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  1. Nice idea with the lodger x2. That might work. Will try it out and let the board know. Although I will try at 400 (or 395) as well as 350 and see if i can at least make some monthly profit! Thanks.
  2. I am supposedly the proud owner of a property aimed at "young professionals" the trouble is so are hundreds of other buy-to-lettors. Students/HAs are a good idea but why rent my place when you can get a 3 bed house round the corner for similar rent and 2/3rds the price to buy. There are "young professional" tenants out there but the supply has far outstripped demand since I looked into the market in spring 2003. I can get the place valued at £180k (I paid £150k) but no-one is buying because they can get one from the developer with incentives that make the price similiar. Developers have market
  3. Out of interest...why do you not think I am genuine. I'm not looking for sympathy or any charitable contributions! Is my case so extraordinary or am I just unusual in being happy to admit my mistakes?
  4. I have met other people who are in the same boat when I went up to see the flat and went round to local agents. Not many are willing to talk/admit it. Heads in sand. I hope that some of the readers of this site may be more willing to talk about it. I am probably very lucky in that I can afford to take a loss by selling or by holding on and subsidising it. But being a man who likes to win (and counts his pennies) I would rather I wasnt throwing good money after bad. Do you think rents will pick up 15-20%, thats what I need to happen and I'm not convinced they will. Problem...lack of tenants a
  5. Dear HPC members, Please dont laugh, I am not alone here and I want people in the same position as I am to start admitting mistakes they have made. I have and I have learnt from it. Here is my story... I am losing money (£659 per month) because I bought an off-plan apartment in Manchester that has been vacant since completion (2 months ago). I am about to complete (June) on another apartment I bought in 2003. The rent I was told to expect was £850-900 a month. I cant get viewings, let alone tenants, at £750 a month and am going to drop the rent to £700 - although letting agents have so many
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