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  1. So you think as a finger up to the EU, they'll build a phenomenally expensive bridge, between the only two parts of the Union that voted remain?... Two years of NI GVA. They say adios and you now have a phenomenally expensive land bridge between 2 EU states, paid for by 2 that left. I'd vote for a united Ireland just to see it.
  2. You said they'll build a bridge and link to an article on how a bridge is pie in the sky. Uh, huh.
  3. As we get closer to the end of transition I become increasingly certain that "plan" if it can be even called that, is to cut NI free or at least start the process. Would the core brexit voting English Nationalists even notice beyond the extra £11 billion in the bank account.
  4. Nobody checked but they asked. Repeatedly. No limited liability for sole traders nor for fraud. I expect there will be a HMRC job creation scheme in a few years going after the bounceback and furlough and fraudsters.
  5. Won't be many dog groomers, painters and plumbers on 200k turnover. Unless the tradesmen are employing a few of course. I've two companies, a trading and a services company. Took the 50k for both. Not because I need it, but because 2.5% is just crazy. You'd be mental not to.
  6. Most people are happy to watch I'm a celebrity and carry on. They don't question the world around them. Money is a means to rent the new audi on 4 year pcp and go to Mallorca for a week in July. They see price rises as personal financial success. Until the music stops that's all they know. It's all they want to know.
  7. It's easy when you try. The government are paying 80% of everyone not working wages. Universal credit would be a fraction of that. They are essentially printing money to pay their citizens. Throwing money about like confetti. We won't feel the effects until the money stops or the payback begins.
  8. I remember playing it on our school network with 10 other people and projecting the overview on the projector. The IT head wasn't happy when he walked in.
  9. You have to do what's best for you. I'm of the opinion prices will drop. Nows the time to sell not but.
  10. More props for the NI housing market. Another £145 million thrown at co-ownership this morning.
  11. Just read that. They'll extend and extend. Another £150 billion printed today. Printing to pay your citizens, what could go wrong.
  12. A bit more realistic but still can't see any takers
  13. If the government money isn't kept pumping, we're going to see enough corporate failures to take the banks down with them.
  14. I imagine if you offered anything over 170 now they'd bite your hand off.
  15. Drops were 54.4% portrush and 53% Portstewart. Ballycastle was 47.7%
  16. Beginning to think they'll destroy the currency before they'll stop furlough. Bit like QE and HTB, once the props are in place, it's nearly impossible to remove them.
  17. Did a check of the Airbnb around malone/Stranmillis. This one came up. Looks like some at least are trying to get out https://www.propertypal.com/1-prince-edward-park-stranmillis-belfast/663579/photo-5 Which can only be a good thing IMO
  18. Hard to argue with any of that. 2000 plus airbnb in Belfast alone. That's a lot of tax potential post covid.
  19. I'm conflicted. I pay around 3000 per year on rates. I personally think these airbnb should pay commercial rates or a residential surcharge.
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