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  1. That's it. I know a quite a few software developers. Stayed local because they didn't want to move to London. They work for the usual suspects here. Not my area of expertise but obviously skilled people. Their salary is capped because they refuse to move to London, with a larger salary but lower living standard. As a business owner I can say this. If the new norm is remote working, they won't be at London salaries, they'll revert to the lowest that can be achieved for the expertise required.
  2. I remember San Fran residents up in arms at the google influx not so long ago. I've a few relations living in the city. I'm not sure if they'll be pleased or disappointed at the exodus you describe. I'll note that Facebook have already mentioned regional pay for those not working in their more expensive Cali location. With regards Belfast, we'll know soon enough if you anecdotes have any statistical relevance. NISRA publish internal migration figures. It will be interesting to see if there's any statistically relevant increase on migration from London postcodes. I can see the appeal. If I was on 80-90k in London, I'd be the first to jump ship from the HMO or 1 bed I'd no doubt be living in on that sort of money. If your mates were working remotely pre pandemic why not move somewhere cheaper years ago?
  3. I'm not a massive flats fan particularly when it comes to retirement and fixed incomes. Service charge can become a weight around your neck. In saying that, you'll see from the other threads, Airbnb (unbeknownst to me) became a massive thing here, that's been pretty much killed for last year and this. Can't think of a better time to pick up an exairbnb flat, in a location with tourism as its only "industry". Coupled with the general hammering of the economy and the money taps being switched off, it could be a good time for you to buy.
  4. It's very hard to tell. Even as the second city, transactions were and are so low that it's next to impossible to get statistics down to electoral ward level. As an example the median price in 2007 for Culmore was 300k and top percentile 510k. There are no figures for the next 14 years because transactions levels are so low you could identify individual sales from the stats. I personally believe the area had more of a developer boom and bust rather than a public boom and bust.
  5. Also looking at the detached sales in the area, 2020 was down on 2019. 2019 was down on 2018. You get the picture. Basically looks made up. A couple of London buyers described as a flood by an EA... I for one am shocked.
  6. I think to suggest people are moving from London to Derry in any sort of numbers that affect the local market it petty laughable. I know the local market reasonably well. Only takes a quick look on the property sites to see that once you get to a certain price level (around 500k asking) houses her sit for literally years. You could probably count on your hands the number of houses sold annually >400k. So maybe a few are buying "much larger detached houses" but they would have been sitting for so long, they weren't really part of the market anyway. If someone has sold a terrace in London, I'd expect them to be buying right at the top end of the Derry market.
  7. It's going to be an "interesting" year.
  8. I don't know the actual price it sold for. Just know the offer on it before it went sale agreed. TR show the current offer which was 565k when I pasted the link roughly 10 mins before it went agreed.
  9. Sale agreed 10 minutes after I posted this... 5% under asking. Look like BT9 has started to cool before the STDL exemption removal.
  10. Best time to sell was 6 months ago. I'm seeing houses that would have sold in a week at 10% over asking price, sitting with offers under and going nowhere. A few have obviously fallen through too. Good example here. Offers at 565k. One of the most sought-after streets in BT9. I've no doubt this would have been at 650k in September. https://www.templetonrobinson.com/property/malone/trltrl91305/72-osborne-park/
  11. Tesla employ 50k to build 500k cars. 10 cars per employee. VW employ 670k for 11 million cars. 16.5 cars per employee. Tesla won't be catching VW anytime soon in terms of efficiency and employee utilisation.
  12. My God. 1 million cars!!! They'll soon be able to make the same amount of cars VW make in a month. Mind blowing.
  13. The government has pumped £300 billion into the economy through various covid support measures. The wages of close to 150k people in NI are currently being paid by government. SDLT had be temporarily abolished for the vast majority of transition. There will be no crash until all this works out. March 3rd is the budget. Expect tax rises.
  14. VW have sold 50 million cars since 2015 (dieselgate). Can't see attitudes changing anytime soon.
  15. You're probably right. Closer to 15k is where it should be at but when a 30k 400 mile BEV can be had for £300 a month on PCP and covered by DLA mobility I think it will be a game changer.
  16. I think you're missing the point. It doesn't matter to the average car buyer that Tesla can provide a 500 mile range car with a sub 2 sec 0-60 @ £131k. The game changer is the 400 mile range sub £30k. Until its available, I believe the ICE ban will be pushed back.
  17. I haven't even noticed. Are rentals way up? What has surprised me is the massive number of Airbnb. Phenomenal amount. I'm guessing where your BTL was the dinner party conversation in 2005. It was Airbnb in 2018.
  18. It's not a bad spot. Depends where you are I suppose. The vast majority of places are well beyond that now thank god. Still certain bars I wouldn't feel comfortable having a pint myself. Its not a big issue for me. I can stick a 7kw charger at home and 22kw in the office. Similarly, as I'd be buying through my company the sums are different, so I've no incentive to lobby. What I'm getting at, is for the "average" person, while 250 mile range will be ok, I think closer to 400 is where it needs to be at, with a sub 30k price to get over range anxiety. Savings on running costs are all intangible until you start driving the car. The thing that will get bums on seats are range and price. Like I said before, the other stuff like acceleration are niche.
  19. Bt9 isn't really moving now. Who is going to enter a transaction now, knowing you'll be paying 000's more in SDLT if you don't manage to complete in 8 weeks. All those transactions brought forward trying the engineer a miniboom will be causing a transaction depression in Q1 2021. Who'd have thought it.
  20. I live in Ireland. My nearest supercharger is about 80 miles away. In Belfast there are about 4 16kw tesla charging stations and no super chargers. About 30% of the population commute into Belfast. Say you're travelling from the other city here for work, that's a 150 mile round trip. You'd probably get 10 hours charge time a night, max. I'd have some range anxiety during winter on that.
  21. So 131k for 530 mile range 111k for 400 mile range All the other stuff, for average Joe, is just fluff. They want the range. 0-60 can be 10 seconds for all they care. 400 mile range sub 30k, everyday car. That's where it needs to be. I'm all for BEV, plenty of other savings, 1 % BIK, first year write off etc, but for someone outside London, non company car, used to buying something like a basic spec mondeo or insignia, they aren't anywhere near that yet.
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