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  1. I think I understand it well enough. You're talking about what's going on now and I agree with much of it. I'm pointing out why I think you have riots in one part of South Belfast, 1 Km from one of the most affluent parts of NI. You have kids in one end of the road throwing bricks and petrol bombs at police cars and the other end kids getting takeaway frapachinos. The root cause is social deprivation and educational underachievement. Like John Hume said, you can't eat a flag.
  2. I hate saying it because it has the feel of "I'm not racist but..." I am from a massively mixed family. Unionist, Loyalist, Nationalist and Republican smorgasbord. My father used to say, during the troubles when the Republican and Loyalist prisoners where locked up, the Republicans would be studying for degrees and the loyalists would be pumping iron. NI has gone from a state where their was no place for Nationalist to one where they are in top positions of the state machine. The two main cities are effectively controlled by nationalist. That's bound to scare these rioters handlers.
  3. It's their political representatives fault. They thrive on devision. It's how they get elected. No need to focus on the social issues when you know a few beats of the sectarian drum around election time can get you elected back on the expenses gravy train. Fortunately for them, due to the massive educational underachievement in these areas it continues to work. Previous elected loyalist leaders in the area warned them and still they vote. Democracy gets you the leaders you deserve.
  4. It's a bunch of teenagers. Nothing to do with Brexit. Nothing to do with the NI protocol. These people would have difficulty articulating an argument around the pros of a Chinese takeaway vs an Indian let alone the outworking of a trade agreement. These kids are from some of the most socially deprived areas of NI. Extremely poor levels of educational achievement, low job prospects, high levels of benefit claims, high levels of drugs and alcoholism. It's all a bit of fun for them. A distraction from the pit that is their life.
  5. Very true. Two sides of the same coin. Division keeps them in power and keeps the expenses flowing.
  6. LandWeb isn't open to the general public unfortunately.
  7. I did today. It's a good listen. Basically Dublin centric but says it's worldwide. Millennials stay away from housing for 2 years is the message. If you buy now you can expect negative equity.
  8. Yes and no. Price isn't always recorded.
  9. Doesn't explain the increases. Material costs are only one part of the overall cost to build a house
  10. McWilliams agrees. He released a podcast "it's time for a buyers strike" but I haven't had a chance to listen. https://play.acast.com/s/the-david-mcwilliams-podcast/122-itstimeforabuyer-sstrike
  11. I'm seeing bt9 houses up 30% in a year. This is going to be very very messy.
  12. And put it where? I've a sizable sum sitting in my company account waiting to take a dividend and I haven't a clue where I should put it.
  13. You could time it then to get through to the Glasgow call centre. Stopped that years ago.
  14. There was a brief period where 3 were pretty good. Best deals and very good city coverage. All went to pish in the last 3 years or so. I was with them since the first kit and kaboodle deal in 2003 or 2004. Left them about 2 years ago. The service was absolute crap and the deals got harder and harder to find. They spent serious money on the 3g spectrum.
  15. The pandemic hasn't increased prices the removal of SDLT, lowest interest rates in history and lax borrow has increased prices.
  16. I'll have a look at the ward level data if I get the chance. I'd be surprised if the data aren't showing a significant increase in the number of 500k plus properties sold in Belfast.
  17. I'd say SDLT holiday. Not many 500k houses outside Belfast. People bidding up 500k+ houses paying 100k more to save 20k on SDLT. Seems to be what's happened in the streets around me.
  18. My advice for what it's worth is this, you're 30. Chances are you have another 38-40 years to work (state pension). You'll probably see multiple job and perhaps career changes before you reach state pension age, if it's even a thing then. I would spend a bit of time and see the world. I did and I never regretted it. I own a house and have a family, I love to travel but even with the money it's harder to do now. Get it out of your system now.
  19. I like your posts Greg. Definitely a kindred spirit. Can I say two things, unless Australia is on the bucket list, I wouldn't bother. I've travelled a fair bit and have to say Australia was a great disappointment but worth the trip if only to see New Zealand. The East to West Coast is a great trip. I did it during my gap year in a clapped out Pontiac with 2 others. Vancouver to San Diego then over to New York and Providence.
  20. Yeah that's fine if you're on 50-60k but becomes more of a lifestyle choice after this. At 100k you lose tax free childcare and free childcare on top of the personal allowance taper. We put everything the OH earned between 100-130 into a DC for years. Now the LA is a real worry.
  21. NI also has a cap at 450k. My rates bill on a house with a value of 800k pays the same rates as a house nearly half its value.
  22. Thirdly, there is the fact that there will be additional costs occasioned by an adjournment, costs which there is at least a doubt whether they will be ever paid by Mr Wilson, given the fact that he has not made the interim payment on account of costs ordered by Master Cook and has given evidence in his witness statement of his own impecuniosity. Wilson in his witness statement has argued he is poor.
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