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  1. If you live outside Urban Britain [Highlands and Islands, Rural Wales etc etc] then don't bother ordering anything from amazon now. That's the whole point of the Royal Mail - they deliver anywhere in the UK and provide the same service [in fact I would wager the level of service you get in the Highlands and Islands is much, much better than that in a city since out in the cuds, you more than likely know the bloke/woman who delivers the mail].
  2. Just before I moved to Western Australia 3 and half years ago I parked my car outside a shop. Whilst getting stuff out of the boot with my daughter standing next to me, the car behind me rolled backwards and hit my car [no-one was in the rolling car]. I had to grab my daughter and jump out of the way. There was a tiny bit of damage but I was well pissed off about it. The young lady owner comes out of the shop and basically doesn't give a shit abotu it - not even a 'sorry'. Then I notice there is no tax disc - so I called the coppers. She then calls her boyfriend on the phone calling me every name under the sun. Amazingly the coppers rock up very quickly as does her boyfriend who is giving it plenty of mouth. Sure enough they only bought the car last week and "didn't have time to get a new tax disc". Once the coppers get on their radios they find out they have no insurance nor MOT [they told me this]. Meanwhile I'm standing there being the good citizen with MOT, Tax disc and comp insurance which the cops check out also. End result is 3 seperate offences. Now if she had just apologised for not putting the handbrake on fully I would have just left it as the mark on my car really wasn't worth my excess - but because her attitude was so bad I was determined to get her nailed. Why the f**k should I pay for tax and insurance and MOT to be lawful whilst others ignore it ? Whilst we're on the subject, here in WA we have 'rego' as well. Its a registration payment which pays into a fund to provide compensation for injuries etc. It's about 560 dollars a year which is about 300 quid at the moment and is mandatory. On top of that you have private insurance which in my case is about 600 dollars a year for a Mondeo XR-5 Turbo. There are a lot of drivers here without private insurance since it is not a legal requirement. The other issue here is people driving in suspended licences due to speeding, drunk driving etc Now the cops will take the car away for 28 days if they catch you on a suspended licence. One bloke had his entire company van full of tools/equipment taken away. The road toll is high here but a lot of accidents are single vehicle's ramming trees in country areas when the driver is asleep and/or pissed silly.
  3. To be fair it's not all sunshine and roses here. Western Australian and Queensland, the resource states, are doing nicely at the moment and contribute bucket loads of royalty income to the Federal Government coffers; other states, especially New South Wales are financially buggered. Having said that, I'm glad I live in Perth - WA has reaped the benefits and it looks like the gravy train has a bit longer to run.
  4. Does the contract include regular pool maintenance [i.e. pool service] at the landlords expense? The damn thing has to be cleaned [even with a cover] and chemically dosed on a regular basis AND topped-up if it's a warm and dry summer. That will cost you money AND time and if it's not up to spec, you will get nailed for costs. A failed pool pump is a very expensive item to fix. Note : My comments are based on having a pool here in Australia [it's a bit warmer outside...] but the same issues I would imagine apply.
  5. hoofie


    115K for a flat in Stanmore Road ? You have got to be kidding me. I was brought up in Mount Annan Drive and 20 years ago Mount Florida was a good area - now it's just a mess with rubbish everywhere - gone are the tidy front gardens and back courts. As for proximity to the Stadium - any buyer would get tired very quickly with the noise from constant concerts plus the headache of getting parked or even near your flat when there is a game or something else on. [When the stadium was redeveloped local residents were told that there was a limit on the number of concerts etc that would be hosted at the stadium; that limit has been completely ignored now]. My mum sold up 2 years ago before the crash to move out into the country and she is extremely glad she did. Me, I got out of Glasgow and now live in sunny Perth [Western Australia that is].
  6. Sorry yes I meant the freehold. To the other posters : The structure would be a management company but replacing the current one with our own. And no, the building isn't listed but it is in a conservation area. The current lease is very long Whilst we can't avoid [or would wish to] avoid maintenance the current feeling is that there would be at least more control over the way things are done and the choices made.
  7. Mods - feel free to move this if it's in the wrong place. My wife and I live in Oz, but still own a flat in England. It's a converted mansion approx 100 years old that was turned into 6 flats. 4 of the current flat owners [who all live there] want to purchase the leasehold of the building from the current owner and have asked us if we want to join [6th owner is BTL and wants nothing to do with it]. The main reason for doing this is to avoid the management companies massive inflated costs for maintenance plus their uplift percentage and to have some control over the building. The cost [our share] will be approx 500 quid for legal fees and some 2000 quid for our 1/5th share of the leasehold via a new management/holding company. The flat is worth maybe 120K in the current market but the mortgage is tiny. We have no plans to sell until the market improves in however many years. Is their any real advantage in buying the lease for now and in the future ? Any comments gratefully welcomed.
  8. That not in the Mojave desert - it's David Monthan Airbase in Tuscon, Arizona. All of the planes there are military and are war stocks - many of which can be reactivated within days if required. [i've been on that base and driven round it - very impressive]. There IS a civilian aircraft place in Mojave - much of that now though is older aircraft that the airlines don't want anymore because they are too thirsty on fuel.
  9. Agreed - I've been in Perth nearly 3 years and love it here. I do hear a lot of Brits moan about the Aussies but I personally don't see it. If someone insists on wearing their England shirt all the time you will not be popular but what do they expect ? There are some bad apples, but as a rule the Ozzies are friendly and funny. "Mateship" is a one big thing I love about Australia, it's considered a national characteristic. I had a bloke install a new floor in my house last month. He was from "Saaf Lahndan" and had been out here for 9 years. As english as you can get, but he loves it and considers Australia his home. If you come to Australia to escape the UK, you will be dissapointed. The only comparison with the UK is the language - that's it. Your comment about the retards[bogans] is spot on. Many, many professional Aussies have worked overseas and are much more enlightened.
  10. Left Surrey for Western Australia 3 years ago. It's not all sunshine and raisins here but so far it's streets better than the UK. NO Intention on coming back ever - we get our citizenship in Jan next year.
  11. Agreed - I was brought up in Kings Park and went to school in Mount Florida. That whole area Govanhill/Crosshill/Mount Florida area [mainly tenements] has gone so downhill in the last 20 years it is incredible. The streets are filthy and a lot of the shops are gone now. Ironically, tenements can be good places to live, but how this guy has managed to get away for so long with running such slums [shades of the original gorbals slums by the sound of it] is a mystery.
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