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  1. Neverland any chance you could stop the "smilies" its rather annoying.
  2. I think that's Twenty Five Thousand off the peak price, not selling for Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand at peak.
  3. Yeah it was pretty much all the time but really bad during May and June after the exams. I actually forgot to mention about the students playing hurling and football at 2am. That did get annoying. I can remember viewing the flat during the day and it does give the impression of being a bit of an oasis. Hope it works out for you, but if you want a quiet life I really wouldn't recommend the place.
  4. My flat wasn't that exact one but close enough (our living room also looked over the alley). I'll be honest during the day the place was great but a few times of the year Christmas, St. Pats, May and June was awful. I would say that maybe the new university wardens have made a big difference to the noise and partying. They only started when we moved out. I still think the rent is a bit pricey it seems that apartments in the Holy Lands command a premium. On the plus side it was a pretty nice flat but again I think that the Cloisters are probably a better choice.
  5. I lived in these apartments a couple of years back. To be honest it was a complete nightmare. During student term time noise was definitely a big issue for us. I also think that £600 pounds a month was seriously over priced for living in the holy land ghetto. I did have a friend who lived in the cloisters (just around the corner) and said he had no problems. My flat looked onto an alleyway at the back of the houses on Agincourt Ave. I remember looking out the window and seeing a house getting broken into on a few occasions. I’d avoid the place if I was you.
  6. Sorry am i reading this properly or did you not say in you original post? 24gray24 - the contract allows you to pull out but the cancellation fee is 30%. That is the maximum they can seek from you. Personally I can't afford to pay that much to pull out. either you can afford to buy (selling you 'investment' property) or you cant afford to buy. I would think you would be one of the people the developers would have at the top of the list to pursue for losses. Cant imagine you were complaining when your 'investment' property was going up in price.
  7. I've had the same problem trying to contact them for a few weeks now to get a deposit back. They dont seem to pick the phones up or open the office.
  8. Yes sorry Bakery it is then... I'm sure if there was a Karkery it would spell disaster for that development also.
  9. Wonder what this will mean for anyone who bought in the Barkery a few meters down the road?
  10. Hi everyone This is the first time i've posted here, i have been looking around for a few weeks now and find the advice here refreshing. I have to say i was disgusted at the way Nolan contucted the interview. The man never gives anyone one a chance shouting everyone down. Perhaps Mr. Nolan recently invested in some property himself.
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