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  1. I'd argue the reason they probably will win it is "me". I'm going for a test drive of the Skoda Enyaq 80 on the 10th. I'll probably put an order in then. Approx 18 week build date. I can easily afford whatever BEV I want. I just don't like any Tesla.
  2. 1.2 million vehicles on roads here in Northern Ireland. 4500 EVs and only 17 rapid chargers with 50% not functioning at any moment(50kw max). There's zero hope of us getting rid of ICE cars by the current targets.
  3. Inflation adjusted they must be still down around 50%
  4. Ultimately its supply and demand. If no one is willing to work for X then wages will move to X+ until they reach a level someone is prepared to provide their labour. The + could come from reduced profit, reduction in other costs or an increase in price.
  5. Sweet Lord. If you ever setup a gofundme I'll be happy to contribute. 😆 In saying that, I'd happily work another 20 years if the choice was having them or not.
  6. Childcare at 1k a month each certainly sets you back. Wonder is the snip available on BUPA?
  7. I'll keep the BTC until it goes to £650 or until I'm retired. It was an absolute punt. I have a house with a small mortgage I can die in. My dream out of all this is I can retire (not need to actually work to live) with a decent lifestyle at 50.
  8. I get what you're saying. I find it very difficult to get my head around. What I'm seeing is a race to devalue. Where inflation is the objective. But literally everyone is doing it. I've still a sizable amount of cash sitting in my GIA. I'm also maxed out on pension and s&s ISAs. BP has been very good to me but obviously in fiat. Also have a couple of bitcoin I bought for £647 as a punt.
  9. Devalue against what? Most countries have set the printers on overdrive.
  10. True, but I know in my particular area of global export, there's little appetite for price inflation from a UK company. Also worth mentioning the 31% corporation tax increase on the horizon.
  11. I struggle to see where the wage inflation is going to come from.
  12. That's what happens when you don't field enough candidates. Probably a smart move being in opposition, especially with the housing situation down south and the vaccine rollout. FF and FG should just merge. They're indistinguishable anyway.
  13. Not a SF fan by any stretch of the imagination but they seem to have 1st preferences and quotas galore. They have the 18-35 cohort firmly in the bag also. If they don't deliver, I can't see them lasting.
  14. One of the reasons why SF will gain significantly in the next election. Again.
  15. I've always found drivethedeal to be cheaper than carwow but good advice. If you want to get the best price for a car and pay cash, it's the way to do it.
  16. Google drive the deal, broadspeed and orangewheels. Pick the beat price from there and use it to negotiate. Also, never take the dealers GAP insurance. You can always find it cheaper online. In my experience about 70% cheaper. Never take the paint protection. You can get a ceramic coating cheaper.
  17. Not true. I've never had to return a deposit contribution. Sometimes the dealers have to fiddle the figures to match the broker price. One of the OH's audi's had a 6.5k contribution. I've never returned a penny. Even got to keep all those bouquets too.
  18. Withdrawing (withing 14 days) hasn't been a problem for me with VAG. It's essentially the cooling off period. The dealer wasn't happy but I have used the same dealer again. If it was an issue, I'd pay a month on finance and then settle the finance. Best case pay 1 day interest, worst case pay 59 days interest and a termination fee but retain any discounts.
  19. No problems in NI I'm aware of. Probably due to the fact our gas bottle gas is 40% more expensive than GB.
  20. This is for new. Orangewheels and drivethedeal are the two I use. Definitely for a relatively new diesel I wouldn't touch low mileage. I'm shocked the price of 1 year old cars. Might as well negotiate and buy new in a lot of cases.
  21. I've bought 4 VAG cars and this is what I've always done. Get a broker price and use that to negotiate. Get the manufacturer discounts Take the finance and cancel the agreement the next day. Dealers go absolutely mental about it. Last car I bought was 11k off list.
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