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  1. I get the logic I really do. My main problem is seeing past yield. I do have about 5% in a gold etc but rightly or wrongly I've been loading up on stocks with decent yield that look underpriced and taking the very odd punt too. I may need to look at my ratios again.
  2. I have palpitations just thinking about putting a decent amount in the shiny.
  3. Can't argue with any of that. How to protect against inflation is a worry.
  4. If you've any capital spend projected in the next 6 years it makes sense to take the 2.5% interest bouncy, spend now and take advantage of the super deduction. 50k loan with no PG @ 2.5% is absolutely reckless lending.
  5. It's a grant I believe. The accountant sent me over the details. For large NAV properties. I'm not 100% on how derating affects it though. I did take out 2 bounce back loans too. Personally think you'd be mad not to.
  6. Prices aren't set by supply and demand. At least not physical supply. It's credit. Ireland circa 2008 taught us that. Remove mortgages and prices would drop like a stone.
  7. Average age to buy here has been over 30 for years. Most mortgages will run to near retirement. When rates are the lowest in history. 15 years since the last crash and rates are where they are. Tells you everything you need to know.
  8. No strategic thinking whatsoever. I found out yesterday I can get 50k for doing nothing more than fill a 2 page application form care of the folks on the Hill. They are continuing to throw money about with the splatter gun. 50k for absolutely nothing.
  9. Majority of terms are 25 years but the average term is closer to 30 than 20 years.
  10. The BOE do produce the stats and I think they're available at regional level. From memory it was around 2.5% >30 years in the early 2000's to around 30% now. About a 1000% increase. Today's house buying will be retiring at 70 on a pittance but why would the current crop of politicians care. They'll be dead.
  11. Hsbc, probably the most conservative bank for residential lending will give me 5 times joint salary. That, to me, is absolutely bonkers lending.
  12. I see what you're saying BVI and yet official inflation is at 0.4%... Something does not compute. Personally, and I have a vested interest also in that I have a house, I think I'd step back from the foreseeable. The market looks completely irrational, absolutely booming in fact. What follows a boom? We should all know the answer here on the NI board.
  13. I've a feeling it'll end like it ended in NI in 2008. A massive drop and an explosion of negative equity.
  14. Yep, speak to a mortgage advisor. If you're worried about interest rates moving forward I'd go for a longer fix. You're unlikely to get one 90%+ for 10 years but 5 years is possible at 4.5% - 5.5%
  15. A friend wanting to move from Dunmurry viewed the Harberton one unsurprisingly didn't make an offer. It's probably up 40% in a year. Funny enough I think they said it was someone moving to England. I know the street you're talking about. Prices in BT9 are all the talk on the OHs zoom drinks calls. Could be the shoeshine boy moment...
  16. I bought in 2013, similar story but not a report. We spent money modernising and adding a orangery. Looking at a couple of others sold on the same streets in the last 3 months I'd say we're up similar, perhaps as much as 100%. I'd have to earn close to a million to get that sort of money. Puts it in perspective.
  17. Talk to planning. If you can get through to them. They'll give you an idea of what's realistic.
  18. I think I understand it well enough. You're talking about what's going on now and I agree with much of it. I'm pointing out why I think you have riots in one part of South Belfast, 1 Km from one of the most affluent parts of NI. You have kids in one end of the road throwing bricks and petrol bombs at police cars and the other end kids getting takeaway frapachinos. The root cause is social deprivation and educational underachievement. Like John Hume said, you can't eat a flag.
  19. I hate saying it because it has the feel of "I'm not racist but..." I am from a massively mixed family. Unionist, Loyalist, Nationalist and Republican smorgasbord. My father used to say, during the troubles when the Republican and Loyalist prisoners where locked up, the Republicans would be studying for degrees and the loyalists would be pumping iron. NI has gone from a state where their was no place for Nationalist to one where they are in top positions of the state machine. The two main cities are effectively controlled by nationalist. That's bound to scare these rioters handlers.
  20. It's their political representatives fault. They thrive on devision. It's how they get elected. No need to focus on the social issues when you know a few beats of the sectarian drum around election time can get you elected back on the expenses gravy train. Fortunately for them, due to the massive educational underachievement in these areas it continues to work. Previous elected loyalist leaders in the area warned them and still they vote. Democracy gets you the leaders you deserve.
  21. It's a bunch of teenagers. Nothing to do with Brexit. Nothing to do with the NI protocol. These people would have difficulty articulating an argument around the pros of a Chinese takeaway vs an Indian let alone the outworking of a trade agreement. These kids are from some of the most socially deprived areas of NI. Extremely poor levels of educational achievement, low job prospects, high levels of benefit claims, high levels of drugs and alcoholism. It's all a bit of fun for them. A distraction from the pit that is their life.
  22. Very true. Two sides of the same coin. Division keeps them in power and keeps the expenses flowing.
  23. LandWeb isn't open to the general public unfortunately.
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