should prosper, as Silver Star were massively popular with Wrexham people.
  18. Crikey imagine the reaction if Darwin came out with that on The One Show.
  19. Powys to decide shortly, who knew Powys would have money to punt, well done to them, when other councils are struggling to balance budgets, its great to see they can do this, not having to make cuts in services and staff, or worry about anything*. *cough.
  20. Thanks MT, I like the first comment containing the words " The trouble with the Gogwatch verdict here is that it is based on an assumed “certainty” " , only Alanis Morissette could be less ironic, or is it more ironic, I can never remember. Never mind Gogwatch assumptions its the councils assumptions of " certainty " that concern most of all. Councils in Wales, England and everywhere else shouldn't be allowed to spend money this way at a time of cutting jobs and services. Bizarre. Have to wonder what Eric Pickles thinks about it all, must be more room to reduce government grants at the very least, maybe force a change of heart.
  21. A third Welsh council plans to help first time buyers, following Cardiff last week we have Ceredigion. Would like to see terms and conditions enforced that no property owned or mortgaged by anybody connected to these councils is allowed to be sold in relation to these schemes. Whether an ombudsman or suchlike, otherwise it is too easy that they are just thinking schemes to help unload BTL portfolios etc. Anybody watching ? http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/2011/10/26/ceredigion-council-draws-up-scheme-to-help-first-time-home-buyers-get-on-property-ladder-91466-29661501/
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