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  1. I'd definitely check whether it was a student area, I know lots of students live in the newish housing developments, and like midweek parties. Other than that I'd leave them to it. Their plan doesn't seem like a very good one but they're unlikely to appreciate your advice, even if you turn out to be right.
  2. That is merely one ethos shipbuilder, I would prefer to live in a free democratic country where one can own land without being penalised.
  3. Rates are an effective tax although they were never originally intended to be. That is my point. I don't see why ownership of property should be taxed over and above the amount required for vital services. As for your last comment, I've no interest in being drawn into an immature pissing contest.
  4. Nonsense yadayada. Rates were never supposed to be a tax. If all householders get the same council services then why should someone in a bigger house pay more? If anything those in bigger houses subsidise those in smaller houses. I say this as a ratepayer in a smaller house.
  5. I agree with BVI on the mortgage free age although there is obviously a balance to be struck and it would be unwise to buy something which you think will be 20% cheaper in a few years. As for overpaying the mortgage, if you are disciplined enough to manage your money well enough to do it then it makes financial sense. I wouldn't let my lifestyle take a hit though, you only live once!
  6. Doccy, the amount of money that gets pissed away in this country while frontline services get cut is farcical. If any politician can come up with reasonable plans for addressing this they will be getting my vote. I'm not holding out much hope though.
  7. I wonder how long the rent is agreed at that rate for and what rights a buyer would have if their co-owner wanted to increase the rent at some point in the future.
  8. What an eyesore. They're nearly as bad as those ones up beside portstewart strand beach.
  9. md, what could be used as inflation hedges? Other than gold/oil
  10. Re: the Dublin auction, were the flats lettable, in decent areas and sold off as single lots? I might be tempted if those opportunities come up in NI
  11. Culture is more than just beliefs. If belief does become part of culture then hey, presto, it's no longer delusional. You'll have to think of another word. I will not be providing you with evidence that countries exist. It's bedtime, good night.
  12. It does not say that. A delusion is a fixed false belief not in keeping with one's culture. If you are going to use the term at least know what it means. Look up with wiki for culture. I think you might be trolling by this stage.
  13. A false belief based on incorrect inference about external reality that is firmly sustained despite what almost everybody else believes and despite what constitutes incontrovertible and obvious proof or evidence to the contrary. The belief is not one ordinarily accepted by other members of the person's culture or subculture. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delusion Check it out. It is ordinarily accepted by members of my culture therefore not delusional.
  14. You clearly don't know what a delusion is, and the insult was well deserved. Countries don't exist? Are you for real?
  15. I don't think the questions were pompus at all. There's also nothing wrong with discussing how to budget personal finances on this forum, as far as I am aware. It would seem pretty relevant given that the mortgage is most peoples' biggest monthly expense. If it doesn't interest you, move on to the next thread. Why bother with personal attacks? What are you really angry about? As for this conscience nonsense, congratulations for attacking a stranger on an internet forum for aspiring to what many would consider to be a normal life. You're really doing your part. We do not think we are owed, I just know that many people my age who earn an above average income look around and wonder why they can't afford a decent house in a nice area and have money left over to do what people a couple of decades our senior seem to be able to do with less income. It's perfectly rational and not at all pompus. vman7, the tradional rule of thumb for mortgage cost is 1/3 of monthly income. I'm sure there are better ways of working it out and it's probably best to allow some buffer in your monthly finances.
  16. What bad experiences did you have? I think it looks awesome to be honest. Cracking views, cathedral quarter round the corner, lots of good bars and restaurants etc. Yes it is overpriced but it looks like a fun place to live.
  17. Anaemic gremlin, this was the point of the thread: Belfast Boy im asking out of curiosity to see where we fit in. my partner and I are both 26 and are looking at buying our first home ( although i am going to rent for the next year to save a deposit and i think prices have a bit to go still). What percent of a household salary would be recommended to spend each month on a martgage? if we bring in £3500 would £1200 be too much? You live up to your name btw. For the record, my aspirations are to live in a nice house, drive a nice car, go on nice holidays and generally have a nice life. Shotoflight is right, asking the bank is probably the best bet. Gone are the days of lending more than people can afford to repay. I can understand OP's line of reasoning though "I earn decent money, is this all I can afford? Are my earrnings not above average? etc etc"
  18. Lots of those things will apply whether you buy or rent although you make lots of good points. The original question was not "is now a good time to buy?" but "how much is a reasonable amount to spend on a mortgage?"
  19. Yes, i am a unionist and you clearly are not. By "we" I mean other British citizens who live within the UK. Northern ireland does not have a parliament either, you ignoramus.
  20. I can empathise with the OP, I'm around the same age and ask the same questions. Your income is definitely a good one for NI and especially for our age group. I bought a house a year ago and the mortgage costs about 1/4 of my net monthly pay. It has worked out alright and I've been able to do some redecorating etc. 1200 out of 3500 sounds OK but maybe a bit on the high side for a dual income mortgage. It depends how you budget in other areas of your life e.g. motoring, going out, holidays, food, bills etc. Your money will go further if you can get good at budgeting. This is something I have yet to master. Based on my experience, I'd say keep the mortgage as small as possible so you have more money for other things.
  21. Agentimmo, northern Ireland is part of the united kingdom and the majority of people here want it to remain so. "Giving away" northern Ireland would result in civil war, which we effectively had for over 30 years, in case you've been living under a rock. Yes NI is an economic black hole, but so are large parts of England, Scotland and Wales, are we going to abandon them too?
  22. I see you've done some post purchase rationalisation SSNomadic. Thinking that values are as low as they will go is wishful thinking. Your "worst case scenario" is also very optimistic. What if the BOE put interest rates up and property crashes further and mortgage payments sky rocket? It happened before. Being the most resilient scheme in Belfast isn't much of an achievement either, it was still a bad investment. Anyway, you win some you lose some, no risk no reward etc etc. Just don't try to present it as a good investment.
  23. I don't suppose they mentioned the licence fee?
  24. I bought a £ dominated ETF, it's up a bit but sensitive to currency changes. I remember nadeem wayalat advised to buy a year or 2 ago when it was $40, he has really made some great calls.
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