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  1. My understanding is people in general go for very low deposit "deals". This might be 4 year, 48 month agreements, but the 50% spot won't be at month 24 because it includes interest and fees on the total agreement value. For many, they won't hit the 50% figure until month 40.
  2. It very much depends on the industry. You can't really drift into being a Dr. My experience is the ambitious, intelligent ones start in the private sector, do well and stay there. The unambitious usually go to the public sector later.b My OH is a case in point. Low graduate salary private sector, 100k by 30. Top band (director) in public sector wouldn't be on that. If your skills are in demand in the private sector you'll inevitably do better. If you're a lab technician, you'll do better in the water service than randox.
  3. Don't agree the best aim for jobs in the public sector. You can still get quite a high salary here private sector depending on the industry. I think the best, still do well here. The mediocre probably aim the public sector.
  4. They clearly didn't think leave would actually win. They were given some fantastic cards, but being the absolute political amateurs that they are, didn't know what to do with them.
  5. It's simple majority for the consent mechanism. Nationalist plus Alliance and Greens will pass it with little problem. I'd say its more 70/30.
  6. Where are the issues though? It's not supermarkets, at least not all of them. It's not people like me, who export to the EU/ROI. It's not people who buy from the EU and can avoid the landbridge. Where are you seeing problems?
  7. He did an update a few weeks ago around brexit. Just listened to it in the car the other day. https://play.acast.com/s/the-david-mcwilliams-podcast/thebrexitdividend-foreveryonebarbritain- Well worth a listen. Had another one comparing brexit to the breakup of Yugoslavia.
  8. Some supermarket are having problems with product lines. Others, like Lidl are running as usual. The GB one's are having problems but NI/ROI supermarkets are flying.
  9. Exactly. Me too. I export about 12 45" shipping containers a month to EU, ME and ROW. On average costs have gone up 5-10%. We're already adapting our supply Web. The majority will be shortsea now rather than using the GB land bridge. The issues are temporary. We're already sorting them out.
  10. Some perhaps. What's your definition of productive?
  11. Furlough will be extended, and extended and extended.
  12. It's the disparity that annoys me. If you're a one or two man band with a cheap commercial space, in a industry forced to close, you'll potentially have come out very well. I was having dinner before the Christmas lockdown and got chatting to a hairdressers beside us. He was telling me how he's never had it so good. Said he's been given about £1800 a week during closure. Also put his prices up 20%. He's probably 40k better off.
  13. I agree. I've a few friends who work in the arts. They're really really struggling. I've thrown a few quid to the food kitchen in Belfast. If I could receive this, that's where it would be going.
  14. Remember to put your application in for the NI director support scheme. If you meet the requirements. Not much, but better that nothing if you can apply. Unfortunately another one I won't receive.
  15. I'm "happy" enough paying my various income taxes. It is what it is. What does annoy me, is while I pay a significant amount of tax, I don't receive child benefit and can't take advantage of tax free childcare. I suppose I do save 45% on pension contributions, but expect this to change in March.
  16. I agree. I'm a company director. I've had little support but I'm honest enough to say the main reason for the renumeration setup is to pay less tax.
  17. Definitely could be an issue but I like the "spirit" of the proposals. Open up the bonnet so to speak, on all that tech that lets the main dealers price gouge. It's an iteration on the EU Block Exemption legislation. Tech being used as an excuse to have repairs carried out by main dealerships. You've bust your flux capacitor and only we have the photon decoupler to get her going, that'll be 5000 bars of gold pressed latinum.
  18. The ID4 looks impressive. My "couldn't give a monkey" about cars wife will probably get one. She's a member of that group of millions, she won't buy any other brand but VAG.
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