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  1. Wasn't Wyelands proving the invoice financing for some of Gupta's other companies. A snake eating its tail. One Gupta company invoiced another Gupta company and Gupta's bank Wyeland gives a loan out for the invoice value.
  2. We don't get the tax free childcare account either. £2k per child lost there too.
  3. I think that's it. You either doing really well with covid, got a few grants and can trade at or above pre covid levels or you're just surviving.
  4. Now now Peter. Musk just tweeted they have the model 4 coming out in 36 months that will cost 3 quid, be capable of speeds of upto warp 9.975 and will be honestly fully self drive. That should put the shares up 200 hundred bucks.
  5. The stats are published on you Gov and you're quite right. The average is much smaller. I should have checked. Its around 2.9k per grant.
  6. Tesla full self driving just reminds me of the time I went to Smyth toys with the toddler and bought him a light saber. When he got it home and took it out of the box he was seriously pissed it didn't cut through walls. Yeah, full self drive.
  7. Is it really unbelievable. You have government paying the wages for millions of citizens, giving on average 7k every 3 months to the self employed and grants to every candle making business going, along with zero SDLT in the fave of price rises. The money has to go somewhere.
  8. It's not years ahead. It's X amount of spend ahead. All this fanboy guff putting Tesla blah blah years ahead. On what measure? Based on what R&D spend. Throw a couple of billion at it and they'll soon catch up. If VW has something, it's buckets of cash to throw at problems when they have to.
  9. I'm sure Kimbal can throw him a few quid. Seems he was bright enough to get out at the top.
  10. Wait until your HMRC tax compliance check. Save some of that 300k for lube. You're gonna need it.
  11. It's also significantly cheaper to build in Derry than Belfast. Don't ask me why but I'd assume labour costs. I've a friend who completed a new house on the WS @ around 80 Sq foot. 3000 sq ft house.
  12. Sorry are you suggesting the model 3 uk price has remained static since launch?
  13. 80 miles to my nearest fast charger. Total 24 fast chargers on an island with 3 million cars. On the plus side public chargers are fee in NI.
  14. No doubt linked to the builders employed to fix the issue and with a larger number of flat still unsold, there isn't a majority of shareholders available to change the MCo. 50k bill and no Airbnb. Cluster$%##
  15. There are potential issues with the wooden cladding in the development. A similar development Samuel Garside House, had a fire linked to the same wooden cladding used in Arc. Obviously with Grenfel, banks are reluctant to deal with cladding issues.
  16. Very true. I expect it will be my toddlers first and last trip.
  17. Holiday is to the Maldives on a emirates flight out of Dublin. We have 4 countries travel requirements to worry about. NI-ROI-UAE-Maldives. As I say, it's a gamble. All so reliant on the tourist dollar that I'm hoping they'll open up. Only problem is I had to book the flights and accommodation separately. Emirates holidays don't offer packages ex Dublin since 31st December.
  18. Just booked a foreign one yesterday. 10 nights at the end of August. Its a bit of a gamble but I paid with my CC and emirates offer limited covid insurance. I'm hoping the travel corridors open up at some stage. Some fantastic deals going but I acknowledge its at best 50/50 I'll get to go.
  19. A rather verbose way of saying Up 9.5 % over same quarter last year and down 21% over the year. Awful year for transactions, could have been worse.
  20. 6757 Q4 2019 vs 7401 Q4 2020 is a 9.5% increase. Not 17%. 2020 transactions down 21.3% vs 2019 Lowest transaction level since 2013.
  21. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen nineteen and six , result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds ought and six, result misery
  22. I agree with all that however self employment brings its own worries for me. I've had a few sleepless nights when it's suddenly dawned on me I'm "responsible" for dozens of mortgage payments and retirement plans. I sometimes think I'm not ruthless enough for it. In saying all that, unless you're really top of your game in a professional job here, you're not going to make that much money and the end result of being top in many professions (law, accountancy, consultancy) is self employment(equity) anyway.
  23. I suspect it'll be some sort of blend, where it will be 2 days in the London office and 3 days at home. 90k sounds good if it's actual remote working. Not so good when it's 2 flights a week and a night in a hotel on 4.5k a month. You'd be better off taking the 45k Belfast job offer.
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